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title pic Wedding Gift Registry in the Philippines

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

The idea of wedding gift registry in the Philippines is fairly new unlike abroad. But it may be the best thing that has happened for couples planning to get married.

Without such gift registry, couples could get the most unwanted stuff that they couldn’t really use, or worse, they can receive a hundred pieces of blenders (unless they are planning to put up a fruit shake business, this is a big disaster).  Also, couples who already invested in their home would probably have all the necessities at home so they wouldn’t really need another vacuum cleaner.

But gift registry can also take out a lot of pressure from the guests. Looking for a gist can be a hassle most especially if they are close to the couple. They wouldn’t want to end up with something the couple doesn’t need or like and it may be bad on their part. Through gift registry, the gifts would be something the couple needs and wants, so there won’t really be gift blunder stories to tell afterwards.

The best thing about the local gift registry is that it is available and offered on most major shopping centers and specialty stores. All the couple needs to do is to drop by the store, register the items and let the guests know about it. The guests on the other hand would do the shopping in a breeze. Just look for the items registered by the couple, pick the one that hasn’t been purchased yet and pay for it. Some gift registries even offers free wrapping and delivery on the wedding day.

Then there’s also the online gift registry. Couples can just view and register through the website’s catalog while the guests do the same. Most online registries deliver the items on the wedding day too. Just make sure that the website is legit and credible as the couple needs to protect their guests too because they will be paying the items and sharing sensitive information like their credit card information.

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title pic Wedding Souvenir Tips

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Filipinos are very practical and creative people, but some get caught up with tradition that when it comes to weddings couple couldn’t show off their knack for art and sensibleness in choosing wedding souvenirs. But more than the couple’s personal preference, the souvenirs should also be something that the guests can enjoy. Couples do not want to spend on something that the guests wouldn’t really like.

One of the most practical wedding souvenirs is bottle perfumes. The idea is to get cute little bottles and personalized it to match the wedding theme. The choice of perfume may be something that a couple personally mixed (they can do this with the help of available fragrance suppliers who organizes perfume-making seminars) or it can be a scent that the couple likes. No matter what, the important thing is the couple is able to share something personal and something practical because guests could actually use it afterwards.

Photo booth set-up is the popular choice nowadays, since it leaves the guests with one important souvenir, an actual moment of fun and laughter with the couple. Photo booths have different gimmicks like a timed photo session which takes photos every couple of seconds while allowing the guests to change their costumes or hats in between. This can be a lot of fun while having the chance to have moments with the couple themselves. What’s even better is that it prints instantly making the guests have something to share with each other.

For more generous and practical couples, it would be ideal to give away a flash drive which the guests can use. A lot of suppliers can personalize the look of the flash drive for a minimum order of a hundred. Then the couple may decide to save in their wedding thank you video or letter in the drive which the guests can view later on. Flash drives would be great souvenirs since more and more Filipinos are becoming tech-savvy.

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title pic A Pinoy June Wedding

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Filipinos love to follow a certain trend and when speaking of weddings, June is the most sought-after month for folks who are planning a wedding.  But planning a June wedding in the Philippines is not easy and there are plenty things to consider. Is the couple ready to push through the dreamy wedding in June?

The country has only two seasons and unfortunately, June is the start of wet season. With all the rains and drizzles that will surely be present, having an outdoor wedding is out of the question. Any out-of-town trips may also be problematic because travelling on wet roads would not only cause difficulty for the couple but for the guests as well.

The best option is to just plan a conventional wedding indoors. But the problem is it may be hard to book a church and a reception venue, it may also be hard to look for photographers, florists, and even wedding coordinators.

In this case, couple needs to plan earlier than most. Make sure to book way in advance and as much as possible pay the necessary reservation fees. Some even pay more than the required registration fees just to get the date they want. These are simple strategies to make sure a couple gets that June wedding they aspire.

