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title pic How to have a Wedding on a Budget

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

Life in the Philippines isn’t as easy as before and a wise couple would really put a strict budget on their weddings and just put the rest of the extra money on savings. But keeping it simple and affordable doesn’t mean a couple should settle for less. The couple would just need to be more active on the preparation and crossing out on hiring a wedding coordinator, for one and just do the work on their own.

Most decent weddings in the country could cost on an average of Php 250,000.00 but if a couple is really good with balancing and maintaining a budget, they can spend as little as a Php 100,000.00. But in order to do this, it requires a lot of work, some elbow grease and the help of others (maintaining a good relationship and a strong network could be helpful in this situations).

One key in lowering the costs of the wedding is to keep it simple. Go with the saying: simplicity is beauty. After all, the wedding should be solemn and not the tamed version of the Mardi Gras. So as much as the couple can, it is wiser to book simple reception venues and put a limit as well on the number of guests to invite.

Cutting down on the professional fees could also help a lot in minimizing the expenses. Instead of hiring a celebrated photographer, just assign your best buddy who has a knack for taking photos (who also happen to own a nice SLR). How about not hiring a caterer and just rent out the catering equipment and supplies and just assign the couple’s moms and aunts to cook for the wedding?  Sometimes, the perfect chefs are the one already there in the kitchen as the couple was growing up. It might be a little extreme, but it can be a good option to consider.

Then there goes the wedding gown and suit. Of course, most brides would want the 100 meter veil flowing down the aisle as she walks to the altar. But let’s face it, not everyone is born a royalty. Instead of having the gown made by a wedding dress designer, just purchase a ready-made dress and try to accentuate it with accessories.

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