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title pic Barong Tagalog for a Groom’s Attire

Posted by admin on July 10, 2012

As they always say, it’s the “Bride’s Day” and she gets undivided attention once she walks down the aisle.    Not wanting to sound like a voice of discrimination but it’s supposed to be a team.

The focus of attention should be given as well to a groom.  The groom must also be given the kind of attention in a wedding day.   In order for this to happen, perhaps the groom must also be equally conscious of his looks and what he wears.

One gets to notice that in most wedding scenarios the groom prefers to wear a colored suit or tuxedo.  Be it the color of black, blue, grey, white, etc.  Admittedly, it makes the groom look smart and somewhat sophisticated.

However, does the attire look appropriate and comfortable considering that the country is of the tropical kind of climate?   I can just imagine the heat and the sweat the individual is experiencing at that moment.

On an occasion such as a wedding day the groom must look cool, comfortable, formal and smart and so it is just right to come up with a perfect wear to attract the deserved attention of the crowd.

In a Philippine setting, the best attire for the groom to complement the bride’s realm of wedding gown is no other than the Barong Tagalog.    It is the country’s male formal dress as it portrays the individual’s nationalism also.   Just perfect for the groom.

The textures of the Barong Tagalog are made of banana fiber or pineapple fiber featuring hand embroidered designs.     A Barong will look good on a groom when it is matched with a dark colored pant.

As they are made of thin fabric and material it is therefore cool and just appropriate in a warm temperature.  Even foreign nationals wear it as it is appropriate to our climate.

Needless to say, a groom wearing the Barong Tagalog shows the individual’s nationalistic character.  Donning it boasts of a rich and ancient craft, hence an élan and a legacy as it is worn.

Wearing a national formal dress nothing can go wrong with the groom.

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title pic Preferred Wedding Gown Color

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

The color of your wedding gown will depend on whether you are the conservative or the traditional type of woman or the modern type that is influenced by the trending fashion.  There are a number of options to choose from these days.

One may wear a plain or colored t-shirt, denims, or rubber shoes or sneakers if you have the radical type of mind to show the “I don’t’ care what the world will say,” kind of attitude and thinking.

If you want to look lovely and go with the family or the country’s tradition then, decide on a white or off white for the color tone.

The bottom line is that it should suit your personality that lies along with you, so the decision is supposedly up to you.  To follow or not the tradition as to the color of the wedding gown is entirely up to you.  As long as it is in accordance to what you want to display in public especially if you have an hour glass figure.

In principle, what is regarded as an acceptable color is the white wedding dress. They say it is a symbol of innocence, elegance and purity and most brides will elect the white color though one is no longer as described.  For some brides they still prefer the color of white as they have they own meaning and symbolism.

Some, too, no longer follow the autocratic religious rules of the church as long as they could be able to express their own personal character and class.

What are of utmost important are the impression and the image you like to leave as your mark to the congregation in attendance.  Well.   White ones are still the most conventional and parents of both sides and guest will like to see it that way.

These are the stereotype kind of wedding gowns that it ought to be pure of white showing a class of glamour.  But if you like and definitely prefer the colors blue, black hues and pink, go ahead.  In my opinion one must deviate from the tradition and customs we have been aware and bought up with since one’s birth.

Choose one that will suit and be appropriate enough for your wedding theme.  One must be happy and be satisfied to the color tone one has in mind.  Better to please yourself rather than pleasing others.  Matter of fact the bride is the primary actor in any wedding ceremony and receptions. And it’s no one else.

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title pic A Wedding Gown to Fit You

Posted by admin on July 2, 2012

Usually, a wedding gown is ordered at least eight months before the wedding date.  Perhaps this is the most important part in planning a wedding for any bride.  And this can be a very stressful task for the bride.  So, bear in mind that this may at least be the best of hassle free time frame within which one can count to come out with a perfect wedding dress that is in accordance to one’s taste.

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress


Wedding gowns must suit a bride’s body type and it is quite a challenge for designer shops to create the right one to flaunt your particular body type.  So let you couturier determine your body shape and cut away the fabric that will suit you most.  Bring a family member or a close friend to help you make a decision.  Don’t go over board and spend too much.

Nevertheless, the following are tips and guide in case one is at the moment under stress.

For instance, petite brides will look good on a wedding dress that is simple and close fitting which can make one look taller. Go for simple but attention getting wedding dress.  Since one is on the shorter side of the body frame have a dress designed no lower than the knee in order not to overstate your figure in the eyes of the crowd.  A dress with the skirt flaring out from the waist will definitely be most flattering for your kind of body frame.  With a shorter frame avoid the low waists, for this will just make a bride look as if one is cut in half.

