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title pic Popular Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings

Posted by admin on July 7, 2012

Bouquet Wedding Flowers

Bouquet Wedding Flowers

Flowers do not only serve as aesthetic decors at weddings, flowers also symbolizes and even considered to be lucky charms that blesses the couple in their bonding ceremony towards a lifetime commitment. Although some get creative with flowers, there are a favorite among the bunch not only because of their outstanding beauty but also because of their meanings which is believed to reflect on the marriage as well.

Roses would always be a crowd’s favorite. It’s a passionate and romantic flower on its own. And its meaning also matches a wedding as it represents love, joy and beauty. Another favorite is the tropical flower Calla Lily. The large flower is a regular at weddings and it means magnificent beauty, something that may want to dedicate for the bride.

Another lily in wedding is the Lily in the Valley, a bell-shaped little flower that means happiness. It is one of the traditional flowers at weddings. Although it may be a little hard to get since it’s a seasonal flower not widely available thus it can be a bit expensive.

Tulips would also be a beautiful addition to a wedding floral décor; it can be among other flowers or even great on its own. The gentle flower means love and passion, something a marriage should always have. That’s why more and more couples like tulips in their weddings.

The exotic flower Orchids are also great in weddings. The love and beauty that the Orchids represent is also another blessing that a newlywed couple should be blessed with, although it can be very expensive depending on the type of Orchids, since it has many varieties.

These are just some of the common wedding flowers that couples may like to consider, but there are plenty of other flowers that would surely make any weddings beautiful and magical. However, some couples try not to include Lavender, Marigold and Foxglove among others as these flowers means distrust, grief and insincerity.

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title pic The Filipino Pre-Wedding Rituals

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No matter how modern a Filipino is, one way or another they still go through with the traditional pre-wedding rituals as practiced by the forefathers. The only difference is, the couple may not follow the same steps or even skip some rituals that they feel may be unnecessary.

Unlike the western counterpart, Filipinos do not dive in to the actual popping of question spontaneously. Filipinos like to propose a plan first; dropping in a few hints here and there to check if the woman does want to get married.  For Filipinos, doing a little background check and finding out how the woman’s thought of marriage first is better than unexpectedly popping the question.

Then when the guy feels more at ease that the woman would likely marry him; then there goes the giving of the ring. If the woman accepts (which is most likely since the guy already did the prior check), then a “pamamanhikan” shall be arranged. The “pamamanhikan” is the formal meeting of the two families to discuss the intention of the man, and the details of the wedding (if the woman’s family agrees with the plan).  Such event can be stressful for couples since Filipinos are family-oriented individuals and thus, the family’s thought on the marriage is always important.

Although traditionally, the guy’s “paninilbihan” or laboring for the woman’s family’s approval is done after the “pamamanhikan”, today such laboring is done prior to the first step. The guy usually labors for the family’s approval even at the point of dating so that when such event comes; it would be easier to deal with. And the woman’s family would less likely to disagree when the “pamamanhikan” happens.

If the immediate family already settles with the wedding details; couples are also expected to announce personally the plan to the elderly extended family (the grandparents and if possible, the relatives in the provinces or abroad). Although it’s not as formal as the “pamamanhikan” it is still an important ritual that couples do practice until now.

Finally, when everything else is settled, it’s time to meet the priest. The priest explains the duties and responsibilities of the couple as they venture into the married life. He may also assess if the couple is ready for such big leap and would offer spiritual guidance as well. It is also a pre-requisite that a couple confesses and come clean before the actual wedding as part of the wedding requirement of the church.

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title pic How to Write Wedding Vows

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Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

The moment two people decide to marry; there are a lot of reasons why they dive into it. Of course, one of them should be love. But more than deep love, there should be trust, friendship, fun and support. But different people marry for many more reasons, something that may be too personal that only that person can appreciate it, and so they ask her to marry him. But whatever the reason may be, the wedding vow should sum it all up, but the question is how.

Of course, not everyone is talented or skillful enough to write a poem that expresses his deep love to his bride. And not everyone can play with words to reveal his/her real emotions. And sometimes, what’s inside the heart just couldn’t be put to words as easy and that’s why writing a wedding vow shouldn’t be done overnight and shouldn’t feel like a dreaded disease. Wedding vows are such a beautiful part of the ceremony; it shouldn’t be terrorizing rather it should be embraced.

First thing a groom or a bride should do is to list down all the characteristics of their partner in one piece of paper; whether good or bad, just write it down. It may take days to finally feel satisfied with the list, but don’t sweat it. Getting to know the person and learning to appreciate him or her did not happen as quickly as well.

After the list, reminisce about the past. Think about the ideal wedding, the ideal ma/woman and the ideal life that was once a childhood dream. Is the ideal man/woman fits the characteristics of the current fiancé/fiancée? Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit, maybe that’s worth writing in the vow that no matter how different the person is from the ideals, somehow it feels perfect still.

Then the promises; how much one can commit to his/her lifetime partner to be. One thing is for sure, no marriage is perfect but that imperfection can be overcome by promises that shouldn’t be broken. If the vow says love that lasts a lifetime, then no matter how hard the going gets, love shouldn’t be forgotten. If the vows says the promise of friendship, then be the friend in the vow.

