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title pic Wedding Crew Meal Must-Haves

Posted by admin on February 28, 2013

Providing the wedding crew with meals for the whole day is part of wedding ethics. Although, it’s not actually obligatory, a couple should also be generous and kind enough to give a little something for the crew, even though it’s part of their job, it wouldn’t hurt to share a little of your happiness to the people who’s working hard to make sure a couple can have a great wedding experience.

Always… Always provide flowing coffee. The crew wakes up early, arrives a few hours before everyone else does and leave the wedding when everyone else has. It’s no wonder they need all the energy boosts they can get their hands on. A single cup of coffee won’t do either, give them lots of coffee, you would be surprised how this bittersweet drink could do wonders for your crew.

Provide them a clean and peaceful place to rest and eat. The wedding crew is not made up of robots that just need to change their battery to be up and running the whole day. They are people who can get weary in the middle of the day, so giving them a space to breathe and have a quick rest would really help them a lot. Just make sure that the place is near the wedding premises in case something comes up.

Be specific with the crew meal, as much as possible stay away from fried chicken and rice meals that most fast food chains offers. One, the crew doesn’t deserve to be fed chicken the whole day and second, there’s no nutritional value to making them eat chicken alone. You need your crew to function and give their hundred percent and no fast food meal could provide that. As much as possible, give them a balanced meal with protein, fiber and carbohydrates. If you can, give them a little treat as well, they’ll be very grateful for your simple gestures.


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title pic Taking Care of the Wedding Crew

Posted by admin on February 24, 2013

Behind every successful wedding is a dedicated and talented crew. And in these people, though always working behind the limelight is worth taking care of because the truth is, the success of a wedding relies on the happiness of the crew.

Wedding Crew

Wedding Crew

Yes, you may have paid the crew and it’s their job to work hard for the wedding, but it wouldn’t hurt to get them excited about it. These creative people get inspiration from their surroundings, and so if you allow them to be at ease doing their work and making them feel good about it, you can squeeze out more of their creative juices. You’ll never know, they may do something special for your wedding, with no extra cost.

First of all, make sure to provide the crew with meals. It may seem like an additional expense, but as a friendly gesture for doing their best to give you the wedding of your dreams is worth a few extra bucks. But be considerate, providing them with chicken meals from breakfast to till dawn is plain undeserved. Explore other options like asking favor from a relative to prepare the meals on your behalf, if not too much, you should also serve them a balanced meal with enough nutrients to sustain them for the day.

Also, allow them to have a breather every now and then. You may see some of your crew taking a five-minute nap or having a smoke in the alley at the back of the reception hall but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are slacking off. They may need to rest for a while, most especially on the less delicate parts of the program.  Trust your coordinator and your crew that they are responsible enough to do their job, give them your trust because sticking your nose to every little detail wouldn’t just be rude it can also put a lot of stress on you more than anyone else.


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title pic Choosing the Right Catering Company

Posted by admin on July 10, 2012

I have always considered the wedding reception to be my barometer in determining the success of any wedding celebrations.  The motif of the wedding, the color or style of a bride’s wedding gown, the style of the wedding decorations or the beauty of the church where the ceremony was held are not the factors that are in my mind to consider it as perfect.

For one thing, it takes hours just attending to a wedding ceremony and it is but proper for a wedded couple to take their guests to a sumptuous treat.  The wedding reception is the most important part of the wedding celebration because it is your moment of bonding with your circle of family and friends.

Mind you, as I look at the food served it also speaks of the importance a couple gives to esteemed guests though close a relative or friend one had been.

First and foremost never take the serving of food yourself.  It requires expertise, experience and professionalism to be able to handle the catering of food.  I had the experience of attending one in my barrio and the caterer happens to be a pool of relatives and friends and the result of the reception is one big mess.

So, here are some tips to guide young couples in the selection of a wedding catering service.

Read the company profile to know the credentials of the catering service.    If it is one of your relatives or friends well then there is no problem about that.    But taking a catering service from out of the blue is another story.