Tall brides are easier to dress especially with a fuller bodice.  Almost any style will suit a taller frame. A strapless wedding dress will look perfect to show and flaunt longer and thinner arms. If brides wish to show off her long legs, go ahead and do so with a skirt that falls above the knee.  A long gown that is closely fitted will also accentuate a tall frame.

Thin brides who want to appear curvy can also opt for a ball gown because it gives an illusion of an hourglass figure. If you have a small waist and the chest and hips have equal widths, an hourglass shape, indeed, is in place.  Stay away from very full skirts and try a semi full skirt for a smaller frame.

Let one’s personality show through the gown. Take time and choose a style that suits one’s personality.  Be patient and don’t be too hasty when looking for that perfect wedding dress.  Make sure to love the gown and feel confident because this will show through on that special day.

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title pic Wedding Gown Heirloom

Posted by admin on

Wedding Gown Designs

Wedding Gown Designs

Want to start a new family tradition and wear something that will become more than just a wedding gown but a family heirloom as well?  Would it be nice to see a wedding gown handed down from generation to generation, from daughter to perhaps grand daughter?  Imagine what a delight it will be to see and probably also move someone to tears watching a child, your daughter, walk down the aisle wearing the same gown that  had been worn at one’s own wedding.

For starters choose a gown that is refined in style and taste… a gown that can be passed on, especially to someone like your daughter.  The best option will be a wedding gown that is both timeless and classical in style.

A gown that is fashionable and trendy at the moment may not look practical and fashionable thirty (30) years from now.  It will just look silly on her while walking down the aisle.    The more plain the gown can be, the better as it can be handled through the years.  It is easy to give the gown an updated look and be reflective of the new bride’s personal style with a little bit of accessories to make it look new.

The white wedding dress has been popular in the last hundred years or so with America’s influence in the Philippines.

Stick with classic colors.  While wedding gowns in pastel colors are currently very popular, they may not be fashionable in thirty (30) years.  White or ivory wedding gowns will probably never go out of style.  Keep in mind that a colorful accessory or two can always be added to lend some personal grandeur to the gown as it is worn.

Choose a gown that can easily be altered for size.  Most likely the body frame may not be the same as one is at the present.  Have the seamstress keep the extra fabric inside the seams, rather than trimming it, just in case the seams need to be let out a bit to fit your daughter.

Likewise, start with a longer gown and hem it up as needed, retaining adequate fabric in the hem in case the gown needs to be lengthened.

Once you have found the perfect wedding gown with your daughter in mind as well, your work is not done yet.  Try to keep your gown looking picture perfect through the generation.  Then one will need to properly store it after the wedding.

For best results, consult a professional dry cleaner you trust.  Have the gown cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding and then professionally wrap it up and place in a box for a long term storage and preservation.

Now here’s to your special day and to your new family wedding tradition.

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title pic Classy Wedding Gowns on the Budget

Posted by admin on June 24, 2012

Are you preparing the biggest day of your life?  Weddings are surely something we all dream of – walking down the aisle and showing the world how glowing we are on the day of our wedding. Wedding Gowns seem to be one of the highlights of this event.  It is what all the guests are waiting for to see.  Wedding gowns have been a status symbol of the bride, or if not, it symbolizes her personality.

Long time in the Western Country, white gowns and dresses were only worn in mourning.  In 1840’s white wedding gowns set a status symbol when Queen Victoria  married Albert of Saxe-Coburg, not just because a Queen has worn this color of gown but because being white that it cannot be easily cleaned so that means it can be worn only once.

Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns

Wedding gown designs have evolved from simple and conservative to extravagant and daring.  But only one comes into the mind of a bride, her gown has to be classy and beautiful but she has to stick to her budget.  So, where do we find Classy gowns on the budget?

There are actually many dressmakers who offer designing and making the gown on a package.  This package often comes together with the gowns of the whole entourage.  Price depends on how many pairs will be made.  You can get the design you want that fits your budget.

Are you a bride that has a little time left in preparing for your big day?  Try ready made beautiful wedding gowns and scout the area of Divisoria where you can find ready made gowns.  The price range is from 3,000 pesos for a satin made gown.  A sequined and more detailed gown complete with a veil and other accessories may cost up to 6,000 pesos.  For practical purposes having a ready made gown is a best choice.

The bottom line is that the price of the gown you will be wearing down the aisle is not a big deal.  Wedding day is just one day of your married life, and that is what’s more important above all.

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