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title pic Choosing the Right Flowers for your Wedding

Posted by admin on June 24, 2012

Did you know that aside from being a decoration for a fresh ambiance on your wedding down the aisle and on your reception venue, flowers has their own meaning. So if you are getting married, wouldn’t it be nice to know what the flowers you are getting means and share everybody what the flowers have to do with your marriage?

White Wedding Bouquets

White Wedding Bouquets

Roses that most brides select on their wedding as their bouquet and their blossoms on the church means beauty, love and joy. The colors of roses have different meanings too. The famous red rose symbolizes passion, white as innocence, pink roses means that the soon to be couple are thankful for finding each other, and ivory roses mean fate and fidelity.  Similar to roses are orchids which also mean love and beauty.

Tulips which is also expensive, signifies undying love and passion, that is why despite of its expensive price most brides choose to have tulips on their motif because of its very nice meaning.

Calla Lilies are said to be fashionable flowers. Calla lilies like roses and orchids symbolize magnificent beauty and sophistication.

Stephanotis symbolizes marital happiness. It is the traditional bridal flower shaped like little trumpet.

Although they are little, Chrysanthemums are meaningful. They signify wealth, abundance and truth. When combined to other flowers, it brings highlights to a bouquet despite of its size.

If your wedding follows a certain color as a motif like yellow as an example, try not to use yellow lilies, because it means insincerity or yellow chrysanthemum which means slighted love. Though roses means joy and love, a yellow rose signifies jealousy.

Funny but true, there are also flowers that only few know what meaning they bring. The colors of the flowers have meaning also. For example, would you like to have Lavander on your bouquet or decorated everywhere if you only knew it meant distrust? Also do not choose Larkspur as it means infidelity.

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