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title pic Wedding Gift Registry in the Philippines

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

The idea of wedding gift registry in the Philippines is fairly new unlike abroad. But it may be the best thing that has happened for couples planning to get married.

Without such gift registry, couples could get the most unwanted stuff that they couldn’t really use, or worse, they can receive a hundred pieces of blenders (unless they are planning to put up a fruit shake business, this is a big disaster).  Also, couples who already invested in their home would probably have all the necessities at home so they wouldn’t really need another vacuum cleaner.

But gift registry can also take out a lot of pressure from the guests. Looking for a gist can be a hassle most especially if they are close to the couple. They wouldn’t want to end up with something the couple doesn’t need or like and it may be bad on their part. Through gift registry, the gifts would be something the couple needs and wants, so there won’t really be gift blunder stories to tell afterwards.

The best thing about the local gift registry is that it is available and offered on most major shopping centers and specialty stores. All the couple needs to do is to drop by the store, register the items and let the guests know about it. The guests on the other hand would do the shopping in a breeze. Just look for the items registered by the couple, pick the one that hasn’t been purchased yet and pay for it. Some gift registries even offers free wrapping and delivery on the wedding day.

Then there’s also the online gift registry. Couples can just view and register through the website’s catalog while the guests do the same. Most online registries deliver the items on the wedding day too. Just make sure that the website is legit and credible as the couple needs to protect their guests too because they will be paying the items and sharing sensitive information like their credit card information.

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title pic Wedding Souvenir Tips

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Filipinos are very practical and creative people, but some get caught up with tradition that when it comes to weddings couple couldn’t show off their knack for art and sensibleness in choosing wedding souvenirs. But more than the couple’s personal preference, the souvenirs should also be something that the guests can enjoy. Couples do not want to spend on something that the guests wouldn’t really like.

One of the most practical wedding souvenirs is bottle perfumes. The idea is to get cute little bottles and personalized it to match the wedding theme. The choice of perfume may be something that a couple personally mixed (they can do this with the help of available fragrance suppliers who organizes perfume-making seminars) or it can be a scent that the couple likes. No matter what, the important thing is the couple is able to share something personal and something practical because guests could actually use it afterwards.

Photo booth set-up is the popular choice nowadays, since it leaves the guests with one important souvenir, an actual moment of fun and laughter with the couple. Photo booths have different gimmicks like a timed photo session which takes photos every couple of seconds while allowing the guests to change their costumes or hats in between. This can be a lot of fun while having the chance to have moments with the couple themselves. What’s even better is that it prints instantly making the guests have something to share with each other.

For more generous and practical couples, it would be ideal to give away a flash drive which the guests can use. A lot of suppliers can personalize the look of the flash drive for a minimum order of a hundred. Then the couple may decide to save in their wedding thank you video or letter in the drive which the guests can view later on. Flash drives would be great souvenirs since more and more Filipinos are becoming tech-savvy.

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title pic How to Prepare the Reception Seating Arrangement

Posted by admin on

Weddings in the Philippines are filled with many people; Filipinos values their families (up to the extended ones) and their friends (in every milestone in their lives). That’s why a lot of weddings in the country have too many guests and the seating arrangement could be a little bit tricky.

First to consider in planning the seating arrangement is the entourage. Most of the people listed on the entourage seats close to each other, if not on the same table but at least close to each other. Also, keep in mind of the married (or dating couples). These pairs expect to be together; and the least worry a couple needs is to see their guests walking around trying to get in touch with the people they actually associates themselves with.

As much as possible try to plan the seats according to age groups and interests, the guests may be seated on a different age group as long as the couple knows that the people in that specific table will have so much to talk about. As for the others with no common interests at all, just stick with the age group plan, at least they’re about the same age, they will more likely find something to talk about.

It is okay to put the couple’s parents and siblings in the same table. They need to get to know each other anyways and the wedding may be one of the best times to do that.  But for the relatives and extended families, just try to place them on separate tables which are close with each other, in case they want to socialize.

