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title pic 3 in 1 Package: A Wedding, a Get-away and Reunion

Posted by admin on February 25, 2013

One of the most popular destinations in the Philippines is Boracay, located in the Visayas region of the country in the province of Aklan. The powdery white sands of the paradise capture the hearts of both local and foreign tourists; it is also the ideal wedding destination for the well-travelled couples.

Boracay Wedding (Photo Courtesy: Ann de Leon Perez @anndperez on Instagram)

Boracay Wedding (Photo Courtesy: Ann de Leon Perez @anndperez on Instagram)

But because of its increasing popularity, people assume that having a Boracay wedding is expensive and beyond budget. The truth is, it is expensive if you simply look at the figures of the billing statement before actually contemplating on it. Reality is, Boracay weddings may be the most affordable option a couple can consider.

A local wedding coordinator may charge Php250,000 pesos for a wedding package of 50 guests which includes ceremony in a church and reception, among others.  But despite the six-digit figures, the destination could also be the honeymoon spot. Boracay is such a romantic and sexy place; and staying there for the anticipated first night would not only be memorable, it would also be budget-friendly – no more extra plane tickets and it saves time too.

Another good reason is since most guests would have to travel to attend the wedding, so most probably only the closest people to the couple would be willing to attend. This is the best time to reunite with the immediate families of the couple and the beloved circle of friends. Sharing the precious event with an intimate set of people is the perfect chance for a reunion. It gives more time for the couple’s families and friends to bond with each other, after all from that day onwards those people would become families as well.

If that’s the case, then a Php250,000 budget on a wedding, a reunion and a honeymoon would not seem too expensive after all. Just imagine paying for three major events, for the price of one.


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