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title pic Wanted: Affordable Wedding Rings

Posted by admin on July 2, 2012

Wedding rings are a crucial part of the wedding; it is the object that symbolizes a couple’s love bound by the ceremonial blessing of a religion or the state of law. Most consider the rings as the greatest investment, but for some, as significant as it may see, its price tag shouldn’t be something that a couple has to pay in debt forever.

Wedding Ring

Wedding Rings

It’s a good thing the Philippines is one of the best places to search for wedding rings. Since searching for affordable rings are next to impossible in shopping malls and specialty stores, a couple may like explore other places for the valuable rings.

Ongpin in Binondo, Manila

Ongpin Street is the most popular strip in Manila where a couple can find cheap rings one store after another. With the variety of jewelry shops within the area, a couple can score amazing deals on quality rings in just a day. One great thing about Ongpin is that a couple can haggle down prices, and with so much competition around, most jewelry shops offer impossibly great prices for a pair of rings.


Filipinos are fond of pawnshops; the place for instant emergency cash. And unfortunately not everyone who pawn their jewelry (yes, including wedding rings) could get back to redeem it. Unredeemed items are sold by pawnshops at reasonably low prices to dispose it. Couples who are tight on budget can actually shop for such items. Just be sure to check it meticulously, remember, it is a second hand item and it might be slightly damaged.

Online Shops

The internet is also a good place to scout for inexpensive rings, some even offer personalized rings. It saves gas, time and effort. All it takes is a click of a button and the couple can even pay it online and have it delivered. A couple doesn’t need to go out and look for the rings; instead the ring goes to their home. But the downside is, the couple wouldn’t get to see actual samples of the rings. It may not be as beautiful as it is on the photos, so be sure to check out legit, recommended and publicly praiseworthy sellers.

But the most affordable option is to get it for free. Explore the idea of hand-me-down rings from the parents. It may not be as slick and as stylish as the couple may want, but it’s free and it has a valuable history with it. After all, the rings are just objects; what is more important is the couple’s love and sincere commitment towards each other.

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