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title pic Yourself as the Wedding Planner

Posted by admin on July 10, 2012

A question I would like to raise is, “Is there really a need to get the services of a professional wedding coordinator?”   The answer is it depends whether you want it regardless of the budget.

The only positive side that I see in a wedding planner is that they serve to take care of the creative side of the wedding ceremony and reception.  They serve as a temporary alter ego though not on the personal note, to remove the tension on the part of the couple towards their altar date.

Though you may not be an expert and a professional in the creative side of things, I believe everyone is gifted so the best judgment will be one’s personal intuition and artistry.   It may just appear too simplistic or unattractive to one’s guest and visitor, what matters is that it has a personal touch to it.   The ceremony must suit your personality and so the details one has listed can be followed in accordance to your requirements.

So what does one do at this point?  Since planning a wedding should be scheduled months ahead with enough time at your hands, do some research.  Surf the internet and look or browse into several books.  These could assist and give some information and ideas regarding a wedding activity.

Being your own planner, couples can save a lot on the budget.  One need not worry about paying a professional fee.    Also, you can determine some alternatives in the event some things come up to be costly to affect your budget.

The following are some useful tips to organize and plan which can be adapted and amended to suit your needs.

Label every folder with the following details;

  • Budget – keep a budget sheet with assumed prices vs. actual prices and who shall take care of the payment
  • Flowers – flowers for the ceremony, bouquets and corsages
  • Ceremony – wedding programs or missals, decorations or flower arrangements, venue, singers
  • Reception – caterer, number of attendees, menu or course, venue, drinks and beverages
  • Miscellaneous – marriage license, documents needed by the church
  • Invitations and Thank You Cards – list of persons to be given
  • Clothing – brides’ gown and entourage and grooms’ attire
  • Photography and Video – engagement and wedding photos, albums and disks for video
  • Calendar – to keep track of events that are accomplished and pending accomplishment


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