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title pic Emerging Color Combinations for Weddings

Posted by admin on July 7, 2012

A lot of Filipinos commit the mistake of choosing one specific color to lead the entire wedding motif.  And they end up with only one color at every corner of the reception, at the church and even on the sponsors’ attires. It becomes too hardly imposed that it takes away the romantic vibe of the event and end up looking like a campaign propaganda assembly.

Picking a motif doesn’t mean sticking up with one single color and making an effort to overdo it. It just means selecting complementary colors that looks well together and using it to create a great atmosphere for the grand event.

Black and white can be the most popular color combination of all time, it is so contrasting that it looks too well together. It is its extreme differences that make the two a great duo. With these two, couple can add in the extra color and still, it would still look good. Sometimes, nothing beats classic styles and essence.

Beach weddings are big on ocean shades with yellow. The combination gives out a happy vibe which is perfect for humorous couple. It also gives out relaxed feeling, not too much intimidating that guests could just let loose and have a good time. In the Philippines, where beach weddings are popular, this color combination also is quite famous.

For an intimate indoor evening wedding, the magenta-blue-green combination is a great fit. For one, most evening reception has yellowish lights, which reflects best with the three bold colors. Since it is also night-time where pale shades can go unnoticeable, bold colors give out a strong look even from afar. This combination is great for power couples who are leaders in their own respect.

For the opposite poles effect without being too bold, the combination of peony and nickel shades are the best bet. The contrasting masculinity and femininity of the colors works so well together, and it represents the bride and groom as well. Even with the differences, the two colors bring out the best of each other.

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