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title pic Protestant Wedding – Philippines

Posted by admin on June 24, 2012

With home grown religions like the Philippine Independent Church or the Aglipayans and the Iglesia ni Kristo, other form of religious denomination was brought to our shore by the American colonizers.  Protestant missionaries that brought and spread their beliefs were the Anglicans, the Lutherans, the Calvinist and the Presbyterians.

In the Philippines, the first Protestant wedding service was held in 1898 for the American colonizers.

The various denominations had specific rules and regulation with regard to a wedding rite and a ceremony.  But they follow a certain standard with concepts embodied in the “Book of Common Prayers”.

Here are some highlights of the ceremony and its symbolism accorded, as follows:

The Unity Candle. This is the most unique ceremonial rite common to all protestant weddings.  The bride and the groom each have a small candle symbolizing (2) individuals living separate lives.   And with these, bearing two (2) lighted candles, subsequently lights a big candle which symbolizes the unity of their ever burning love into the true light of the world, Jesus Christ.

The presentation and Positioning of the Bible.     These is the “Word of God” and as couples to be read, examined and understood as both are going towards the life of marriage.

The symbolism of the coins.     Signifies for the man’s material possessions and a token of God’s blessing to sustain the couple’s welfare, as bestowed to the bride

The veil.     An expression of God’s care and protection to the couple’s life of marriage.

The tying of the cord.     A symbol of God’s immeasurable love binding the couple as one united to Him, the Almighty.

As a rule in protestant weddings, the minister facing the couple and the congregation asks the question, “Who giveth this woman to be wedded?” and which is anticipated and listened by all in attendance since its identifies the father, mother of the bride.

The basic requirements are still to be complied with in accordance with the laws of marriage of the land.  The protestant wedding service is very methodical and is Bible centered.

The American colonizers not only brought along with them the importance of education which is the major factor of their influence to our culture but also a doctrine of non-allegiance to Rome. At present we see the difference in solemnity and order of the religion as carried forth by the Spanish and American colonizers. To which is best, it is anyone’s choice.

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