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title pic Yourself as the Wedding Planner

Posted by admin on July 10, 2012

A question I would like to raise is, “Is there really a need to get the services of a professional wedding coordinator?”   The answer is it depends whether you want it regardless of the budget.

The only positive side that I see in a wedding planner is that they serve to take care of the creative side of the wedding ceremony and reception.  They serve as a temporary alter ego though not on the personal note, to remove the tension on the part of the couple towards their altar date.

Though you may not be an expert and a professional in the creative side of things, I believe everyone is gifted so the best judgment will be one’s personal intuition and artistry.   It may just appear too simplistic or unattractive to one’s guest and visitor, what matters is that it has a personal touch to it.   The ceremony must suit your personality and so the details one has listed can be followed in accordance to your requirements.

So what does one do at this point?  Since planning a wedding should be scheduled months ahead with enough time at your hands, do some research.  Surf the internet and look or browse into several books.  These could assist and give some information and ideas regarding a wedding activity.

Being your own planner, couples can save a lot on the budget.  One need not worry about paying a professional fee.    Also, you can determine some alternatives in the event some things come up to be costly to affect your budget.

The following are some useful tips to organize and plan which can be adapted and amended to suit your needs.

Label every folder with the following details;

  • Budget – keep a budget sheet with assumed prices vs. actual prices and who shall take care of the payment
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title pic Pro’s and Con’s of Getting a Wedding Package

Posted by admin on June 24, 2012

Wedding Packages

Wedding Packages

In our busy life today even women do not have an ample time to plan for her wedding unless you take the planning for a year or so.  Most of the soon-to-be brides are working girls as most women are now career oriented.

That is the reason why most businessmen find holding a wedding package very profitable in the Philippines because it serves as a one stop shop for the bride and groom. It is easier for the bride and the groom in planning for the wedding because all they have to do is to meet up with the wedding coordinator for few hours at least once a month for other details that needs confirmation from the soon to be couple.

Most wedding package comes with a wedding planner. It is one of the pros of getting a wedding package.  You can have the wedding ideas that you want and someone will make the negotiations for you.  You just need to tell your ideas, select your choices, and wait for everything to materialize.

There are wedding packages that comes as is. If you would like to add or eliminate something from the package, the price may change.  A complete wedding package starting from the pre-nuptial photo shoot, invitation, wedding rings, choice of the wedding venue, gown and barong of the whole entourage, flowers, sound system for the reception, photography and videography catering services, wedding cake, bridal car, souvenirs, honeymoon venue may cost from 50,000 pesos to 200,000 pesos, depending on the number of guests and the materials that will be used for the wedding.

The downside of getting your wedding in a package is that you won’t have a chance to get the supplies at the lesser cost.  Some wedding packages will not even allow you to change the set of package so another disadvantage is you sometimes won’t be able to achieve the ideas you have.

Whatever you choose on how you want the preparation, it is important that you do not go beyond the budget but still have that nice wedding you have been dreaming without any hassle.

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title pic The Wedding Coordinator

Posted by admin on May 31, 2012

What makes our Filipino wedding unique is our colorful and lively culture, be it influenced by the Spanish and American norm.    Here emanates, the history of our wedding ceremony and reception.

With families and friends, a celebration on the day of wedding is a much awaited event being looked forward to.    Nowadays, young couples, professionals with the financially capacity have risen up the bar in going about in the preparation and arrangement of their wedding.

Not too long ago parents of both the bride and the groom are responsible in the preparations and arrangements of the wedding ceremony in accordance to beliefs, customs and traditions of the region and province.

A majority are now availing the services of a wedding coordinator, a professional enterprise unheard of before.    It is now a breeze going through the maze of the wedding details with professional supervision, a comfort to young couples that cannot squeeze in time into their tight schedules while working.

The skills in managing, preparing and arranging the ceremony by these enterprising coordinators come to fore to come up with a wedding ceremony and reception the couple desires and dreams about.

Nowadays, young couples are venturing in to the idea of originality, simplicity and practicality.  And after a series of meetings these ideas are created into realities.

They now find that pleasures of a beautiful memory can still be achieved minus the extravagance attached to the wedding.   To focus on the right concept and the purpose of matrimony is what is of utmost importance to them to which the coordinator adheres to strictly as much as possible.

A sage advice to young couple contemplating on marriage is never attempt to come up with a wedding ceremony and reception on a grand scale.  The simpler the better.

What matters most at the end of the day is how two distinct and different personalities can be able to live and survive as one and eventually raise a family for the rest of their lives.  This notion shall likewise be taken into one’s mind by a wedding coordinator.

