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title pic Caleruega Church: The Eternal Transfiguration of an Endless Love

Posted by admin on February 26, 2013

Saying “I do’s” entails the warmth of love and lifetime commitment between two different persons, who had been accidentally smitten by the sweetest harmony of love and destiny without rational reasons. An altar date is the most endearing moment that couples eagerly await because of two major things: First, this is the moral and legal binding agreement  between two distinct individuals that is somehow an assurance that love conquers all in times of the most difficult challenges their lives, as husband and wife. Second, a marriage is their spiritual accord with God that they will both cherish one another in accordance with the holy covenant of the Supreme Being and the Roman Catholic Church. Prior to these irreversible vows, the meticulous but well-organized wedding preparations are necessary so as to make the man and woman of your dreams achieve the nirvana of human existence.  In this regard, if you truly wanted  a wedding ceremony that is  faraway from the busy and polluted cities of Metro Manila the Caleruega Church in Nasugbu Batangas is a must see wedding venue.

Caleruega Church (Photo Courtesy: @huygian on Instagram)

Caleruega Church (Photo Courtesy: Gian @huygian on Instagram)

The Caleruega Church, also otherwise known as the “Transfiguration Chapel” is located at Batulao in Nasugbu Batangas. Historically, this known as the rustic church which perfectly stands in the middle of a luscious and well-endowed greenery, with colorful flowers that beautifully surround this wedding church of the most popular Filipino personalities in both the political and showbiz world. Amazingly, it was established at the summit of Caleruega. This holy sanctuary has a landscape and  an enigmatic external view of the church which is one of the most photographed sceneries in this quiet and indulging province of Nasugbu. Likewise, this is a focal tourist attraction among couples who wanted to have their very own  one-of-a kind wedding experience.  Best of all, this is strategically located on a hilltop. Hence, this is a replica of a chapel under a Dominican Order in Caleruega, Spain.

Caleruega Church (Photo Courtesy: Amiel Pagdanganan @crackus on Instagram)

Caleruega Church (Photo Courtesy: Amiel Pagdanganan @crackus on Instagram)



Among the salient features of this most sought after wedding church in Batangas are as follows: The relaxing and huge trees, which amplify the natural beauty of the church, its foliage along the stairways and walkways going inside the chapel. Astonishingly, the latter adds a  melodramatic expression of an  undying love between couples in  any wedding ceremony. Thus, its elevated location greatly welcomes everyone with a cool and soothing breeze.

Apart from these X-factors of this gigantic wedding church, the Church of Caleruega communes with each and every member of the entourage with a serene view of Mount Batulao and the fertile and sloping topography of Nasugbu. As you stroll around this romantic gift of nature, the church compound of Caleruega grandiosely exposes the beautiful shrubs, trees and flowers. There are also magnificent butterflies in different colors and those birds which enchantingly bewitch couples of their sweetest songs in the coolness of the morning.

Caleruega Church (Photo Courtesy: @iciecelest on Instagram)

Caleruega Church (Photo Courtesy: @iciecelest on Instagram)

There is  also a spacious campsite and reflection garden which can be easily found at the rear section of Caleruega Church. More so, rest areas are also built to make the entire wedding entourage comfortable as they all wait for the bride and groom to arrive in all shimmering brilliance of bliss, contentment and satisfaction. From the entrance of the church, you can find trees, enthralling manmade waterfalls, koi pads, fountains and rich fauna that are situated over the uphill walkways. These inherent and creative fashions of human intelligence undoubtedly give everyone a heavenly and relaxing site for a spiritual retreat and meditation, in case they spiritually desire for them.

Meanwhile, the façade of the church is a crystal clear reproduction of the original chapel in Spain. Its nipa hut- shaped roof is in memory of the shelters that the apostles of Christ dearly wanted for Moses, Elijah and the Savior. Similarly, the meaningful seals of the Dominican Province of the Philippines is marvelously depicted in a stained glass, found in the upper portion of its façade. Furthermore, the seven holy grapevines are attractively entwined in  the steel-made doors of the chapel. In terms of representation and significance, these particular artworks are portrayals of Jesus as its vine and branches as well.

