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title pic Wedding Souvenir Tips

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

Filipinos are very practical and creative people, but some get caught up with tradition that when it comes to weddings couple couldn’t show off their knack for art and sensibleness in choosing wedding souvenirs. But more than the couple’s personal preference, the souvenirs should also be something that the guests can enjoy. Couples do not want to spend on something that the guests wouldn’t really like.

One of the most practical wedding souvenirs is bottle perfumes. The idea is to get cute little bottles and personalized it to match the wedding theme. The choice of perfume may be something that a couple personally mixed (they can do this with the help of available fragrance suppliers who organizes perfume-making seminars) or it can be a scent that the couple likes. No matter what, the important thing is the couple is able to share something personal and something practical because guests could actually use it afterwards.

Photo booth set-up is the popular choice nowadays, since it leaves the guests with one important souvenir, an actual moment of fun and laughter with the couple. Photo booths have different gimmicks like a timed photo session which takes photos every couple of seconds while allowing the guests to change their costumes or hats in between. This can be a lot of fun while having the chance to have moments with the couple themselves. What’s even better is that it prints instantly making the guests have something to share with each other.

For more generous and practical couples, it would be ideal to give away a flash drive which the guests can use. A lot of suppliers can personalize the look of the flash drive for a minimum order of a hundred. Then the couple may decide to save in their wedding thank you video or letter in the drive which the guests can view later on. Flash drives would be great souvenirs since more and more Filipinos are becoming tech-savvy.

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