As for friends, it is fine to mix old friends from recent ones. Just make sure the numbers are in balance. It is also nice to mix the groom and brides friends. They are there to support the couple, this is the best time to get them all together because they will surely see more of each other for the coming years to come.

Children are also a big consideration in any Filipino weddings. Kids are always present in any important gatherings but the couple wouldn’t want their guests to be constantly babysitting instead of having fun, so it is best to assign a kids’ table where they can eat and play (stock the table with coloring books and little playthings to keep them busy).

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title pic Flowers for Your Wedding

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Choosing flowers for a wedding is important as they serve as an adornment in dressing up a venue to come up with the mood to spice up your vows of “I do’s”.   There are some factors to consider and to be aware of to come up with the right decision.

Figure out the kind of flowers, the number of flowers, the manner of arrangements in the venues, the bouquets and corsages that you will need.  Bear in mind this information and take the time to talk to everyone involved.

In all situations bear in mind that it should be your call.   Suggestions can be thrown in as long as the ideas they present is what you have in mind.  Everyone should be on the same page, as the saying goes.

Just like in any wedding preparation the budget must be set to determine the kind of flowers to buy and the style of arrangements.  Without any budget in mind you could easily end up spending more than what is supposed to be allocated.

If you are working on a limited budget ask the help of your circle of family and friends.   Good for you if you have friends or relatives who have recently been married.  They will be able to give you a practical advice.

If it’s not, then move on to obtain the services of a professional florist.   Usually your folks have an idea on the best florist in town.   Added, to save you time and the stress involved in such a preparation, employing the services of a florist is a plus factor.

In determining the florists try making some visits.  It is best to talk and visit a couple of florist before deciding to take their services and deciding on your wedding flowers.

If they are in the flower business long enough you can pretty feel by relying on one’s intuition how they conduct their business.  See how they treat their customers and look around if the shop is clean and organized.  Take a look at the flower arrangement and notice the design and freshness of the flowers.

Picture albums of their previous clients may at times be biased as you have not actually seen or been in the event.   Sometimes they just show it to impress you and are part of their sales talk.

You may also bring along some pictures with you in order for the florist to know exactly what kind of flowers you want to have on your wedding day.

All of these things will be one’s barometer in assuring the most beautiful wedding possible.

Choose your wedding flowers carefully and surely they will be a part of a wonderful wedding scene.

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title pic The Wedding Rush

Posted by admin on

Perhaps you may have heard some instances when young couples need to rush for a wedding due to some unavoidable circumstance with both sides of the party agreeing to the union.

To others it may not be a good decision in arriving at such an impulsive decision whenever the thought of marriage is concerned.  Yet couples must discuss and lay down the advantages and disadvantages to avoid regrets that will haunt them in the future.

Anyway, there is still a sense of excitement, adventure and thrill about the thought of rushing things towards your wedding day and the matter will still involve planning on the couple’s part.

It is better still to have a plan than to have no plan at all, though it may seem like in a haphazard way, a plan must be set in place.

So the prospect of being married with a romantic appeal takes a back seat. Wedding planning preparations and decisions will be fast paced even though you have a simple one in mind.

One will no longer think of the kind of wedding style, your choice of wedding clothes. In plain and simple term the thought of a grand wedding is out of the equation and it may not happen in the church at all.

All things considered this will just be a civil wedding.  All that is needed to be planned is the date and time of the wedding.  The rest of the elements required for a church wedding will not matter at all.   This is the kind of wedding done in a rush and in private, period.

While this type of wedding may be less of a hassle and stress free it is still more of an intimate ceremony especially with the person you love and only a handful of individuals as witness to your vows of marriage.  And budget wise, for the reception the cost of treating your relatives and friend to sumptuous meal is less.

Incidentally, a civil wedding is no longer frowned by the church unlike before.  What is important is to respect the couple’s decision to be wed at the soonest possible time.

It is at present a matter of saying best wishes to the bride and saying congratulations to the groom.

