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title pic Sanctuario de San Jose Church Wedding: Simplicity and Elegance at Its Finest

Posted by admin on March 8, 2013

Wedding ceremonies are the lifetime covenants of “would be newly-weds”. As such, they must be made in heaven or if it’s sufficient to say, a royal one. Of course, those affluent scions of the Philippines will always have the Sanctuario de San Jose in Greenhills, East Village Mandaluyong City, as their top choice.  In its English translation, it is otherwise known as the “Sanctuary of Saint Joseph, the Patriarch”.   According to its ancient history, this most splendid and elegant wedding venue of the upper-class is architecturally designed and destined to be the “Shrine of the Saint Joseph”. Administratively, this wedding church of the high profile and Philippine jetsetters is run and supervised by the Oblates of Saint Joseph.

Sanctuario de San Jose Parish (Photo Courtesy:  Haydee Aoanan @maxxlv on Instagram)

Sanctuario de San Jose Parish (Photo Courtesy: Haydee Aoanan @maxxlv on Instagram)

In addition, it is the haven of several and different chapels like The Holy Family Chapel inside the premises of the Greenhills Shopping Center and its two other chapels of Crame, the Immaculate Conception and the Sacred Heart. The Sanctuario de San Jose was named after its patron saint, Saint Joseph. Biblically, this holy figure of the Roman Catholic faith is divinely chosen to be the foster father of Jesus Christ.

Similarly, the aforementioned church in the Philippines has other secondary saints by the name of Saint Joseph Marello, the honorable founder of the Saint Joseph’s Oblates and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, respectively.  Hence, the feast day of this remarkable wedding venue is slated  every 19th day of March, which is actually marked in the Gregorian calendar as “The Solemnity of Saint Joseph”. Meanwhile, its secondary feast includes “The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart and the Feast Day of Saint Joseph Marello.


Brief Historical Overview

During the ‘60s decades, a wealthy clan of the Ortigases donated 5,030 square meters of land to the Manila Archdiocese in a green and hilly topographical rendezvous in the Philippines better known to a majority of Filipinos as Greenhills. This was generously meant for a noble Christian mission of building a semi-concrete structured church.  Incidentally, Father Guido Coletti was assigned to do a task of establishing this visualized “House of God”. To begin this spiritual endeavor of his, he has to travel all the way from the majestic province of Batangas City, to ask some financial assistance from anyone in order to finally build the humble church of which he was delegated to successfully finish  in due time.

Unfortunately, the dynamic and hopeful Man of God was not able to get the much needed financial dole outs from those people who had earlier pledged to help him out. But, God answered his prayers in the most mysterious ways. Here was how it all started. In 1964 of March, he had miraculously raised the amount of Php 827,000, as to how it all happened, nobody knows up to this day.

From then on, the construction of the Sanctuario de San Jose took off and it had lasted up 25 months to finally be completed in all humility and splendidness. In the beginning, this holy temple was only a creative visualization of Architect Manuel Manosa Sr. Likewise, it was given life and vibrance by no less than Nemesio Montenegro, a native resident of Taal Batangas.

The latter was the one who gave this church a magnificent and astonishing structural form and substance like no other Philippine Church can ever replicate.

Moreover, this newly-erected church has a very solemn seminary and rectory located at its rear section. Finally, with God’s moving and overflowing grace the Sanctuario de San Jose was blessed on April 2, 1966. Consequently, its first-ever Misa de Gallo and all the succeeding Sunday masses were held inside the glorious premises of this miraculously instituted place of worship for the Filipinos, though it was still under construction in those years.

In March of 1967, the Sanctuario de San Jose officially became an official  parish in the Philippines. Since its inception, it only had 3,500 parishioners who were then legitimate constituents of White Plains and Wack Wack subdivisions in Greenhills. More so, there were other churchgoers from the nearby areas of Camp Crame Going back to Father Coletti, he was assigned to be the first parish priest of this remarkable and grandiose holy sanctuary in Mandaluyong City. During his incumbency, many people had gone to the place for numerous weddings and baptisms ceremonies.

On the 6th month of 1989, Father Constantino Conti, another OSJ priest was delegated to be its parish priest; while its prime mover and catalytic instrument had served as the assistant parish priest. When he died in November 1996, he was immediately replaced by Father Napoleon Jinion.  Currently, Sanctuario de San Jose has over 100,000 parishioners. Significantly, the unexpected birth of several religious alliances had paved the way in the worldwide propagation of Catholicism through the following media: Evangelization, charitable projects, catechism and other activities which are geared toward the immense growth and popularity of Catholicism not only in the country but across the globe.



Do you have in mind the top major reasons why the rich and famous, want to get married  at Sanctuario de San Jose?  Primarily, it is because of the undeniable fact its church interiors are lavishly ornamented with gold and wooden trimmings, alongside with its stat-of-the art stained glass; that beautifully reflect the harmonious play and blend of lights. These awesome architectural works of art increase its cozy ambience  On the other hand, it has a captivating balcony that  provides both wedding photographers and videographers alike  the excellent and most ideal vantage points for their most cherished wedding coverage.

