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title pic Wedding Gift Registry in the Philippines

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

The idea of wedding gift registry in the Philippines is fairly new unlike abroad. But it may be the best thing that has happened for couples planning to get married.

Without such gift registry, couples could get the most unwanted stuff that they couldn’t really use, or worse, they can receive a hundred pieces of blenders (unless they are planning to put up a fruit shake business, this is a big disaster).  Also, couples who already invested in their home would probably have all the necessities at home so they wouldn’t really need another vacuum cleaner.

But gift registry can also take out a lot of pressure from the guests. Looking for a gist can be a hassle most especially if they are close to the couple. They wouldn’t want to end up with something the couple doesn’t need or like and it may be bad on their part. Through gift registry, the gifts would be something the couple needs and wants, so there won’t really be gift blunder stories to tell afterwards.

The best thing about the local gift registry is that it is available and offered on most major shopping centers and specialty stores. All the couple needs to do is to drop by the store, register the items and let the guests know about it. The guests on the other hand would do the shopping in a breeze. Just look for the items registered by the couple, pick the one that hasn’t been purchased yet and pay for it. Some gift registries even offers free wrapping and delivery on the wedding day.

Then there’s also the online gift registry. Couples can just view and register through the website’s catalog while the guests do the same. Most online registries deliver the items on the wedding day too. Just make sure that the website is legit and credible as the couple needs to protect their guests too because they will be paying the items and sharing sensitive information like their credit card information.

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title pic Filipino-Themed Weddings Must Haves

Posted by admin on July 2, 2012

Philippine Wedding Cathedral

Philippine Wedding Cathedral

Most Filipino couples dream of the wedding at Manila Cathedral or any other historical churches or basilicas in the country that’s oozing with culture. But the location shouldn’t be the only thing that couples can do to have a sense of heritage on their wedding day: the key is to have that Filipino-look too. And here’s how:

Flowers can do magic when it comes to setting up an ambiance. The Philippines is home to many flowers that boast with beauty and aroma. Decorate the church with sweet-smelling Sampaguita or Ylang-Ylang, turn a simple reception hall into a garden filled with Gumamela and Waling-Waling, also known as the Queen of Philippine Orchid and make a bouquet out of Everlasting Flowers that symbolizes a love that lasts a lifetime, the native flowers wouldn’t only turn the ceremony into all-Filipino, it will also make the event seem like paradise.

The attire shouldn’t be left out from the theme as well. The Philippine national costume Barong Tagalog and the Baro’t Saya (Filipiniana) are world-class designs being praised by many fashion experts abroad. The simplicity and gentleness of the men’s barong paired with the femininity of the Filipiniana reveals more than beauty but also a rich and flourishing culture.

A wedding’s playlist is also very important in setting a mood and theme. To capture the very essence of the Filipino culture, choose to play all Original Pilipino Music (OPM) not only during the ceremony, but even at the reception. Playing both classics and latest Filipino songs would surely make the guests appreciate and grasp the wedding’s theme.

And lastly, every effort would not count if the food doesn’t complement the theme. Filipinos are foodies by nature. They enjoy a good meal and expect one during major events such as wedding. Be sure to get a Filipino food expert caterer that will serve more than Lechon and Bangus, but someone who can imprint the country’s history through every dish he serves.

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title pic Artic Aircon Rental

Posted by admin on August 21, 2011

About Artic Aircon:
Our company is engaged into RENTAL of different kind of Air-Conditioning Unit, varying from 5 toners up to 350 toners that can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. We have Commercial, Industrial and Special Events for types of application that we could do service to.

Application Type:
Commercial – back up water chiller air-con for building / office use
It can be use for:
Data Centers
Transmitter rooms
Storage rooms
Production Shootimg / Taping
Warehouse / Supermarkets/ Retail Stores

Industrial – back up water chiller air-con for buildings / office use / production and machine use
It can be use for:
High Speed Cutting Machine
Food Processing Machine
Additional Ventilation for Production Area

Special Event
It can be use for:
Wedding – church / reception
Private Parties
Corporate Parties
Christmas Parties
Product Launching

Mobile Phone: 09175410400
Address: 2840 Zamora St., Pasay City, Philippines

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Posted by admin on July 29, 2011

wax candles for wedding

Real Wax Flameless Led Candles are fire safe battery powered wax candles made from real wax. An ingenious new technology allows flickering light to glow from within creating the appearance of a warmly glowing candle. The internal light source is a special lifetime LED Bulb which glows and flickers like a real fire-burning wick. Our Flameless Candles are so realistic you’ll have to look twice to notice there’s really no flame or hazard of fire. A slightly recessed or blackened wick completes the illusion. Flameless Candles combine absolutely realistic wax exteriors with state-of-the-art flicking LED bulb technology which mimics the behavior of combustible candles without the danger. Flameless, battery operated candles, are wonderfully worry free. They can be placed near decorations, dried flowers, curtains and are safely reassuring near children and pets. Perfect for Wedding receptions. So put away the matches and the annoyance of soot, Flameless Candles are the smart way to entertain.

Our battery operated candle is made from real wax with flickering LED lights. Glows like a real candle! Measures 3 Inches in Diameter x 6 Inches Tall. An on / off switch is conveniently located on the bottom.

Real Wax / Kid Friendly Safe Worry Free LED Light Source No Flame, No Drips, No Mess Realistic Flicker and Glow

Real Wax Flameless Led Candles are the safe alternative over an open flame. Perfect around children or pets, near furniture or curtains, or even outside on your deck or patio. You can enjoy the ambiance of a real candle without the fire hazard.


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