Conversely, these spiritual drawings signify the Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church.  Lastly, the birds that are carved on the communion table mean God’s providence for all mankind and His beloved creations. If you are wondering why it is called as the Transfiguration Church, it is simply because Jesus had transfigured Himself to prove His omnipotence to Peter, John and Luke.

Speaking of its main altar, it is tremendously patterned after a carved tree trunk. This artistic prototype is an expression of the so-called “stern of Jesse”. Additionally, the tabernacle is a meek and gentle reminder of a burning bush of which God had openly revealed Himself to Moses in Mount Sinai.

Caleruega Church (Photo Courtesy: Jasper Panganiban @moveslikejaspr on Instagram)

Caleruega Church (Photo Courtesy: Jasper Panganiban @moveslikejaspr on Instagram)


As far as their rates are concerned, soon to be wed couples must get in touch with the administration office of Calruega. Upon doing so, the designated church staff will let you know about the prices and the  assigned priest who will solemnize your lifelong marriage. The most convenient thing about their wedding package is that couples are allowed to choose the priest that they personally wanted to officiate their wedding ceremony.  Ideally, the use of their chapel will cost you around PHP 15,000.

After the wedding, Caleruega Church has provided cozy reception areas such as the Plaza de Aza, Tuktok and the Veritas Hall.  These affordable reception venues can accommodate about 200 guests. On the contrary, for smaller weddings the fascinating Church of Caleruega generously allow newly-weds to use the Gazekubo. This fine dining and wedding reception area at Caleruega Church has a 60-person capacity.

Here are some of the estimated rates of their reception venues:

  • Roofdeck- 40,000 pesos
  • Veritas Hall- 30,000 pesos  plus an additional 5,000 for aircon use
  • Gazekubo- 25,000 pesos plus 5,000 for aircon usage

Unlike any other wedding church in the Philippines, the Caleruega Church has a very minimal entrance fee of 30 pesos per head. In addition, to promote the prestige and glamour of this wedding church in Batangas guests are given detailed brochures as well as site maps to make them more  familiar on how to get there.

How to Get There

If your entourage and visitors will use a private car or any means of transportation, you can get to Caleruega Church in Nasugbu, Batangas by following the usual and frequent routes to Tagaytay City, via SLEX or South Luzon Expressway or the Coastal Road, Aguinaldo Highway in Cavite.  On the other hand, if you decide to use the SLEX all you need to do is to drive down Governor’s Drive and Silang, until you reach the entrance which leads you all the way to Tagaytay City.  Or if you want, take the Santa Rosa Exit going to the City of Tagaytay.  For those wedding sponsors who live near Tagaytay City, Rotonda, simply follow the road along Aguinaldo Highway passing through Imus, Bacoor Silang and Dasmarinas in Cavite.

Of course, for commuters there are many buses near EDSA Taft leading to Nasugbu or Balayan. These modes of transportation will definitely pass by Tagaytay City and the Ever crest Golf Club. Then, turn right after you have seen the landmark of the Nasugbu welcome arc. After which, it will bring you to a sign that reads, “Caleruega”.  This signboard points to the right. Just patiently follow the sign until you find Caleruega at the end of the road.

Contact Details

In summation, here are the contact details that you should know in case you have already decided with finality to get married at Caleruega Church in Nasugbu, Batangas. Note: These infos are certified true and correct as of February, 2012.

Address: Barangay Kaylaway, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas
Contact Numbers- (043)706-03-48, 09218304226
E-mail address:

Indeed, getting married these days might be too pricey. But for an honorable and loving spouse to be, it is a priceless gift which says all the indescribable yearnings of a hopeless romantic heart.  Therefore, the Caleruega Church in Nasugbu will spell the “BIG DIFFERENCE”, without saying a word.

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