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title pic Planning a Beach Wedding

Posted by admin on July 3, 2012

The Philippines is home to many beautiful beaches, it is a sanctuary of breathtaking sceneries. Having a wedding right there on the powdery sands of the warn shore that snuggles in between the ties, would be the perfect setting to start a long lasting commitment. But planning a beach wedding requires more time and effort. Even the weather seems to be a great factor and so couples who want it, may need much time on their hands for the planning process.

Beach Wedding Philippines

Beach Wedding Philippines

Unlike traditional weddings where the seats, tables and caterers are available left and right, beach weddings may not have the same luxury. Although many resorts have readily available facilities and equipment for the occasion, couples may still need to talk with several suppliers like photographers and florists for the extra fees they may need to charge for the travel.

Then there goes the season. The Philippines is a tropical country which have the best summers and the worst rainy season. No matter how excited the couples are to get married, they need to consider the month least likely to rain like the usual summer season from February to May. As for the time, sunsets are always the best time. Aside from the fact that it sets the best romantic mood, it is also the least humid making it the most convenient moment for the occasion.

Couples should also allot more time for the preparation. Most weddings require six months for the well-planned traditional weddings but for beach weddings, it may require longer than that. It would also entail a lot of out-of-town trips to the location for pre-wedding preparations and oculars. A couple should also prepare spending a bit more since beach weddings require more staff and since it  requires travel, some of the most important guests’ transportation might be expected to be handled by the couple.

The good news is, since it is a beach wedding, it is less likely to be formal. The guests wouldn’t be expected to wear extremely formal dresses and suits, instead, the wedding could go with a hula-inspired reception where everyone can just let go and have a good time.

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title pic On Choosing the Wedding Church

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Wedding Church

Choosing a Wedding Church

All couples dream of the happily-ever-after weddings on a magnificent and classical church. But the place’s beauty shouldn’t be the only thing that a couple needs to consider. A lot of factors should be lay down before finally saying, “Yes, this is the church for us!”

Location is still the first thing to consider when picking up the church for the wedding. It should be close to available reception areas, it should be accessible (unless the couple wants an out-of-town trip and it would just be wise to check in a hotel for the event), and lastly, it should be near the guests too. It might be the couple’s day but they also need to understand a wedding wouldn’t be as special if the people close to their hearts couldn’t be there to witness it.

Another factor to consider is the cost of the church. Weddings are the best reason to splurge but in today’s economy, it is better to be practical. Always make a budget, which most wedding coordinators would do, but if the couple is handling it on their own, always put into consideration which parts of the wedding needs more budget, and which parts can be cut down a bit.  The couple may be ready to splurge and be a runner-up for the wedding of the year, but after all the glitz and glamour; a married couple should also have enough saving left.

The least factor couple considers is the parking space, but in fact, it should be one of the most important. Just imagine a wedding of 300 guests with only 10 parking slots. That would be a disaster. The guests would have to park on their own spots a few blocks away, walk all the way to the church, and then walk back to the car to get to the reception. Of course, the couple have their car right there waiting, but be sure the guest would have a good time as well. They are there to celebrate with you, if they are put into so much hassle, it wouldn’t be impossible for them not to be in a celebratory-mood afterwards.

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title pic Top 3 Unconventional Wedding Spots

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Couples today are getting more and more unconventional. Some like to jump off a plane while saying their vows and some even like to swim underwater with marine life witnessing their love.  Unconventional weddings are the new trend, but excluding the too extreme options, couples can have other options that may not be too traditional but still remain sacred and solemn.

For the couple who is environmentalist and appreciates the great outdoors, the La Mesa Eco Park is the best bet. The 33 hectare environmental wonderland offers five different areas, all of which presents a view that could make the couple more at par with Mother Nature. And since it’s only located in Quezon City, couples wouldn’t have to go on a long trip to get close with nature. It wouldn’t cost too much as well since the park offers its facilities starting at Php 5,000.00.

La Mesa Eco Park Wedding Venue

La Mesa Eco Park Wedding Venue

title pic Post War Wedding Churches

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The ravages and turbulence of the Second World War have brought back the wedding sites to its prominence for the elites and the common populace to choose from.   However, the existence of the parish churches, the towns and provincial churches steadily became their practical choices through which past generations of couples marched down the aisle.

