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title pic The Economics in Marriage

Posted by admin on June 24, 2012

Each wedding is different, but there is always the challenge to make these differences stand out given the economics of the time.  The following is still considered a formal wedding with a limited guest list of from (50) fifty to a (100) hundred, in a well appointed church and a venue for the function itself.

Philippine Wedding - Econimics in Marriage

Philippine Wedding - Econimics in Marriage

The dilemma is greatly exaggerated or emphasized by weddings where the choice of impeccable venues and churches are limited.  This is very much experienced when one is living in the metropolis of Metro Manila.

So, austerity measures are in order.  As the saying goes, the simpler, the better.  It is best to be guided by simple rules.  The checklist will provide the details before the altar date is reached.

The checklist or guides before the wedding are as follows:

  • Marriage licenses, CENOMAR (Certificate of Non Marriage), family planning seminars – Government requirements
  • Baptismal certificates. Confirmation Certificates, Pre-Cana seminar, wedding banns announcements, choirs, priest stipends and the class of wedding ceremony  – Church requirements
  • Wedding invitations – quality of paper and type of printing
  • Grooms Attire –  either a Barong Tagalog or an American suit
  • Bride – the type of gown, the couturier or the readymade or for rent, the motif, bridesmaids, maid of honor, flower girls and ring and coin bearer
  • Make up stylist and the couturier
  • Wedding rings
  • Flower suppliers and the arrangements – head dresses, bouquets, corsages, church pews and the wedding car decoration
  • Photograph and video graph coverage
  • Music – nuptial ceremony and reception
  • Reception – what part of the day, number of courses or dishes and number of guests to attend

The requirements that cannot be set aside are the government licenses.   For a church wedding, they are the church documents.  The rest of the checklist can be simplified.

The following gives the couple an idea or a rough estimated budget.  This can be the benchmark of expenses, nowadays.  The rate can be categorized as a “Type B”, just so to say that a young couple went through to celebrate this event.

Item Cost (Php)
Marriage license 500.00
Baptismal Certificate 100.00
Confirmation Certificate 100.00
Pre Cana Seminar 200.00
Family planning 200.00
Church Fees 4.000.00
Invitations 20,000.00
Wedding gown 10,000.00
Wedding ring 5,000.00
Pictures and Video 25,000.00
Reception 80,000.00

The foregoing is a subdued scale of costing in planning a wedding.  It is a matter of preference.  Practicality is the name of the game, so to speak.

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