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title pic How to Ask for Cash instead of Gifts on Weddings

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

Some start-up couples love the idea of getting gifts on their wedding day, most especially those that they need at home like toasters, blenders, vacuums and even comforters. But there are couples who got all the necessities at home and all they really need is cash. But putting it bluntly on the wedding invitation is inappropriate and too demanding. Always keep in mind that giving of gifts (or in this case, cash) is optional and it all depends on the guest’s liking. That’s why couples need to get a little more creative when it comes to asking for money.

One way to clue in the guests is to sign up with an online registry that gives guests an option to just give cash. A sure way to get the cash donation is to offer little options with the items or the couple can be trickier and register pricey items so the guests would opt to choose the cash option, since it is more flexible for their pockets.

There are couples who like put up their own wedding website where their guests can view the entourage, the details of the wedding and some background on the couple. But aside from the usual stuff, a couple can also put up a page where they can announce what they prefer to receive on the special day. But do not be overly blunt about it; instead be creative like writing a poem or sharing a story on what the couple needs to save up for. Just give in clues here and there than saying it straightforwardly.

Or just inform the parents. This is the easiest way to get the message across. Parents are the people guests ask for when it comes to the wedding details. And frankly, it is the best people to ask especially with Filipinos because weddings for Pinoys are a family-effort thus parents are always on the loop of what’s going on with the wedding preparation. By informing the parents of the couple’s needs and desire for cash, the news would probably reach the guests even before the wedding invitations.

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