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title pic Filing a Marriage Certificate in the Philippines

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

Couples get too excited with the wedding preparations, the church and the reception. But there is far more serious stuff to think about like a marriage license. A marriage license is what makes all the wedding glitz formal and legit. Even if the couple organizes the best wedding of the century, without a marriage license, it wouldn’t be acknowledged by the country and the couple cannot proudly play the roles of a married couple.

Marriage License Application

Marriage License Application

To file for a marriage license, there are several documents that may be required for single couples:

One (1) Original Newly Issued Birth Certificate with two (2) copies

One (1) Original NSO-Issued CENOMAR (Singleness Certificate) with one (1) copy

One (1) Original Barangay Certificate with one (1) copy

One (1) Original CEDULA (Residence Certificate) with two (2) copies

There are other documents that may be required by the government for widow/widower, foreign national or a minor (anyone less than 18 years of age). It is also best to prepare other form of government-issued identification like passport, driver’s license, postal ID, etc.

Another thing to consider and allot time for is the mandatory marriage seminar which both couples should attend. Although some arrange a representative to attend like an attorney, but it can be too costly and would add up on the additional expenses for the wedding. A certificate of attendance shall be issued right after attending the seminar and thus should be presented when applying for a marriage license.

Applying a marriage license not only legalizes the marriage to be acknowledged by the government. It will also give the couple their necessary rights towards each other’s well-being and properties. With a license, the wife can legally carry her husband’s last name and thus have the right to exercise her rights for being the wife. The husband also gains a sense of rights on his wife because of the power of the license.


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