Once a caterer has been chosen, lay down your expectations and ask whether these expectations can be fulfilled by them.    After which the terms to be stipulated on the contract so there would be no disputes in the end when it comes to payment.    One should give very clear instructions about your requirements.   I hate being shortchanged for a poor quality of service and a payment is demanded of me.

The food course must be suitable to ones palate, be it the old or the young.    Be considerate if there are friends of yours that are attending and with a different religious belief.

In summary, a reception is the finale to your production number.    Choosing a professional caterer that knows the intricacies in the preparation and the arrangement is the best option.

Most likely they have already anticipated some hitches that may likely have already happened that you may have not thought about.   But as professionals long enough to be in the industry they have already in mind contingency plans ready to be implemented.

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title pic Unsolicited Advice worth Taking

Posted by admin on

The following are but some unsolicited advice on the budget and venue in the event that couple’s will encounter such thorny and sensitive issue.  What matters most at the end of the day are that issues are resolved with both parties satisfaction in mind.  It is both a win-win solution at hand.

Paying for a wedding

Question: “When confronted by the bride’s family regarding the expenses in the wedding arrangement, must the groom give its consent to pay all the bills incurred?”

Not too long ago, it is the groom and his family who shoulders almost all the expenses in a wedding arrangement.  Unless the groom is financially rich, to give his consent in covering all the expenses in the wedding arrangement may be okay.

To be realistic, given the economics of the times, who pays the bill is a matter of previous agreement among the parties concerned.  The present, the bride and the groom divide the expenses between themselves.  The young generations of today are now financially capable and are financially independent as to their resources.  They now take pains in the planning, implementing and paying for their own wedding.

The key to pulling off your dream wedding and starting a married life on the right foot is to set a realistic budget.  And definitely not a budget based on borrowed money.  Starting a married life in debt is not the best way to kick off.  If you need to borrow money be sure there is a plan in place on how you will pay it back.  Even though you have a credit card to charge it with, still keep track of your expenses in order for you to pay the bank.   When it comes to wedding, budget is the most important element to consider.

Picking a Venue

Question: “Your future father –in- law wants to have the wedding ceremony and the reception in your bride’s locale.  Must you consent to what he wishes for?”

This is a very sensitive matter that must be discussed with your partner to avoid any conflict in the end with your in-laws.  The ideal spot for both families is to pick a location that is centrally located where the ceremonies and the reception can be undertaken.  Focus the search on finding the venue that can accommodate comfortably all your guests and will match your wedding style.  Once a decision has been made that fits your requirement, stick to it.  Definitely this will come out to be a win- win situation to both sides as the site will not favor anyone as to the site’s proximity from one’s place of residence. A recommended spot is the St Pancratius Chapel or locally known as the Paco Park.  It has both the chapel for your ceremony and a wide and spacious park for your reception.  Just hope and pray that it’s a fair weather on your wedding day.  As a tip, give a dozen eggs to the contemplative nuns of the Monasterio de Santa Clara in Quezon City and write to them a prayer request for a fair weather.  It usually always works. ;)

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title pic Pamamanhikan: Between Engagements and Weddings

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

In the western culture, when a guy pops up the “will you marry me?” question and the girl says “yes”, wedding plans soon rolls out. But in the Philippines where people have strong family ties and great respect for the family’s opinions, before even reaching the step one of planning the wedding, the guy almost usually need to seek the approval of the girl’s family first thus the “pamamanhikan”.

Pamamanhikan is nothing like the “meet the parents” set-up since most Filipino women introduces the guys they are dating even before they officially become a couple. The Filipino family is very strict and protective of the girls in the family that’s why from the start; they expect the guys courting to have the courage and respect to introduce themselves and their intentions towards the girl.

Pamamanhikan is when the guy together with his family (parents and siblings) visits the home of the girl, to formally announce his intention to marry the girl in front of his family. Sometimes, the pamamanhikan affair may also be done outside like in a reserved venue or restaurant. The guy would invite the rest of the important family members and make the announcement there. Once the family accepts, the wedding’s important details are settled at this point and become a family decision instead of the couple’s alone. These are common situations seen in Filipino weddings or any other important events in one’s life: any preparation and decision always becomes a family affair.

