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title pic Christ The King Church: The Grandiose Reflection of an Timeless Filipino Wedding

Posted by admin on February 27, 2013

The king and queen of hearts are mysteriously entwined together, to sing the sweetest harmony of love that is meant to last for a lifetime.  Then, it perfectly spells the right ingredients of trust and an undying commitment in order to come up with the “best recipe of love” of which any person can ever offer for the girl of his dreams. – A grand or simple  wedding. In this regard, it is logically true that to prepare for this momentous occasion is no joke. It entails creativity, hard work, the ability to cope up with the physical and psychological stresses that go along with it, without losing your composure and temper.  Prior to all of these initial steps involved in a church wedding preparation, these couples must carefully ponder about their respective financial capability, especially on the part the male gender. Of course, every Filipino couple wants to have a fairytale kind of wedding, right?  Therefore, the best choice of the most sought after wedding churches is a MUST.   In this respect, the Christ The King Church in Greenmeadows, Mandaluyong City, Philippines, tops the author’s personal list.

Christ the King Church (Photo Courtesy: Suzzie Ng @suzzieng on Instagram)

Christ the King Church (Photo Courtesy: Suzzie Ng @suzzieng on Instagram)

Christ The King Church in the progressive city of Mandaluyong is popularly ascribed as the only holy sanctuary of Roman Catholics which was magnificently patterned after a grandiose pyramid-like structure. Historically, this unique and remarkable Philippine Church was established on November 21, 1979. This was made possible upon the request of its parishioners, which was no other than but the affluent scion of the Ortigas; and their flourishing group of companies.  To make this noble dream a fruitful reality, they had generously donated a huge parcel of land.  Over the years, it was innovatively designed by some of the most well- known luminaries in the field of architecture. Currently, the latest renovation of the church was through the artistic and magical hands of a Filipino genius, Architect Angel B. Abad.

Likewise, the said construction and renovation of Christ the King Church in Mandaluyong was wholeheartedly supported by its regular and longtime parishioners. Hence, its construction was patiently supervised by the laymen community. As far as its initial creation was concerned, it all humbly started on the 27th of April, 1980. Successfully, It was finally completed and unveiled to the public on June 30, 1988.  Thus, it was consecrated by His Eminence, the late Jaime Cardinal L. Sin on the 30th of October on that same year. Since its establishment, this holy place had already built a parish center which was also blessed by the late Filipino Cardinal.

Generally, among the most unforgettable and awesome features of the Christ The King Church in Greenmeadows are as follows:

  • Clearly crafted glass walls, which allow the sun to pass through
  • Its spacious altar area
  • Wide parking space, a drive way which will lead you all the way to the church’s entrance
  • A reflection of a genuinely endearing picturesque church
  • Its easy accessibility
  • Numerous wedding reception venues, that are easily found within the church’s vicinity
  • Airconditioned wedding venue
  • Nice and accommodating parish staff

Wedding Rate and Schedules

Couples who have unanimously decided that Christ the King Church in Greenmeadows will be one of their silent witnesses on their scheduled altar date, both parties must first check on their bank books before preparing their other wedding necessities. Simply because, it will cost them a huge sum of money amounting to an approximate of at least Php 25,000. This includes the following: aisle ornaments, payments for the soloist and organist and presumably; the couple’s other wedding necessities.  On the other hand, their wedding schedules are every Mondays to Saturdays with these time slots:

  • 10:00 in the morning
  • 1:30 and 3:30  in the afternoon

Wedding Requirements

Before getting married at Christ the King Church in Greenmeadows,  a couple is being required by the parish coordinator to secure the following requirements: Jot down these documents and prepare them in the soonest possible time to be able to get your wedding schedules ahead of time. These are:

ü    A new copy of the baptismal or confirmation certificates of both parties, with the usual annotation “for marriage purposes only”.  More so, this pertinent pre-wedding requisite is only valid for only six months prior to their scheduled date of wedding.

ü    Photocopy of their birth certificates

ü    Marriage license which is duly issued by the civil registry of the town where either of these two people had been born. As far as its date of issuance is concerned, it must be released within this period of not more than four months, before the scheduled wedding date

ü    Banns publication in the individual parishes of both the bride and the groom. – In like manner, they both need to ask permission from the parish church of the bride; as well as the groom to be.  But, do not worry. The particular form in relation to this step will be given by the Christ the King Parish at least three months before the wedding. This simply means to say that your names will be posted on the church where you will solemnly tie the knot

ü    A couple must diligently attend the canonical interview which is slated every Wednesday, at 9 A.M. sharp. This will be conducted by the resident parish priest of Christ the King Parish

ü    There will be a scheduled marriage vocation seminar for two days. Always remember that if the couple fails to attend this seminar, it will unfortunately end up in the cancellation of their wedding date.  By the way, it has a seminar fee is 2,500 pesos per pair

ü    They have to furnish this particular church, the names and addresses of their principal sponsors. Please do not exceed the maximum number of your   principal sponsors. as it is only limited to six persons

ü    Secure a copy of a certificate of “no marriage” from the National Statistics Office.  Couples must already have this in their  possession of not more than half a month before their wedding

ü    2×2 photos of the bride and groom to be

ü     They must go to confession two days before their scheduled wedding

Getting There

Your wedding entourage must follow these easy steps on how to get there at Christ The King Parish in Greenmeadows, a few hours before your most cherished moment. Make sure that you have a printed copy of this material; and do not fail to include this sketch in your wedding invitations to avoid the hassles of waiting and all the other unavoidable travel related inconveniences that will inevitably delay your wedding schedule

By car or taxi

From EDSA, once you have already seen the historic People Power Monument immediately turn right at White Plains Avenue

Keep on tracking that direction, till you have reached the Church of the Latter Day Saints. Afterwards, turn right to Temple Drive

Keep on going until you have seen the Greenmeadows Avenue. Then, turn left

Move forward along the Greenmeadows Avenue, until you have come to your destination, which is exactly on your left side


By Jeep

From Cubao,  all they have to do is to ride a jeep via the Cubao-Rosario routes, along General Romulo Avenue, corner Aurora Blvd,  in front of a drugstore chain

They will leisurely pass by the areas of Cubao, the 20th Avenue, Boni Serrano Avenue and C-5

Then, they will travel the route of E. Rodriguez Avenue. However, they must still be on the road until they see the landmark of Jollibee, Greenmeadows branch on the right side of the road

Since there is no public transport from that point of origin other than a taxi, they may choose to walk at least a little more than 500 meters along the quiet avenue of Greenmeadows to safely arrive at Christ the King Church

Undoubtedly, Christ the King Church in Greenmeadows is a church wedding venue that is something to be dreamed about by any Filipina bride. It is because Jesus is the ultimate reason why these two wonderful people had met; without questioning the “INEXPRESSIBLE LANGUAGE OF LOVE”

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