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title pic Flowers for Your Wedding

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

Choosing flowers for a wedding is important as they serve as an adornment in dressing up a venue to come up with the mood to spice up your vows of “I do’s”.   There are some factors to consider and to be aware of to come up with the right decision.

Figure out the kind of flowers, the number of flowers, the manner of arrangements in the venues, the bouquets and corsages that you will need.  Bear in mind this information and take the time to talk to everyone involved.

In all situations bear in mind that it should be your call.   Suggestions can be thrown in as long as the ideas they present is what you have in mind.  Everyone should be on the same page, as the saying goes.

Just like in any wedding preparation the budget must be set to determine the kind of flowers to buy and the style of arrangements.  Without any budget in mind you could easily end up spending more than what is supposed to be allocated.

If you are working on a limited budget ask the help of your circle of family and friends.   Good for you if you have friends or relatives who have recently been married.  They will be able to give you a practical advice.

If it’s not, then move on to obtain the services of a professional florist.   Usually your folks have an idea on the best florist in town.   Added, to save you time and the stress involved in such a preparation, employing the services of a florist is a plus factor.

In determining the florists try making some visits.  It is best to talk and visit a couple of florist before deciding to take their services and deciding on your wedding flowers.

If they are in the flower business long enough you can pretty feel by relying on one’s intuition how they conduct their business.  See how they treat their customers and look around if the shop is clean and organized.  Take a look at the flower arrangement and notice the design and freshness of the flowers.

Picture albums of their previous clients may at times be biased as you have not actually seen or been in the event.   Sometimes they just show it to impress you and are part of their sales talk.

You may also bring along some pictures with you in order for the florist to know exactly what kind of flowers you want to have on your wedding day.

All of these things will be one’s barometer in assuring the most beautiful wedding possible.

Choose your wedding flowers carefully and surely they will be a part of a wonderful wedding scene.

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title pic Popular Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings

Posted by admin on July 7, 2012

Bouquet Wedding Flowers

Bouquet Wedding Flowers

Flowers do not only serve as aesthetic decors at weddings, flowers also symbolizes and even considered to be lucky charms that blesses the couple in their bonding ceremony towards a lifetime commitment. Although some get creative with flowers, there are a favorite among the bunch not only because of their outstanding beauty but also because of their meanings which is believed to reflect on the marriage as well.

Roses would always be a crowd’s favorite. It’s a passionate and romantic flower on its own. And its meaning also matches a wedding as it represents love, joy and beauty. Another favorite is the tropical flower Calla Lily. The large flower is a regular at weddings and it means magnificent beauty, something that may want to dedicate for the bride.

Another lily in wedding is the Lily in the Valley, a bell-shaped little flower that means happiness. It is one of the traditional flowers at weddings. Although it may be a little hard to get since it’s a seasonal flower not widely available thus it can be a bit expensive.

Tulips would also be a beautiful addition to a wedding floral décor; it can be among other flowers or even great on its own. The gentle flower means love and passion, something a marriage should always have. That’s why more and more couples like tulips in their weddings.

The exotic flower Orchids are also great in weddings. The love and beauty that the Orchids represent is also another blessing that a newlywed couple should be blessed with, although it can be very expensive depending on the type of Orchids, since it has many varieties.

These are just some of the common wedding flowers that couples may like to consider, but there are plenty of other flowers that would surely make any weddings beautiful and magical. However, some couples try not to include Lavender, Marigold and Foxglove among others as these flowers means distrust, grief and insincerity.

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title pic Choosing the Right Flowers for your Wedding

Posted by admin on June 24, 2012

Did you know that aside from being a decoration for a fresh ambiance on your wedding down the aisle and on your reception venue, flowers has their own meaning. So if you are getting married, wouldn’t it be nice to know what the flowers you are getting means and share everybody what the flowers have to do with your marriage?

White Wedding Bouquets

White Wedding Bouquets

Roses that most brides select on their wedding as their bouquet and their blossoms on the church means beauty, love and joy. The colors of roses have different meanings too. The famous red rose symbolizes passion, white as innocence, pink roses means that the soon to be couple are thankful for finding each other, and ivory roses mean fate and fidelity.  Similar to roses are orchids which also mean love and beauty.

Tulips which is also expensive, signifies undying love and passion, that is why despite of its expensive price most brides choose to have tulips on their motif because of its very nice meaning.

Calla Lilies are said to be fashionable flowers. Calla lilies like roses and orchids symbolize magnificent beauty and sophistication.

Stephanotis symbolizes marital happiness. It is the traditional bridal flower shaped like little trumpet.

Although they are little, Chrysanthemums are meaningful. They signify wealth, abundance and truth. When combined to other flowers, it brings highlights to a bouquet despite of its size.

If your wedding follows a certain color as a motif like yellow as an example, try not to use yellow lilies, because it means insincerity or yellow chrysanthemum which means slighted love. Though roses means joy and love, a yellow rose signifies jealousy.

Funny but true, there are also flowers that only few know what meaning they bring. The colors of the flowers have meaning also. For example, would you like to have Lavander on your bouquet or decorated everywhere if you only knew it meant distrust? Also do not choose Larkspur as it means infidelity.

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