Another traditional practice is the gift giving. The guy’s family usually brings something for the girl’s family as a gift in exchange of their approval. The practice is almost similar to the dowry practice in some cultures.

At this point, a guy’s great relationship with the girl’s family prior to the announcement would come in handy. Since it would be a great foundation for a smooth sailing wedding preparation and married life.

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title pic Philippine Wedding Money Dance

Posted by admin on

Filipinos can be very traditional and during weddings, Pinoys become overly traditional as well. One custom that are practiced is the money dance. Although, lesser and lesser couples perform such tradition, it wouldn’t hurt to do it because it might be a great way to receive cash as gifts.

Traditionally, the money dance works by having the couple dance separately with other guests. Guests line up to dance with either the bride or the groom, but before they can dance with one of the couple, the guest should pin money on the bride/groom’s clothes.

The money dance can also be like the couple’s first dance at western weddings, the difference is while the couple dances, guests would pin any amount of cash on their clothes, on their aprons (or any garment the couple may wear for the guests to pin their money) or sometimes, the couple carries a basket where the guests can drop in their gifts.

It is believed that the money raised by the couple is lucky therefore it must only be used as a couple’s start-up fund. Whether the couple spend it on home furniture or a car, as long as it is for the betterment of the couple’s life then the money would bring in good luck. But if the money is used on something that is not for the marriage like clothes, liquor, among others then the money will bring bad luck to the marriage. And for Filipinos who can be quite superstitious, this is not a good way to go.

Some couples like to save the money and keep it in a jar. Most of them place it on the altar so that it can be blessed by God. Filipinos are also religious people and doing so, once they offer their start-up fund to God, God can also bless them with good and lasting marriage.

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title pic How to Ask for Cash instead of Gifts on Weddings

Posted by admin on

Some start-up couples love the idea of getting gifts on their wedding day, most especially those that they need at home like toasters, blenders, vacuums and even comforters. But there are couples who got all the necessities at home and all they really need is cash. But putting it bluntly on the wedding invitation is inappropriate and too demanding. Always keep in mind that giving of gifts (or in this case, cash) is optional and it all depends on the guest’s liking. That’s why couples need to get a little more creative when it comes to asking for money.

One way to clue in the guests is to sign up with an online registry that gives guests an option to just give cash. A sure way to get the cash donation is to offer little options with the items or the couple can be trickier and register pricey items so the guests would opt to choose the cash option, since it is more flexible for their pockets.

There are couples who like put up their own wedding website where their guests can view the entourage, the details of the wedding and some background on the couple. But aside from the usual stuff, a couple can also put up a page where they can announce what they prefer to receive on the special day. But do not be overly blunt about it; instead be creative like writing a poem or sharing a story on what the couple needs to save up for. Just give in clues here and there than saying it straightforwardly.

Or just inform the parents. This is the easiest way to get the message across. Parents are the people guests ask for when it comes to the wedding details. And frankly, it is the best people to ask especially with Filipinos because weddings for Pinoys are a family-effort thus parents are always on the loop of what’s going on with the wedding preparation. By informing the parents of the couple’s needs and desire for cash, the news would probably reach the guests even before the wedding invitations.

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title pic Wedding Souvenir Tips

Posted by admin on

Filipinos are very practical and creative people, but some get caught up with tradition that when it comes to weddings couple couldn’t show off their knack for art and sensibleness in choosing wedding souvenirs. But more than the couple’s personal preference, the souvenirs should also be something that the guests can enjoy. Couples do not want to spend on something that the guests wouldn’t really like.

One of the most practical wedding souvenirs is bottle perfumes. The idea is to get cute little bottles and personalized it to match the wedding theme. The choice of perfume may be something that a couple personally mixed (they can do this with the help of available fragrance suppliers who organizes perfume-making seminars) or it can be a scent that the couple likes. No matter what, the important thing is the couple is able to share something personal and something practical because guests could actually use it afterwards.

