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title pic Sanctuario de San Jose Church Wedding: Simplicity and Elegance at Its Finest

Posted by admin on March 8, 2013

Wedding ceremonies are the lifetime covenants of “would be newly-weds”. As such, they must be made in heaven or if it’s sufficient to say, a royal one. Of course, those affluent scions of the Philippines will always have the Sanctuario de San Jose in Greenhills, East Village Mandaluyong City, as their top choice.  In its English translation, it is otherwise known as the “Sanctuary of Saint Joseph, the Patriarch”.   According to its ancient history, this most splendid and elegant wedding venue of the upper-class is architecturally designed and destined to be the “Shrine of the Saint Joseph”. Administratively, this wedding church of the high profile and Philippine jetsetters is run and supervised by the Oblates of Saint Joseph.

Sanctuario de San Jose Parish (Photo Courtesy:  Haydee Aoanan @maxxlv on Instagram)

Sanctuario de San Jose Parish (Photo Courtesy: Haydee Aoanan @maxxlv on Instagram)

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title pic Christ The King Church: The Grandiose Reflection of an Timeless Filipino Wedding

Posted by admin on February 27, 2013

The king and queen of hearts are mysteriously entwined together, to sing the sweetest harmony of love that is meant to last for a lifetime.  Then, it perfectly spells the right ingredients of trust and an undying commitment in order to come up with the “best recipe of love” of which any person can ever offer for the girl of his dreams. – A grand or simple  wedding. In this regard, it is logically true that to prepare for this momentous occasion is no joke. It entails creativity, hard work, the ability to cope up with the physical and psychological stresses that go along with it, without losing your composure and temper.  Prior to all of these initial steps involved in a church wedding preparation, these couples must carefully ponder about their respective financial capability, especially on the part the male gender. Of course, every Filipino couple wants to have a fairytale kind of wedding, right?  Therefore, the best choice of the most sought after wedding churches is a MUST.   In this respect, the Christ The King Church in Greenmeadows, Mandaluyong City, Philippines, tops the author’s personal list.

Christ the King Church (Photo Courtesy: Suzzie Ng @suzzieng on Instagram)

Christ the King Church (Photo Courtesy: Suzzie Ng @suzzieng on Instagram)

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title pic Caleruega Church: The Eternal Transfiguration of an Endless Love

Posted by admin on February 26, 2013

Saying “I do’s” entails the warmth of love and lifetime commitment between two different persons, who had been accidentally smitten by the sweetest harmony of love and destiny without rational reasons. An altar date is the most endearing moment that couples eagerly await because of two major things: First, this is the moral and legal binding agreement  between two distinct individuals that is somehow an assurance that love conquers all in times of the most difficult challenges their lives, as husband and wife. Second, a marriage is their spiritual accord with God that they will both cherish one another in accordance with the holy covenant of the Supreme Being and the Roman Catholic Church. Prior to these irreversible vows, the meticulous but well-organized wedding preparations are necessary so as to make the man and woman of your dreams achieve the nirvana of human existence.  In this regard, if you truly wanted  a wedding ceremony that is  faraway from the busy and polluted cities of Metro Manila the Caleruega Church in Nasugbu Batangas is a must see wedding venue.

Caleruega Church (Photo Courtesy: @huygian on Instagram)

Caleruega Church (Photo Courtesy: Gian @huygian on Instagram)

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title pic San Sebastian Church: Asia’s First Iron Edifice and Paris-Inspired Wedding Church

Posted by admin on February 23, 2013

Love is a blissful state which harmoniously unifies two romantic hearts as one.  It is the most beautiful and lasting expression of human souls that emanate from the depths of their inherent emotions. As this feeling grows more intimate, it proceeds to a higher level which is legally known as marriage.  This new and exciting chapter in the life of a couple entails thrilling phases of their tedious preparations for a simple or grand wedding.

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title pic Wedding Church Music

Posted by admin on July 4, 2012

Classical instruments such as a violin, flute, guitars and trumpets can provide a splendid musical background on a wedding ceremony.   However, no sound can equal that of a magical human voice expressed in a prayerful song at one of the most significant passage in a person’s life.   Many church weddings have been made memorable by the performance of guest vocal musicians.


The use of “minus one” music machine to accompany the singer is neither an option.  The canned music just lays to waste a perfectly planned church wedding and spoils the solemnity of the occasion.

In another perspective, the choice of the marital music must also be noteworthy.  There are two schools of thought as to the type of music proper to a nuptial rite.  One holds that only sacred music, which is composed specifically for religious functions, is fit.  The other holds that any song, even pop music, done in a good taste, can be a valid expression and the right intent meant for the ceremony.

Church laws state in very general terms the type of music that is and is not permissible at a wedding. The premise is that the church is a place for praying to God and not for speaking to each other however devoted the couple may be to each other.