Some popular wedding churches worth mentioning in those post war golden peacetime years were the Church of St Vincent de Paul, better known as San Marcelino Church, the Ermita and Malate Churches.

The Church of San Vicente de Paul was built in the year 1912, the fiftieth (50) anniversary of the arrival of the congregation of the Vincentian priest and brothers to our shore, alongside with the arrival of the Sisters of Charity.  Previously, it was built as a chapel in the year 1883 and became a parish church of the district of Paco from 1898 to 1909.

Malate Church

Malate Church

Malate Church is a baroque style of architecture which faces the waters of Manila Bay.  It is one of the oldest churches built outside the walls of Intramuros by the Augustinian Recollects in the sixteenth (16th) century.  The church undertook a series of re-construction and repair starting in the year 1762 to 1763 when the British took refuge after attacking Intramuros. By the year 1868 it was damaged by a strong typhoon and lastly, the damage it took during the Second World War of which it was restored to its present condition.

Ermita Church evolved from hermitage housing with an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary known as Nuestra Senora de Guia (Our Lady of Guidance) in the late sixteenth (16th) century.   Ermita district gained prominence as the area teeming with American residents and eventually setting up such pronounced establishments as the Army and Navy Club.

Stories are told by the older generation during the hard days of the Japanese occupation, the churches of Ermita and Malate were favored sites of wedding celebration sans celebrations of a grand scale.  There were times when couples had to rush saying “I do’s” before they get caught by the sound of the air raid siren.

At present, these churches representing our culture and history are in demand for couples with the taste and love of antiquity and classic ambience.  Though old fashioned in their choice of sites for their wedding feasts, it seems these churches still intensifies one’s emotional experience if a wedding celebration is to be planned..

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title pic Marrying Month in the Philippines: December and June

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Marriages in many parts of the world follow a pattern in scheduling their date with the altar in keeping in tune with the rhythm of seasons.

Wedding Rings

Image credit: psilver

Young brides of yesteryears and perhaps also of today are thrilled to be called as “June Brides”.  In the Philippines the marry month of June for couples to schedule their wedding day was influenced with the coming of the American colonizers.  Thomasite teachers intermarried with their fellow American colonizers or brought their mates over from the mainland for a summer wedding in our country.

The name of the month of June as it is called was derived from an imaginary character of the classical mythology namely, Juno.   Juno is the daughter of Coronus and Rhea, sister and wife of Jupiter and Queen of heaven.    She was an exacting and jealous wife, taking severe vengeance upon the numerous mortal maidens of whom Jupiter became enamored as well as upon their offspring.  She was the mother of Mars, Vulcan and Hebe. In the Trojan War she was on the side of the Greeks.

It was the Romans, too, who named the thirty days after Juno.    June as the month of weddings appears divinely ordained.    She was the patroness of marriage and fertility and by extension of wealth and finance.    Worshipped as Juno Moneta, she held court in Rome at her temple which inevitably was the Roman mint.  Weddings purposely celebrated in the month of Juno hope to secure for the bridal pair an abundance of her blessings, a well stocked nursery and a bulging purse.

Hence, a  knowledge of the classics and an acquaintance with the imaginary characters of ancient mythology which have been such an inspiring influence to writers of all ages, have greatly added, too, to one’s enjoyment of literature, art and conversation.

However, it seems that among the customs and traditions, the month of December and not June is the marrying month.   The rationale is that after the harvest season is over there is enough money to spread and spend with the celebration of the Christmas season and likewise enough money to spare for the wedding feast.

December also happens to be the special month of husband and wife, father and mother, home and family because its feasts are a celebration of marriage and parenthood.      The Sunday after Christmas is the feast of the Holy Family, with special blessings for husband and wives, fathers and mothers.

How long a relationship will last as a family is of utmost importance than a wedding feast.  And probably, regardless of the month and season, the lasting relationship of married couples is far more reaching than the glitters of gold and money one has in their possession.