One more tip is to cut down the summer trips before the wedding. Not only to save some cash for the wedding fund but also to not look too tanned for the wedding. Tan lines on the wedding dress don’t look good in pictures, and covering it up using computer software (unless the couple is going to hire a professional) is a big NO.

But the great news is June is the best time for flowers and plenty of florists are able to supply fresh blossoming flowers on the wedding day. Again, just book them in advance. With the best season for flowers, a couple may even decide to go with a “garden-look” even in an indoor set-up.

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title pic How to Prepare the Reception Seating Arrangement

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Weddings in the Philippines are filled with many people; Filipinos values their families (up to the extended ones) and their friends (in every milestone in their lives). That’s why a lot of weddings in the country have too many guests and the seating arrangement could be a little bit tricky.

First to consider in planning the seating arrangement is the entourage. Most of the people listed on the entourage seats close to each other, if not on the same table but at least close to each other. Also, keep in mind of the married (or dating couples). These pairs expect to be together; and the least worry a couple needs is to see their guests walking around trying to get in touch with the people they actually associates themselves with.

As much as possible try to plan the seats according to age groups and interests, the guests may be seated on a different age group as long as the couple knows that the people in that specific table will have so much to talk about. As for the others with no common interests at all, just stick with the age group plan, at least they’re about the same age, they will more likely find something to talk about.

It is okay to put the couple’s parents and siblings in the same table. They need to get to know each other anyways and the wedding may be one of the best times to do that.  But for the relatives and extended families, just try to place them on separate tables which are close with each other, in case they want to socialize.

As for friends, it is fine to mix old friends from recent ones. Just make sure the numbers are in balance. It is also nice to mix the groom and brides friends. They are there to support the couple, this is the best time to get them all together because they will surely see more of each other for the coming years to come.

Children are also a big consideration in any Filipino weddings. Kids are always present in any important gatherings but the couple wouldn’t want their guests to be constantly babysitting instead of having fun, so it is best to assign a kids’ table where they can eat and play (stock the table with coloring books and little playthings to keep them busy).

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title pic The Usual Filipino Wedding Entourage

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A wedding is filled with the closest people to the couple. The parents, the relatives and the best buddies are always on the wedding entourage. Although it is an honor to be part of the entourage because it means the couple trusts the people in it, it also means these people need to play the part tasked by the couple.

The most important role in the line-up goes to the Maid of Honor (for the bride) and the Best Man (for the groom). These two people usually are the couple’s brother or sister or the closest friend. The roles of these two are important as they are the one expected to help and assist the couple in most of the major parts of the wedding preparations. They are also expected to be the ones organizing the bachelor’s party/bridal shower.

The bridesmaids and the groomsmen are the helpers during the wedding. They are tasked to be the errands support of the couple in case they need something. A typical wedding have three to four bridesmaids/groomsmen.

Assigned to bring a basket of flowers and dropping petals on the aisle for the bride is the role of the Flower Girl. Usually, the flower girl is the closest girl to the couple less than 8 years old.

The counter part of the flower girl is the ring bearer. He is the closest boy to the couple and he is assigned to bring the wedding rings. A coin bearer usually walks beside the ring bearer carrying 13 pieces of coins that represents the groom’s pledge to take care of his soon-to-be wife and future children.

Principal sponsors or the god parents of the weddings are believed to serve as guidance for the couple. In the Filipino set-up, the “ninangs and ninongs” makes up the longest of the list and should be anyone who is older and wiser than the couple.

The secondary sponsors compose of the Candle Sponsos, Veil Sponsors and the Cord Sponsors. The pairs assigned to these are tasked to perform the necessary candle, veil and cord ceremony.

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title pic Filing a Marriage Certificate in the Philippines

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Couples get too excited with the wedding preparations, the church and the reception. But there is far more serious stuff to think about like a marriage license. A marriage license is what makes all the wedding glitz formal and legit. Even if the couple organizes the best wedding of the century, without a marriage license, it wouldn’t be acknowledged by the country and the couple cannot proudly play the roles of a married couple.