These are mere little things that should be included in a vow. It doesn’t have to be poetic or without grammatical errors. The vow is not to be criticized, as long as it comes from the heart and is genuine,; then it may be the perfect vow in the world for the couple.

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title pic Emerging Color Combinations for Weddings

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A lot of Filipinos commit the mistake of choosing one specific color to lead the entire wedding motif.  And they end up with only one color at every corner of the reception, at the church and even on the sponsors’ attires. It becomes too hardly imposed that it takes away the romantic vibe of the event and end up looking like a campaign propaganda assembly.

Picking a motif doesn’t mean sticking up with one single color and making an effort to overdo it. It just means selecting complementary colors that looks well together and using it to create a great atmosphere for the grand event.

Black and white can be the most popular color combination of all time, it is so contrasting that it looks too well together. It is its extreme differences that make the two a great duo. With these two, couple can add in the extra color and still, it would still look good. Sometimes, nothing beats classic styles and essence.

Beach weddings are big on ocean shades with yellow. The combination gives out a happy vibe which is perfect for humorous couple. It also gives out relaxed feeling, not too much intimidating that guests could just let loose and have a good time. In the Philippines, where beach weddings are popular, this color combination also is quite famous.

For an intimate indoor evening wedding, the magenta-blue-green combination is a great fit. For one, most evening reception has yellowish lights, which reflects best with the three bold colors. Since it is also night-time where pale shades can go unnoticeable, bold colors give out a strong look even from afar. This combination is great for power couples who are leaders in their own respect.

For the opposite poles effect without being too bold, the combination of peony and nickel shades are the best bet. The contrasting masculinity and femininity of the colors works so well together, and it represents the bride and groom as well. Even with the differences, the two colors bring out the best of each other.

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title pic Pinoy Wedding Processional

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Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is a ceremony and most ceremonies follow conventional tradition and customs, most especially with Filipinos who love following traditions in intimate occasions such as weddings.  Since Filipinos are most Catholics, they follow a certain way of doing the wedding processional; the sad thing is most Filipinos do not even know how a real processional should go.

A traditional Catholic wedding processional starts with the priest, best man and groom entering through the side doors of the church, steps on the center of the altar and faces the audience/guests. Then the groomsmen and bridesmaids walk down in pairs.  The pair who will stand farthest from the center shall be the pair to walk the aisle first.  At the end of the pairs, the maid of honor shall walk solo towards the altar, beside the spot where the bride is supposed to stand.  Following the maid of honor is the ring bearer and the coin bearer (if both are present) then the flower girl who shall be dropping petals in preparation of the coming of the bride.  After which, everyone shall be asked to stand to honor the bride who shall be escorted by the father (or mother if the father is unavailable, or any other make figure close to the bride).  Traditionally, the father stands on the left side as he brings the bride towards the altar to finally give the bride’s hand to the groom.  Then the father seats next to the mother who is already seated on the front row.

Although this processional is the traditional one, most couples like to experiment and choreograph their own style.  But sticking with the last part where the bride walks down the aisle last towards her waiting groom on the altar.

The groom also commonly stands on the left side of the bride.  Such tradition is rooted from the medieval times where the groom usually had to prepare to defend his bride.  He stands on the left to make room for his right hand to pull out his sword when the circumstances ask for it.  Although grooms today do not carry a sword anymore (although some like to), the traditional still is practiced as it is today.

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title pic The Wedding Ring Guide

Posted by admin on July 4, 2012

Wedding rings symbolizes the long lasting commitment that married couples vowed to protect and to hold. Thus, wedding rings can become the best representation of that commitment. That is why choosing the wedding rings are one of the most crucial part of the wedding preparation.

Since most engagement rings are given on a surprise, for wedding rings both couples must be willing to shop together. This means literally going to different places and deciding on the perfect style for the couple.

But do not be pressured with finding the perfect matching rings, wedding rings may not be matching ones. After all, a woman may pick a more feminine style while the man wouldn’t want to get caught with it. Couples can decide to pick out different styles as long as it complements each other.

Greatly consider the couple’s individual lifestyle. One’s work may be using more of his/her hands thus; a ring with big stones would be out of the question. Choose the one that is convenient to wear anytime at any occasions, since this type of ring should always be worn for the rest of the couple’s lives together.

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Diamonds may be the most popular out of all the stones available for rings. But try to be different and consider others which can be sturdier or cheaper (it’s up to the couple which reasons they would go for). Couples can also make it more sentimental by choosing their birthstones for their wedding rings as well. The options shouldn’t be limited when it comes to something the couple will wear for a long time.

More than the stones, the band metal is equally important. Couples can choose between platinum, white gold and yellow gold. The yellow gold is the most traditional out the three, yet it is important to choose the right karat. The platinum gives a sophisticated look to it, but it is the expensive one of the group. White gold is more neutral and thus the most popular plus it is less expensive than the platinum and yet still looks amazing when worn.