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title pic Top 3 Wedding Churches in Manila

Posted by admin on July 2, 2012

Picking the right church for the wedding is no piece of cake. There are a lot of factors to consider like if it matches your theme, where the guests are coming from, reception areas within the vicinity (because you don’t want to travel too far after the wedding) and of course, how much it would cost. Yes, a couple may dream of the magical Caleruega wedding, but if no one’s really coming from Batangas, then it might not be practical. The good news is there are plenty of churches in the metro that would be as magical and more practical to desire.

Manila Cathedral

– The Manila Cathedral which is located at Intramuros, Manila is home to many weddings, even celebrities and other public figures seem to be captured by the church’s beauty. The church is made up of centuries-old architectural makeup complete with the adobe walls and stained glass look. The main altar of the celebrated church is spectacular as well. No wonder many are dreaming of the Cathedral wedding.clickable text in your post or page.

Manila Cathedral, Intramuros

Manila Cathedral, Intramuros

title pic A Wedding Gown to Fit You

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Usually, a wedding gown is ordered at least eight months before the wedding date.  Perhaps this is the most important part in planning a wedding for any bride.  And this can be a very stressful task for the bride.  So, bear in mind that this may at least be the best of hassle free time frame within which one can count to come out with a perfect wedding dress that is in accordance to one’s taste.

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress


Wedding gowns must suit a bride’s body type and it is quite a challenge for designer shops to create the right one to flaunt your particular body type.  So let you couturier determine your body shape and cut away the fabric that will suit you most.  Bring a family member or a close friend to help you make a decision.  Don’t go over board and spend too much.

Nevertheless, the following are tips and guide in case one is at the moment under stress.

For instance, petite brides will look good on a wedding dress that is simple and close fitting which can make one look taller. Go for simple but attention getting wedding dress.  Since one is on the shorter side of the body frame have a dress designed no lower than the knee in order not to overstate your figure in the eyes of the crowd.  A dress with the skirt flaring out from the waist will definitely be most flattering for your kind of body frame.  With a shorter frame avoid the low waists, for this will just make a bride look as if one is cut in half.

Tall brides are easier to dress especially with a fuller bodice.  Almost any style will suit a taller frame. A strapless wedding dress will look perfect to show and flaunt longer and thinner arms. If brides wish to show off her long legs, go ahead and do so with a skirt that falls above the knee.  A long gown that is closely fitted will also accentuate a tall frame.

Thin brides who want to appear curvy can also opt for a ball gown because it gives an illusion of an hourglass figure. If you have a small waist and the chest and hips have equal widths, an hourglass shape, indeed, is in place.  Stay away from very full skirts and try a semi full skirt for a smaller frame.

Let one’s personality show through the gown. Take time and choose a style that suits one’s personality.  Be patient and don’t be too hasty when looking for that perfect wedding dress.  Make sure to love the gown and feel confident because this will show through on that special day.

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title pic Wedding Gown Heirloom

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Wedding Gown Designs

Wedding Gown Designs

Want to start a new family tradition and wear something that will become more than just a wedding gown but a family heirloom as well?  Would it be nice to see a wedding gown handed down from generation to generation, from daughter to perhaps grand daughter?  Imagine what a delight it will be to see and probably also move someone to tears watching a child, your daughter, walk down the aisle wearing the same gown that  had been worn at one’s own wedding.

For starters choose a gown that is refined in style and taste… a gown that can be passed on, especially to someone like your daughter.  The best option will be a wedding gown that is both timeless and classical in style.

A gown that is fashionable and trendy at the moment may not look practical and fashionable thirty (30) years from now.  It will just look silly on her while walking down the aisle.    The more plain the gown can be, the better as it can be handled through the years.  It is easy to give the gown an updated look and be reflective of the new bride’s personal style with a little bit of accessories to make it look new.

The white wedding dress has been popular in the last hundred years or so with America’s influence in the Philippines.

Stick with classic colors.  While wedding gowns in pastel colors are currently very popular, they may not be fashionable in thirty (30) years.  White or ivory wedding gowns will probably never go out of style.  Keep in mind that a colorful accessory or two can always be added to lend some personal grandeur to the gown as it is worn.

Choose a gown that can easily be altered for size.  Most likely the body frame may not be the same as one is at the present.  Have the seamstress keep the extra fabric inside the seams, rather than trimming it, just in case the seams need to be let out a bit to fit your daughter.