Marriage License Application

Marriage License Application

To file for a marriage license, there are several documents that may be required for single couples:

One (1) Original Newly Issued Birth Certificate with two (2) copies

One (1) Original NSO-Issued CENOMAR (Singleness Certificate) with one (1) copy

One (1) Original Barangay Certificate with one (1) copy

One (1) Original CEDULA (Residence Certificate) with two (2) copies

There are other documents that may be required by the government for widow/widower, foreign national or a minor (anyone less than 18 years of age). It is also best to prepare other form of government-issued identification like passport, driver’s license, postal ID, etc.

Another thing to consider and allot time for is the mandatory marriage seminar which both couples should attend. Although some arrange a representative to attend like an attorney, but it can be too costly and would add up on the additional expenses for the wedding. A certificate of attendance shall be issued right after attending the seminar and thus should be presented when applying for a marriage license.

Applying a marriage license not only legalizes the marriage to be acknowledged by the government. It will also give the couple their necessary rights towards each other’s well-being and properties. With a license, the wife can legally carry her husband’s last name and thus have the right to exercise her rights for being the wife. The husband also gains a sense of rights on his wife because of the power of the license.


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title pic Preferred Wedding Gown Color

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The color of your wedding gown will depend on whether you are the conservative or the traditional type of woman or the modern type that is influenced by the trending fashion.  There are a number of options to choose from these days.

One may wear a plain or colored t-shirt, denims, or rubber shoes or sneakers if you have the radical type of mind to show the “I don’t’ care what the world will say,” kind of attitude and thinking.

If you want to look lovely and go with the family or the country’s tradition then, decide on a white or off white for the color tone.

The bottom line is that it should suit your personality that lies along with you, so the decision is supposedly up to you.  To follow or not the tradition as to the color of the wedding gown is entirely up to you.  As long as it is in accordance to what you want to display in public especially if you have an hour glass figure.

In principle, what is regarded as an acceptable color is the white wedding dress. They say it is a symbol of innocence, elegance and purity and most brides will elect the white color though one is no longer as described.  For some brides they still prefer the color of white as they have they own meaning and symbolism.

Some, too, no longer follow the autocratic religious rules of the church as long as they could be able to express their own personal character and class.

What are of utmost important are the impression and the image you like to leave as your mark to the congregation in attendance.  Well.   White ones are still the most conventional and parents of both sides and guest will like to see it that way.

These are the stereotype kind of wedding gowns that it ought to be pure of white showing a class of glamour.  But if you like and definitely prefer the colors blue, black hues and pink, go ahead.  In my opinion one must deviate from the tradition and customs we have been aware and bought up with since one’s birth.

Choose one that will suit and be appropriate enough for your wedding theme.  One must be happy and be satisfied to the color tone one has in mind.  Better to please yourself rather than pleasing others.  Matter of fact the bride is the primary actor in any wedding ceremony and receptions. And it’s no one else.

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title pic A Wedding Production Number

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A wedding is akin to a production number. It takes a lot of preparation and imagination.

All essential elements must be in place in accordance to function, orderliness and structure to come up and expect a successful wedding celebration.

The stars of the show, being the principals themselves, are the bride and the groom.  This is a very special day, indeed, not only for the groom but most especially for the bride.

In every wedding celebration, I have always wondered why brides are the most excited, the most stressed out, the most tensed individual in the world.

Most girls as they grow up to be a woman had dreams of an elegant and grand wedding.

This perhaps can be blamed on the internet technology where a woman had been seeing wedding photographs of renowned personalities that they wish will also come true one of these days.

And because of this knowledge and information ingrained in a woman’s mind, the excitement builds up when the time of reality is at hand.    It is like a comparison of what had been to what is about to come out in a woman’s wedding day.

Aside from the physicality’s, the women feels that this moment is what  she has been looking forward to ever since.  And it displays how one feels to be in love and to be loved by the man that she will spend the rest of their lives.