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title pic How to Write Wedding Vows

Posted by admin on July 7, 2012

Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

The moment two people decide to marry; there are a lot of reasons why they dive into it. Of course, one of them should be love. But more than deep love, there should be trust, friendship, fun and support. But different people marry for many more reasons, something that may be too personal that only that person can appreciate it, and so they ask her to marry him. But whatever the reason may be, the wedding vow should sum it all up, but the question is how.

Of course, not everyone is talented or skillful enough to write a poem that expresses his deep love to his bride. And not everyone can play with words to reveal his/her real emotions. And sometimes, what’s inside the heart just couldn’t be put to words as easy and that’s why writing a wedding vow shouldn’t be done overnight and shouldn’t feel like a dreaded disease. Wedding vows are such a beautiful part of the ceremony; it shouldn’t be terrorizing rather it should be embraced.

First thing a groom or a bride should do is to list down all the characteristics of their partner in one piece of paper; whether good or bad, just write it down. It may take days to finally feel satisfied with the list, but don’t sweat it. Getting to know the person and learning to appreciate him or her did not happen as quickly as well.

After the list, reminisce about the past. Think about the ideal wedding, the ideal ma/woman and the ideal life that was once a childhood dream. Is the ideal man/woman fits the characteristics of the current fiancé/fiancée? Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit, maybe that’s worth writing in the vow that no matter how different the person is from the ideals, somehow it feels perfect still.

Then the promises; how much one can commit to his/her lifetime partner to be. One thing is for sure, no marriage is perfect but that imperfection can be overcome by promises that shouldn’t be broken. If the vow says love that lasts a lifetime, then no matter how hard the going gets, love shouldn’t be forgotten. If the vows says the promise of friendship, then be the friend in the vow.

These are mere little things that should be included in a vow. It doesn’t have to be poetic or without grammatical errors. The vow is not to be criticized, as long as it comes from the heart and is genuine,; then it may be the perfect vow in the world for the couple.

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title pic Weddings and the many Filipino Superstitions

Posted by admin on July 4, 2012

Filipinos are one of the most superstitious people in the world, thanks to our diverse culture and ancestors. Although not all of which are being practiced and followed, some couples like to respect folklore superstitions out of respect or maybe an important elderly in the couple says so. Whatever the reasons are, if it wouldn’t hurt to follow, then it might be best to do so. The couple may have much to gain and nothing to lose anyway.

One popular wedding superstition is that the couple becomes prone to accidents prior to the event, thus it is advised that the couple shouldn’t travel long distances and avoid it as much as they can. Not unless the couple wants an out-of-town or a beach wedding, following the superstition wouldn’t hurt. It would cut down on your trip expenses and more for the wedding fund.

Bride shouldn’t wear pearls during the wedding because it will bring bad luck to the marriage. As much as a couple can, they can just choose a gown that works well with other pieces of jewelry instead of pearls. It doesn’t really have a logical explanation to it, but if diamonds can just be paired with the gown then the couple may have better luck.

Another superstition is that breaking any piece of glass at the wedding is a sign of good luck. Although this can’t be a pretty sight at receptions where the couple is expected to pay for anything’s that broken (which doesn’t seem to be a sign of luck at all), it is just better to allot a few buck for the wedding fund, just in case.

Lastly, one of the most popular superstitions is that the groom should always arrive earlier than the bride or else it will bring bad luck. In this case, it is always best that the groom arrives early since he is expected to be the one waiting in the altar and not the bride. Also, by arriving early, the groom will have time to make any last minute checks before the grand ceremony starts.

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title pic Little Things to Consider at Weddings

Posted by admin on

A wedding can be the best time and the worst at the same time. It is a lot of hard work, it can be stressful with all the things to think about like church, reception, caterers, florists, guests and the list goes on. The big things usually preoccupy the couple, forgetting all the small stuff until the wedding day when the couple realizes how important it is.

A couple needs to bring snacks throughout the day! Weddings even if it is scheduled later in the day needs a lot of time for preparation, and that consumes most of the day. It wouldn’t be impossible not to get a little hungry every now and then. The least thing a couple needs is dizzy wife at the wedding, so be sure to pack a light snack like a sandwich to nourish the couple for the rest of the day.

