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title pic On Music: Wedding band or a DJ

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

Music sets up the mood and it dictates the environment of the event. In weddings, even though the crowd may be hypnotized with the romantic vibe, it is still best to have someone playing a little music to spice up the party.

There are two options to choose from when it comes to wedding reception music. One is to hire a DJ and the other one is to get a wedding band. Either of the two is alright but it really depends on many factors like the size of the wedding reception venue and budget, among others.

Hiring a DJ may be the best for couples on a strict budget. They would cost less and would have thousands of songs available. The newly-weds or the guests can even request for a song and most likely, the DJ has it on his list. Another great thing with DJs is that the music never stops and would continuously be playing all throughout the night. The only problem is when the couple gets to hire an autopilot DJ; a DJ that works in routines and thus, can get a bit boring.

Hiring a wedding band on the other hand, can be a great option too, most especially with Filipinos who love live music and sing along. A band almost never fails to entertain a crowd big or small and the sound quality always beats that of a DJ. The band can also fit a theme of the event and even change their tempo every now and then. The downside however, is that a band would be too loud most especially if the venue is small, the band would also need to rest every once in a while, and lastly, a band can cost a small fortune that should be considered when planning out the wedding budget.

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title pic How to Pick the Host of the Wedding Reception

Posted by admin on

All the wedding preparation and the actual wedding can be a lot to handle and that is why having a great time at the reception is not just an option, it’s a must! And to keep the party started (and moving) a great host is what any wedding reception needs. The question lies is how to choose the right one to make sure everything would be great as the day unfolds.

First of all, get a host or emcee with a wedding experience. Keep in mind that a wedding reception will be filled with many mature guests (parents and grandparents) and not all of them may be liberated. A wedding host should know how to be entertaining for all ages. It is one thing to be funny; it’s another to be respectful.

Make sure the host knows the program flow. If the couple gets an experienced wedding host, it’s more likely that the host knows how a usual wedding reception flows. But if the couple wants to add segments which doesn’t normally done in weddings, then make sure the host has a copy of the program flow, the script (if the host wouldn’t do his/her own) and the important names (with photos, preferably) to remember. How disastrous will it be if the host refers to your “ate” (older sister) as the mother, now that would be ugly!

Although not really mandatory, but it’s best to hire a host who has a knack for singing too. A singing host can do wonders like make dull moments entertaining through singing along with the guests. If the couple chooses to hire a DJ, instead of a band, a singing host can really help a lot when it comes to entertaining the guests. A DJ can only do great with coming up with the best playlist for the night, but Filipinos like to sing and to sing it live. Having a host that can sing along with the crowd keeps the ball rolling.

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title pic Wedding Church Music

Posted by admin on July 4, 2012

Classical instruments such as a violin, flute, guitars and trumpets can provide a splendid musical background on a wedding ceremony.   However, no sound can equal that of a magical human voice expressed in a prayerful song at one of the most significant passage in a person’s life.   Many church weddings have been made memorable by the performance of guest vocal musicians.


The use of “minus one” music machine to accompany the singer is neither an option.  The canned music just lays to waste a perfectly planned church wedding and spoils the solemnity of the occasion.

In another perspective, the choice of the marital music must also be noteworthy.  There are two schools of thought as to the type of music proper to a nuptial rite.  One holds that only sacred music, which is composed specifically for religious functions, is fit.  The other holds that any song, even pop music, done in a good taste, can be a valid expression and the right intent meant for the ceremony.

Church laws state in very general terms the type of music that is and is not permissible at a wedding. The premise is that the church is a place for praying to God and not for speaking to each other however devoted the couple may be to each other.

In like manner there are judgments that can evolve from coming up with questions and answers founded on a sense of propriety.  And these are as follows:

The judgment on music must answer the question on whether the music is expressive of the moment… Is the song a fitting musical for the present ceremonial wedding scene… Is the choice of music right and proper taking into consideration the sanctity and serenity of the grounds of where the nuptial rite is taking place…

The judgment on liturgy must answer the question whether the lyrics of the song are fitting for such place of worship…Whether the congregation in attendance can relate in general towards the expression of love to the Almighty One and likewise the love bestowed from above to the couple as well as the whole community…

The judgment on ecclesiastics must answer whether the songs will form part of the Mass or just on the confirmation of the marriage bond, the nuptial blessing or the recessional….

Every couple has in mind to make the occasion unique.  But, the actions must not go to the extent of debasing the sacrament of matrimony to satisfy the wants not in consonance with the Church teachings.  Still, the norm and decrees of the church must be followed.

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