But as couples being the star of the show is worth the challenge to their inventive selves and a project test of how they will be able to pull themselves through together as a team.  The way to make arranging a wedding less daunting and intimidating is team work. TEAMWORK is the name of the game.

Couples are advised to just focus on their perspective and not to be concerned that everything’s turns out “perfect.”  Let not perfection be the goal but a lovely celebratory time for kin and friends’ gathered around, toasting and roasting the bride and groom to a new life together.

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title pic Flowers for Your Wedding

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Choosing flowers for a wedding is important as they serve as an adornment in dressing up a venue to come up with the mood to spice up your vows of “I do’s”.   There are some factors to consider and to be aware of to come up with the right decision.

Figure out the kind of flowers, the number of flowers, the manner of arrangements in the venues, the bouquets and corsages that you will need.  Bear in mind this information and take the time to talk to everyone involved.

In all situations bear in mind that it should be your call.   Suggestions can be thrown in as long as the ideas they present is what you have in mind.  Everyone should be on the same page, as the saying goes.

Just like in any wedding preparation the budget must be set to determine the kind of flowers to buy and the style of arrangements.  Without any budget in mind you could easily end up spending more than what is supposed to be allocated.

If you are working on a limited budget ask the help of your circle of family and friends.   Good for you if you have friends or relatives who have recently been married.  They will be able to give you a practical advice.

If it’s not, then move on to obtain the services of a professional florist.   Usually your folks have an idea on the best florist in town.   Added, to save you time and the stress involved in such a preparation, employing the services of a florist is a plus factor.

In determining the florists try making some visits.  It is best to talk and visit a couple of florist before deciding to take their services and deciding on your wedding flowers.

If they are in the flower business long enough you can pretty feel by relying on one’s intuition how they conduct their business.  See how they treat their customers and look around if the shop is clean and organized.  Take a look at the flower arrangement and notice the design and freshness of the flowers.

Picture albums of their previous clients may at times be biased as you have not actually seen or been in the event.   Sometimes they just show it to impress you and are part of their sales talk.

You may also bring along some pictures with you in order for the florist to know exactly what kind of flowers you want to have on your wedding day.

All of these things will be one’s barometer in assuring the most beautiful wedding possible.

Choose your wedding flowers carefully and surely they will be a part of a wonderful wedding scene.

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title pic The Wedding Rush

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Perhaps you may have heard some instances when young couples need to rush for a wedding due to some unavoidable circumstance with both sides of the party agreeing to the union.

To others it may not be a good decision in arriving at such an impulsive decision whenever the thought of marriage is concerned.  Yet couples must discuss and lay down the advantages and disadvantages to avoid regrets that will haunt them in the future.

Anyway, there is still a sense of excitement, adventure and thrill about the thought of rushing things towards your wedding day and the matter will still involve planning on the couple’s part.

It is better still to have a plan than to have no plan at all, though it may seem like in a haphazard way, a plan must be set in place.

So the prospect of being married with a romantic appeal takes a back seat. Wedding planning preparations and decisions will be fast paced even though you have a simple one in mind.

One will no longer think of the kind of wedding style, your choice of wedding clothes. In plain and simple term the thought of a grand wedding is out of the equation and it may not happen in the church at all.

All things considered this will just be a civil wedding.  All that is needed to be planned is the date and time of the wedding.  The rest of the elements required for a church wedding will not matter at all.   This is the kind of wedding done in a rush and in private, period.

While this type of wedding may be less of a hassle and stress free it is still more of an intimate ceremony especially with the person you love and only a handful of individuals as witness to your vows of marriage.  And budget wise, for the reception the cost of treating your relatives and friend to sumptuous meal is less.

Incidentally, a civil wedding is no longer frowned by the church unlike before.  What is important is to respect the couple’s decision to be wed at the soonest possible time.

It is at present a matter of saying best wishes to the bride and saying congratulations to the groom.

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