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title pic The Reception

Posted by admin on May 29, 2012

Amidst the economic difficulties everyone is facing at present, the reception part is the most taxing detail that drains our financial resources in the wedding preparation.  This is further emphasized and described in the following scenarios.

The First scene ….Living within a barrio, a young couple respectfully informs their parents of their plans of settling down and a declaration they need not worry with the expenses to be incurred.

With a morning church wedding, the bride walks down the aisle dressed in simple white dress with a short veil covering her head and the groom wearing native Filipino attire called the Barong Tagalog.

After the church rites, the young married couples are off to the bride’s house for the reception.  Food are presented and served on the table cooked by household members of either the bride or groom. The venue itself is just a spacious area filled with colored buntings to manifest a festive atmosphere.

The second scene…  A young couple coming from affluent families taking their vows of marriage in a well know church basilica. The bride is dressed in a beautifully made wedding gown with a long train and a veil likewise covering her head. The groom will also deserve to be noticed because of the tuxedo attire he is wearing.  The reception is done in one of the function halls of a five star hotel. The table is adorned with food cooked by the cream of the crop chefs with a menu consisting of ten courses.

The foregoing scenarios are description of two contrasting nuptial receptions based on the families’ stature in the economies of scale.

Considering cost of essentials such as wedding clothes and the church, the reception represents very well about seventy percent of the total wedding costs.

The primary objective in holding a reception is to share one’s time in the celebration of this momentous event and to socialize among close friends and family members.   In considering the preparations and arrangements it is no requisite to impress the people invited to come up with an ostentatious reception.

Remember it is the bride and the groom that are at center stage of this matrimonial ceremony.

A sage advice to couples is to plan weddings that could still be pretty and festive but not to the extent to make them grand on a scale unrelated to their matrimonial life.  It is a challenge to work together as a team in the wedding preparation as your actions will show and gauge the couple’s ability to live with adversities as a couple.

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