Photo booth set-up is the popular choice nowadays, since it leaves the guests with one important souvenir, an actual moment of fun and laughter with the couple. Photo booths have different gimmicks like a timed photo session which takes photos every couple of seconds while allowing the guests to change their costumes or hats in between. This can be a lot of fun while having the chance to have moments with the couple themselves. What’s even better is that it prints instantly making the guests have something to share with each other.

For more generous and practical couples, it would be ideal to give away a flash drive which the guests can use. A lot of suppliers can personalize the look of the flash drive for a minimum order of a hundred. Then the couple may decide to save in their wedding thank you video or letter in the drive which the guests can view later on. Flash drives would be great souvenirs since more and more Filipinos are becoming tech-savvy.

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title pic A Pinoy June Wedding

Posted by admin on

Filipinos love to follow a certain trend and when speaking of weddings, June is the most sought-after month for folks who are planning a wedding.  But planning a June wedding in the Philippines is not easy and there are plenty things to consider. Is the couple ready to push through the dreamy wedding in June?

The country has only two seasons and unfortunately, June is the start of wet season. With all the rains and drizzles that will surely be present, having an outdoor wedding is out of the question. Any out-of-town trips may also be problematic because travelling on wet roads would not only cause difficulty for the couple but for the guests as well.

The best option is to just plan a conventional wedding indoors. But the problem is it may be hard to book a church and a reception venue, it may also be hard to look for photographers, florists, and even wedding coordinators.

In this case, couple needs to plan earlier than most. Make sure to book way in advance and as much as possible pay the necessary reservation fees. Some even pay more than the required registration fees just to get the date they want. These are simple strategies to make sure a couple gets that June wedding they aspire.

One more tip is to cut down the summer trips before the wedding. Not only to save some cash for the wedding fund but also to not look too tanned for the wedding. Tan lines on the wedding dress don’t look good in pictures, and covering it up using computer software (unless the couple is going to hire a professional) is a big NO.

But the great news is June is the best time for flowers and plenty of florists are able to supply fresh blossoming flowers on the wedding day. Again, just book them in advance. With the best season for flowers, a couple may even decide to go with a “garden-look” even in an indoor set-up.

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title pic The Usual Filipino Wedding Entourage

Posted by admin on

A wedding is filled with the closest people to the couple. The parents, the relatives and the best buddies are always on the wedding entourage. Although it is an honor to be part of the entourage because it means the couple trusts the people in it, it also means these people need to play the part tasked by the couple.

The most important role in the line-up goes to the Maid of Honor (for the bride) and the Best Man (for the groom). These two people usually are the couple’s brother or sister or the closest friend. The roles of these two are important as they are the one expected to help and assist the couple in most of the major parts of the wedding preparations. They are also expected to be the ones organizing the bachelor’s party/bridal shower.

The bridesmaids and the groomsmen are the helpers during the wedding. They are tasked to be the errands support of the couple in case they need something. A typical wedding have three to four bridesmaids/groomsmen.

Assigned to bring a basket of flowers and dropping petals on the aisle for the bride is the role of the Flower Girl. Usually, the flower girl is the closest girl to the couple less than 8 years old.

The counter part of the flower girl is the ring bearer. He is the closest boy to the couple and he is assigned to bring the wedding rings. A coin bearer usually walks beside the ring bearer carrying 13 pieces of coins that represents the groom’s pledge to take care of his soon-to-be wife and future children.

Principal sponsors or the god parents of the weddings are believed to serve as guidance for the couple. In the Filipino set-up, the “ninangs and ninongs” makes up the longest of the list and should be anyone who is older and wiser than the couple.

The secondary sponsors compose of the Candle Sponsos, Veil Sponsors and the Cord Sponsors. The pairs assigned to these are tasked to perform the necessary candle, veil and cord ceremony.

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