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title pic Weddings and the many Filipino Superstitions

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Filipinos are one of the most superstitious people in the world, thanks to our diverse culture and ancestors. Although not all of which are being practiced and followed, some couples like to respect folklore superstitions out of respect or maybe an important elderly in the couple says so. Whatever the reasons are, if it wouldn’t hurt to follow, then it might be best to do so. The couple may have much to gain and nothing to lose anyway.

One popular wedding superstition is that the couple becomes prone to accidents prior to the event, thus it is advised that the couple shouldn’t travel long distances and avoid it as much as they can. Not unless the couple wants an out-of-town or a beach wedding, following the superstition wouldn’t hurt. It would cut down on your trip expenses and more for the wedding fund.

Bride shouldn’t wear pearls during the wedding because it will bring bad luck to the marriage. As much as a couple can, they can just choose a gown that works well with other pieces of jewelry instead of pearls. It doesn’t really have a logical explanation to it, but if diamonds can just be paired with the gown then the couple may have better luck.

Another superstition is that breaking any piece of glass at the wedding is a sign of good luck. Although this can’t be a pretty sight at receptions where the couple is expected to pay for anything’s that broken (which doesn’t seem to be a sign of luck at all), it is just better to allot a few buck for the wedding fund, just in case.

Lastly, one of the most popular superstitions is that the groom should always arrive earlier than the bride or else it will bring bad luck. In this case, it is always best that the groom arrives early since he is expected to be the one waiting in the altar and not the bride. Also, by arriving early, the groom will have time to make any last minute checks before the grand ceremony starts.

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title pic Little Things to Consider at Weddings

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A wedding can be the best time and the worst at the same time. It is a lot of hard work, it can be stressful with all the things to think about like church, reception, caterers, florists, guests and the list goes on. The big things usually preoccupy the couple, forgetting all the small stuff until the wedding day when the couple realizes how important it is.

A couple needs to bring snacks throughout the day! Weddings even if it is scheduled later in the day needs a lot of time for preparation, and that consumes most of the day. It wouldn’t be impossible not to get a little hungry every now and then. The least thing a couple needs is dizzy wife at the wedding, so be sure to pack a light snack like a sandwich to nourish the couple for the rest of the day.

Everyone must have heard about a wedding day disaster story because of a torn wedding dress. Stories like this are common and yet, most couples still couldn’t be prepared for it. An emergency sewing kit should always be ready on the wedding day. Wedding dress may cost a thousand bucks but it is still made of fabric which will likely to tear. Having a readily-available kit can come in handy to save the couple from the disaster of walking down the aisle with a torn dress.

Another little must-have is a set of toiletries and that includes wipes, tissues, deodorizing spray, soap, toothbrush, etc. Again, a wedding lasts a whole day and couples, just like any other person may be called upon by natural phenomenon. Having toiletries around can make the event less stressful and smooth. Also, eating every now and then, and during the reception could lead to dental mishaps and having a toothbrush ready is better, or at least a mouthwash will do.


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title pic The Grandest Wedding Debut Expo – Aug 4 & 5 2012

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The Grandest Midyear Wedding and Debut Expo organized by Weddings and Beyond on August 4-5, 2012 at NBC Tent, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Register now FOR FREE online and avoid having to stand in long queues for your entrance pass. See you there! :)

Wedding and Debut Expo

Wedding and Debut Expo

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title pic Wedding Church Music

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Classical instruments such as a violin, flute, guitars and trumpets can provide a splendid musical background on a wedding ceremony.   However, no sound can equal that of a magical human voice expressed in a prayerful song at one of the most significant passage in a person’s life.   Many church weddings have been made memorable by the performance of guest vocal musicians.


The use of “minus one” music machine to accompany the singer is neither an option.  The canned music just lays to waste a perfectly planned church wedding and spoils the solemnity of the occasion.

In another perspective, the choice of the marital music must also be noteworthy.  There are two schools of thought as to the type of music proper to a nuptial rite.  One holds that only sacred music, which is composed specifically for religious functions, is fit.  The other holds that any song, even pop music, done in a good taste, can be a valid expression and the right intent meant for the ceremony.

Church laws state in very general terms the type of music that is and is not permissible at a wedding. The premise is that the church is a place for praying to God and not for speaking to each other however devoted the couple may be to each other.

In like manner there are judgments that can evolve from coming up with questions and answers founded on a sense of propriety.  And these are as follows:

The judgment on music must answer the question on whether the music is expressive of the moment… Is the song a fitting musical for the present ceremonial wedding scene… Is the choice of music right and proper taking into consideration the sanctity and serenity of the grounds of where the nuptial rite is taking place…

The judgment on liturgy must answer the question whether the lyrics of the song are fitting for such place of worship…Whether the congregation in attendance can relate in general towards the expression of love to the Almighty One and likewise the love bestowed from above to the couple as well as the whole community…

The judgment on ecclesiastics must answer whether the songs will form part of the Mass or just on the confirmation of the marriage bond, the nuptial blessing or the recessional….

Every couple has in mind to make the occasion unique.  But, the actions must not go to the extent of debasing the sacrament of matrimony to satisfy the wants not in consonance with the Church teachings.  Still, the norm and decrees of the church must be followed.

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