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title pic Filipino Old Fashion Courtship

Posted by admin on May 31, 2012

Inherent to Philippine society and culture are rules and standards set out during the period of courtship that a suitor extends not only to the Filipino woman but to the family as well. Alongside with the manner that a Filipino woman undertakes during the period of courtship, is given insight.

However, these practices nowadays are a dime a few.   So here goes, just to mention some, to reminisce the period before the onset of the twentieth century.

Filipino men are by nature romantics at heart in courting the woman they love. Recounting the stories as told by our grandfathers, a Filipino male suitor was not perceived to be aggressive and arrogant in the manner of courting.

Their expression of interest to a woman is shown in a subtle and mild manner way, to the point of even avoiding startling gestures to the woman they desire to be taken as offensive.     Their expressions of interest to the woman are of many forms, such as, rendering love songs, poems, and letters of endearment and the bestowal of gifts.

In a rural setting, one delightful show of endearment is the practice of serenading the woman at night.  This practice influenced and adopted by male Filipinos during the Spanish colonization is now a thing of the past.

The Filipino women not so long ago attributed character traits akin with the Maria Clara style of disposition.  A testament to the influence of the Spanish colonization, the style of disposition is a description of the manner the Filipino woman exudes to be regarded as a conservative kind.  The woman is a prize to catch the heart of a Filipino man, worthy to be taken as a wife.  So to speak.

The following are some rules that a woman observes when courted.

They neither deny nor confirm their feelings towards the person. There are instances the woman will avoid the man just to test the persons’ fortitude.  In summary, they subject the man to any imaginary ploy to playing hard to get, to test the strength of character.

The illustrations above are but some of the traditional courting practices that no longer are existent.   Western cultural traditions have over taken and replaced the traditions once cherished by our grandparents.   Even the woman with a Maria Clara style of disposition is now a rarity.   So much so, if a man finds one at the moment, the woman certainly is a treasure to keep for a life time.

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