In like manner there are judgments that can evolve from coming up with questions and answers founded on a sense of propriety.  And these are as follows:

The judgment on music must answer the question on whether the music is expressive of the moment… Is the song a fitting musical for the present ceremonial wedding scene… Is the choice of music right and proper taking into consideration the sanctity and serenity of the grounds of where the nuptial rite is taking place…

The judgment on liturgy must answer the question whether the lyrics of the song are fitting for such place of worship…Whether the congregation in attendance can relate in general towards the expression of love to the Almighty One and likewise the love bestowed from above to the couple as well as the whole community…

The judgment on ecclesiastics must answer whether the songs will form part of the Mass or just on the confirmation of the marriage bond, the nuptial blessing or the recessional….

Every couple has in mind to make the occasion unique.  But, the actions must not go to the extent of debasing the sacrament of matrimony to satisfy the wants not in consonance with the Church teachings.  Still, the norm and decrees of the church must be followed.

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title pic On Choosing the Wedding Church

Posted by admin on July 3, 2012

Wedding Church

Choosing a Wedding Church

All couples dream of the happily-ever-after weddings on a magnificent and classical church. But the place’s beauty shouldn’t be the only thing that a couple needs to consider. A lot of factors should be lay down before finally saying, “Yes, this is the church for us!”

Location is still the first thing to consider when picking up the church for the wedding. It should be close to available reception areas, it should be accessible (unless the couple wants an out-of-town trip and it would just be wise to check in a hotel for the event), and lastly, it should be near the guests too. It might be the couple’s day but they also need to understand a wedding wouldn’t be as special if the people close to their hearts couldn’t be there to witness it.

Another factor to consider is the cost of the church. Weddings are the best reason to splurge but in today’s economy, it is better to be practical. Always make a budget, which most wedding coordinators would do, but if the couple is handling it on their own, always put into consideration which parts of the wedding needs more budget, and which parts can be cut down a bit.  The couple may be ready to splurge and be a runner-up for the wedding of the year, but after all the glitz and glamour; a married couple should also have enough saving left.

The least factor couple considers is the parking space, but in fact, it should be one of the most important. Just imagine a wedding of 300 guests with only 10 parking slots. That would be a disaster. The guests would have to park on their own spots a few blocks away, walk all the way to the church, and then walk back to the car to get to the reception. Of course, the couple have their car right there waiting, but be sure the guest would have a good time as well. They are there to celebrate with you, if they are put into so much hassle, it wouldn’t be impossible for them not to be in a celebratory-mood afterwards.

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title pic Post War Wedding Churches

Posted by admin on

The ravages and turbulence of the Second World War have brought back the wedding sites to its prominence for the elites and the common populace to choose from.   However, the existence of the parish churches, the towns and provincial churches steadily became their practical choices through which past generations of couples marched down the aisle.

Some popular wedding churches worth mentioning in those post war golden peacetime years were the Church of St Vincent de Paul, better known as San Marcelino Church, the Ermita and Malate Churches.

The Church of San Vicente de Paul was built in the year 1912, the fiftieth (50) anniversary of the arrival of the congregation of the Vincentian priest and brothers to our shore, alongside with the arrival of the Sisters of Charity.  Previously, it was built as a chapel in the year 1883 and became a parish church of the district of Paco from 1898 to 1909.

Malate Church

Malate Church

Malate Church is a baroque style of architecture which faces the waters of Manila Bay.  It is one of the oldest churches built outside the walls of Intramuros by the Augustinian Recollects in the sixteenth (16th) century.  The church undertook a series of re-construction and repair starting in the year 1762 to 1763 when the British took refuge after attacking Intramuros. By the year 1868 it was damaged by a strong typhoon and lastly, the damage it took during the Second World War of which it was restored to its present condition.

Ermita Church evolved from hermitage housing with an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary known as Nuestra Senora de Guia (Our Lady of Guidance) in the late sixteenth (16th) century.   Ermita district gained prominence as the area teeming with American residents and eventually setting up such pronounced establishments as the Army and Navy Club.

Stories are told by the older generation during the hard days of the Japanese occupation, the churches of Ermita and Malate were favored sites of wedding celebration sans celebrations of a grand scale.  There were times when couples had to rush saying “I do’s” before they get caught by the sound of the air raid siren.

At present, these churches representing our culture and history are in demand for couples with the taste and love of antiquity and classic ambience.  Though old fashioned in their choice of sites for their wedding feasts, it seems these churches still intensifies one’s emotional experience if a wedding celebration is to be planned..

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title pic Top 3 Wedding Churches in Manila

Posted by admin on July 2, 2012

Picking the right church for the wedding is no piece of cake. There are a lot of factors to consider like if it matches your theme, where the guests are coming from, reception areas within the vicinity (because you don’t want to travel too far after the wedding) and of course, how much it would cost. Yes, a couple may dream of the magical Caleruega wedding, but if no one’s really coming from Batangas, then it might not be practical. The good news is there are plenty of churches in the metro that would be as magical and more practical to desire.

Manila Cathedral

– The Manila Cathedral which is located at Intramuros, Manila is home to many weddings, even celebrities and other public figures seem to be captured by the church’s beauty. The church is made up of centuries-old architectural makeup complete with the adobe walls and stained glass look. The main altar of the celebrated church is spectacular as well. No wonder many are dreaming of the Cathedral wedding.clickable text in your post or page.

Manila Cathedral, Intramuros

Manila Cathedral, Intramuros

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