Furthermore, the vivid and ostentatious elegance of the church’s interiors is inexpressively hinted by its outside features. To date, Sanctuario de San Jose has a uniquely done façade which is oozing with an incomparable architectural modernity.

As the bride and the groom seal their everlasting covenant before God and their guests, the crystal clear and lines as well as the colors of the sanctuary will totally exude the beauty and splendor of how it really feels to be wed at the most priceless treasure of the Roman Catholic Church. Prior to the beginning of the wedding ceremony, you can relax at a small garden with a serene grotto that is located  at the main entrance of this most well-loved wedding church in the Philippines. Thus, its enchanting and tranquil atmosphere, is irresistibly enticing several wedding guests to meditate for a while.

Another standout feature  of the Sanctuario de San Jose is its very accessible location. Since it is situated within an exclusive subdivision, it can graciously offer everyone the utmost privacy and convenience that they will never dare to erase from their colorful memories.  Best of all the  security of the entourage is the  church’s staff’s top priority.

Last but not the least, the solemnity of the ceremony is never compromised. It is solely because that there are no vendors or beggars allowed at the external sections of this religious tourist attraction of the Philippines. Besides, there is a wide parking area. In essence, this is going to provide all guests especially the foreign diplomats and dignitaries a sense of keen organization and order till the culmination of the whole nuptial ceremony.



For those madly in love couples out there, you must have a pre-planning stage of your future wedding expenses  That is, if both of you have unanimously decided that Sanctuario de San Jose is really your ultimate and final choice for the “most sensational wedding of the century”. According to its management, their lowest wedding package  price range is Php 25,000. This includes one of its amenities like an airconditioned facility. As for its lowest wedding price parcel, it is around Php 18,000.

These  wedding fees are inclusive of simple flower arrangements, red carpet, lighted chandeliers, electricity consumption and video services,  a solo singer and an organist. However, there is an additional charge of Php 3,000 for the use of additional sound system facilities  Don’t  be too surprised,  if they will ask you to pay another 500 bucks for the along the aisle tulle and a last payment of Php 1,000 for the  church curtains’ rental.


Wedding Requisites

Just like other church wedding venues in Metro Manila, the Sanctuario de San Jose in Greenhills requires the following documents before tying the knot on the scheduled date. For your future reference, get a piece of paper and a pen and write down these pre-wedding requisites to avoid the inevitable inconveniences that go along with your wedding preparations. Take a look at the list below.

  • Baptismal Certificates- These are documents which must contain the annotation, “for marriage purposes only”.  The church’s parish priest and its staff,  duly require every couple to present this upon making their church wedding reservation.  In terms of its validity, it is good for only six months
  • Certificates of Confirmation- In cases wherein you haven’t been confirmed yet, you must have the said sacrament months before your scheduled altar date. Always look for a mass confirmation in your respective churches. To begin with, please do attend a pre-confirmation seminar. After which, you can get your confirmation certificates on that same day.  Prior to your scheduled confirmation, kindly bring the following: The photocopy of your baptismal certificate, a pair of godparents and a confirmation fee which depends upon the church where you are about to be confirmed
  • Wedding Banns Publication- This will be posted on individual parishes of both the bride and the groom. It will remain there for 3 consecutive Sundays. However, it must include a written permission from the parish of the bride to be
  • Marriage License- Usually, the nearest city hall where either of you resides is the one  which is responsible when it comes to its issuance. Among the documents needed  for securing a valid marriage license are: Photocopies and original copies of any valid ID, the address where you reside, original copies of your birth certificates, an original CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage, a seminar certificate and a specific fee depending on where you should secure your marriage license. Issuance wise,  it is normally released within 10 working days from the date of application. Always bear in mind, that a marriage license is only good for 90 days
  • A canonical interview- This will be done by the assigned parish priest of the Sanctuario de San Jose, a month before your much-awaited altar date. To familiarize yourselves with this particular wedding  requirement, make a coordination with the Sanctuario de San Jose’s parish office
  • Spiritual Preparations- This last wedding requirement requires the couple to attend a Catholic Pre-Cana Seminar, which is being held on a regular basis at the Sanctuario de San Jose. But if the couple wants it to be done outside the parish of their choice, they are required to submit an attendance certificate. Most importantly, they are obliged to go to confession before their weeding date


Other Details:

Physical Address: Duke Corner Buffalo Street, Greenhills East Subdivision, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

Contact Phone Number: 725-20-44

The inexplicable bliss of getting married at the Sanctuario de San Jose in Greenhills, Mandaluyong City  is a once in a lifetime experience for a couple who wanted to profess their eternal love for one another in the most special ways, without thinking about how much they had spent. After all, love is a priceless treasure, right? Best wishes!

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