Everyone must have heard about a wedding day disaster story because of a torn wedding dress. Stories like this are common and yet, most couples still couldn’t be prepared for it. An emergency sewing kit should always be ready on the wedding day. Wedding dress may cost a thousand bucks but it is still made of fabric which will likely to tear. Having a readily-available kit can come in handy to save the couple from the disaster of walking down the aisle with a torn dress.

Another little must-have is a set of toiletries and that includes wipes, tissues, deodorizing spray, soap, toothbrush, etc. Again, a wedding lasts a whole day and couples, just like any other person may be called upon by natural phenomenon. Having toiletries around can make the event less stressful and smooth. Also, eating every now and then, and during the reception could lead to dental mishaps and having a toothbrush ready is better, or at least a mouthwash will do.


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title pic Planning a Beach Wedding

Posted by admin on July 3, 2012

The Philippines is home to many beautiful beaches, it is a sanctuary of breathtaking sceneries. Having a wedding right there on the powdery sands of the warn shore that snuggles in between the ties, would be the perfect setting to start a long lasting commitment. But planning a beach wedding requires more time and effort. Even the weather seems to be a great factor and so couples who want it, may need much time on their hands for the planning process.

Beach Wedding Philippines

Beach Wedding Philippines

Unlike traditional weddings where the seats, tables and caterers are available left and right, beach weddings may not have the same luxury. Although many resorts have readily available facilities and equipment for the occasion, couples may still need to talk with several suppliers like photographers and florists for the extra fees they may need to charge for the travel.

Then there goes the season. The Philippines is a tropical country which have the best summers and the worst rainy season. No matter how excited the couples are to get married, they need to consider the month least likely to rain like the usual summer season from February to May. As for the time, sunsets are always the best time. Aside from the fact that it sets the best romantic mood, it is also the least humid making it the most convenient moment for the occasion.

Couples should also allot more time for the preparation. Most weddings require six months for the well-planned traditional weddings but for beach weddings, it may require longer than that. It would also entail a lot of out-of-town trips to the location for pre-wedding preparations and oculars. A couple should also prepare spending a bit more since beach weddings require more staff and since it  requires travel, some of the most important guests’ transportation might be expected to be handled by the couple.

The good news is, since it is a beach wedding, it is less likely to be formal. The guests wouldn’t be expected to wear extremely formal dresses and suits, instead, the wedding could go with a hula-inspired reception where everyone can just let go and have a good time.

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title pic On Choosing the Wedding Church

Posted by admin on

Wedding Church

Choosing a Wedding Church

All couples dream of the happily-ever-after weddings on a magnificent and classical church. But the place’s beauty shouldn’t be the only thing that a couple needs to consider. A lot of factors should be lay down before finally saying, “Yes, this is the church for us!”

Location is still the first thing to consider when picking up the church for the wedding. It should be close to available reception areas, it should be accessible (unless the couple wants an out-of-town trip and it would just be wise to check in a hotel for the event), and lastly, it should be near the guests too. It might be the couple’s day but they also need to understand a wedding wouldn’t be as special if the people close to their hearts couldn’t be there to witness it.

Another factor to consider is the cost of the church. Weddings are the best reason to splurge but in today’s economy, it is better to be practical. Always make a budget, which most wedding coordinators would do, but if the couple is handling it on their own, always put into consideration which parts of the wedding needs more budget, and which parts can be cut down a bit.  The couple may be ready to splurge and be a runner-up for the wedding of the year, but after all the glitz and glamour; a married couple should also have enough saving left.

The least factor couple considers is the parking space, but in fact, it should be one of the most important. Just imagine a wedding of 300 guests with only 10 parking slots. That would be a disaster. The guests would have to park on their own spots a few blocks away, walk all the way to the church, and then walk back to the car to get to the reception. Of course, the couple have their car right there waiting, but be sure the guest would have a good time as well. They are there to celebrate with you, if they are put into so much hassle, it wouldn’t be impossible for them not to be in a celebratory-mood afterwards.

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