The wedding coordinator can have a duality of roles in the lives of couples.  They could serve as a butler with regards to the supervision of the marriage ceremony and reception and as marriage counselors in leading them to a happy and blissful married life.


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title pic The 3rd Party Wedding Planners

Posted by admin on July 29, 2011

Weddings are not only coordinated, they are also planned. Planned to perfection, that is. The 3rd Party ensures that your wedding will be as perfect as can possibly be. We combine tastes, textures, scents, sounds, and looks so that you can celebrate the start of a new phase in your lives with style.

Wedding Planner Philippines

Full Planning and Coordination
The 3rd Party will guide you from conception to completion. First, we help you come up with a wedding statement for a clearer picture of how you want your wedding to go. Should it be fun, elegant, solemn, candid, dramatic, whimsical, earthy . .  . ? Second, we match your descriptions with recommended suppliers who fit your kind of wedding. That done, The 3rd Party will handle the rest of the details so you’ll be anxiety-free the rest of the time because we believe that the difference is in the planning.
Hand-Over Planning and Coordination
When you find your hands too full, we’ll do the rest for you. We continue the plans you’ve started but have no time to follow through. We refine all the loose ends so that each detail ties up into a clear and perfect knot. When things just seem to fall into place, The 3rd Party surely had a hand in that.
Crossover Planning and Coordination
We have the answers to your pertinent questions, plus more. Acting as consultants, we advise you on how to go about your planning and supplier search. Paired with Wedding Day Planning and Coordination, you’ll be assured of planners that are aware of every step you took before the big day.
Wedding Day Planning and Coordination
Do away with the jitters and let The 3rd Party handle those crucial days before, during, and after the “I do’s.” Our 3-day plan gives you the time to relax and prepare for more important things so that when you look back at those days, you’ll remember the excitement, not the anxiety.
Special Events and Other Celebrations
The 3rd Party plans other events as well – debuts, anniversaries, Christmas parties, and birthday bashes.




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title pic Just Right Wedding Coordinators

Posted by admin on July 25, 2011

Recommender by many: Just Right Wedding Coordinators


1. On The Day Wedding Coordination – 8,000 PhP (just add 2000 PhP for an Emcee)

(Hiring a professional Wedding Coordinator just for the Wedding Day, to organize and manage details)

Services includes: (applies to all packages)

Free Initial consultation
Unlimited phone calls and e-mails to and from a client
Ceremony & Reception Site Visit /Ceremony and Reception Layout
Developing timeline
Overview vendor contracts, contact vendors prior to the Wedding Day (confirming vendor commitments double-checking the details, decisions, and services that you have already contracted for).
Provide Timeline to each Vendor
Direction of the Rehearsal
[Upon Request] Rehearsal attendance and coordination (organize and explain to your wedding party their individual responsibilities, positioning, and timing of the events). Itinerary given to Bridal Party at Rehearsal. Distribution of timeline to Bridal Party (as prepared by Bride)
Wedding Day Timeline (formulate a master plan for the entire day, so that you can rest assured that the details are in place and the event is being managed by a professional
Wedding Day Coordination (Bridal Party assistance, Ceremony & Reception)
Ceremony –keep things running on schedule, be there to remind everyone of their roles, and handle the payment of the clergy, musicians, and other vendors, keep everyone calm, handle any crisis, and send you down the aisle without any problems
Reception-Coordination and direction of Wedding Day events (set hours). Coordinate the Florist, Caterers, Cake, Band or DJ, and all other vendors. Will make sure things run smoothly, so that no detail gets overlooked, and will act as a buffer between the vendors and you (the couple) as you enjoy your Wedding
Keep track of Guest book
Last minute emergency kit

2. Half-way Wedding Coordination/Partial Management and Planning – 10,000 PhP

(For couples who wish to plan more of the wedding themselves)

3. Full Coordination/Full Time Management and Planning – 15,000 PhP

(Coordination and budgeting of the wedding from start to finish)

Upon sign up with us, we will provide support in the Planning and Management by having scheduled meetings and consultations with the couple and suppliers until your wedding day thru Hotel, Church and Reception Coordination.

Our Manpower: (for On-the-Day, Half-Way, and Full Coordination)

5 Persons (composed of 1 Personal Assistant, 2 Hotel Coordinators, 2 Church Coordinators). These 5 members will regroup and coordinate during the reception/event.

Our Resources:

Equipped with a service vehicle, handheld radios, and uniformed crew members.

Email us:

Or call us:

Ms. Mhai – 09274253354 (globe) / 8439855 (landline)
Ms. Lanie – 09196363646 (smart)
Ms. Liza – 09065538160 (globe)

leave us your complete details:
Your name:
Event type:
Event Date and Time:
Reception venue:
Number of guests:
Contact numbers:


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