Likewise, start with a longer gown and hem it up as needed, retaining adequate fabric in the hem in case the gown needs to be lengthened.

Once you have found the perfect wedding gown with your daughter in mind as well, your work is not done yet.  Try to keep your gown looking picture perfect through the generation.  Then one will need to properly store it after the wedding.

For best results, consult a professional dry cleaner you trust.  Have the gown cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding and then professionally wrap it up and place in a box for a long term storage and preservation.

Now here’s to your special day and to your new family wedding tradition.

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title pic Filipino-Themed Weddings Must Haves

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Philippine Wedding Cathedral

Philippine Wedding Cathedral

Most Filipino couples dream of the wedding at Manila Cathedral or any other historical churches or basilicas in the country that’s oozing with culture. But the location shouldn’t be the only thing that couples can do to have a sense of heritage on their wedding day: the key is to have that Filipino-look too. And here’s how:

Flowers can do magic when it comes to setting up an ambiance. The Philippines is home to many flowers that boast with beauty and aroma. Decorate the church with sweet-smelling Sampaguita or Ylang-Ylang, turn a simple reception hall into a garden filled with Gumamela and Waling-Waling, also known as the Queen of Philippine Orchid and make a bouquet out of Everlasting Flowers that symbolizes a love that lasts a lifetime, the native flowers wouldn’t only turn the ceremony into all-Filipino, it will also make the event seem like paradise.

The attire shouldn’t be left out from the theme as well. The Philippine national costume Barong Tagalog and the Baro’t Saya (Filipiniana) are world-class designs being praised by many fashion experts abroad. The simplicity and gentleness of the men’s barong paired with the femininity of the Filipiniana reveals more than beauty but also a rich and flourishing culture.

A wedding’s playlist is also very important in setting a mood and theme. To capture the very essence of the Filipino culture, choose to play all Original Pilipino Music (OPM) not only during the ceremony, but even at the reception. Playing both classics and latest Filipino songs would surely make the guests appreciate and grasp the wedding’s theme.

And lastly, every effort would not count if the food doesn’t complement the theme. Filipinos are foodies by nature. They enjoy a good meal and expect one during major events such as wedding. Be sure to get a Filipino food expert caterer that will serve more than Lechon and Bangus, but someone who can imprint the country’s history through every dish he serves.

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title pic Wanted: Affordable Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings are a crucial part of the wedding; it is the object that symbolizes a couple’s love bound by the ceremonial blessing of a religion or the state of law. Most consider the rings as the greatest investment, but for some, as significant as it may see, its price tag shouldn’t be something that a couple has to pay in debt forever.

Wedding Ring

Wedding Rings

It’s a good thing the Philippines is one of the best places to search for wedding rings. Since searching for affordable rings are next to impossible in shopping malls and specialty stores, a couple may like explore other places for the valuable rings.

Ongpin in Binondo, Manila

Ongpin Street is the most popular strip in Manila where a couple can find cheap rings one store after another. With the variety of jewelry shops within the area, a couple can score amazing deals on quality rings in just a day. One great thing about Ongpin is that a couple can haggle down prices, and with so much competition around, most jewelry shops offer impossibly great prices for a pair of rings.


Filipinos are fond of pawnshops; the place for instant emergency cash. And unfortunately not everyone who pawn their jewelry (yes, including wedding rings) could get back to redeem it. Unredeemed items are sold by pawnshops at reasonably low prices to dispose it. Couples who are tight on budget can actually shop for such items. Just be sure to check it meticulously, remember, it is a second hand item and it might be slightly damaged.

Online Shops

The internet is also a good place to scout for inexpensive rings, some even offer personalized rings. It saves gas, time and effort. All it takes is a click of a button and the couple can even pay it online and have it delivered. A couple doesn’t need to go out and look for the rings; instead the ring goes to their home. But the downside is, the couple wouldn’t get to see actual samples of the rings. It may not be as beautiful as it is on the photos, so be sure to check out legit, recommended and publicly praiseworthy sellers.

But the most affordable option is to get it for free. Explore the idea of hand-me-down rings from the parents. It may not be as slick and as stylish as the couple may want, but it’s free and it has a valuable history with it. After all, the rings are just objects; what is more important is the couple’s love and sincere commitment towards each other.

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