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title pic Planning a Beach Wedding

Posted by admin on July 3, 2012

The Philippines is home to many beautiful beaches, it is a sanctuary of breathtaking sceneries. Having a wedding right there on the powdery sands of the warn shore that snuggles in between the ties, would be the perfect setting to start a long lasting commitment. But planning a beach wedding requires more time and effort. Even the weather seems to be a great factor and so couples who want it, may need much time on their hands for the planning process.

Beach Wedding Philippines

Beach Wedding Philippines

Unlike traditional weddings where the seats, tables and caterers are available left and right, beach weddings may not have the same luxury. Although many resorts have readily available facilities and equipment for the occasion, couples may still need to talk with several suppliers like photographers and florists for the extra fees they may need to charge for the travel.

Then there goes the season. The Philippines is a tropical country which have the best summers and the worst rainy season. No matter how excited the couples are to get married, they need to consider the month least likely to rain like the usual summer season from February to May. As for the time, sunsets are always the best time. Aside from the fact that it sets the best romantic mood, it is also the least humid making it the most convenient moment for the occasion.

Couples should also allot more time for the preparation. Most weddings require six months for the well-planned traditional weddings but for beach weddings, it may require longer than that. It would also entail a lot of out-of-town trips to the location for pre-wedding preparations and oculars. A couple should also prepare spending a bit more since beach weddings require more staff and since it  requires travel, some of the most important guests’ transportation might be expected to be handled by the couple.

The good news is, since it is a beach wedding, it is less likely to be formal. The guests wouldn’t be expected to wear extremely formal dresses and suits, instead, the wedding could go with a hula-inspired reception where everyone can just let go and have a good time.

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