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Posted by admin on June 24, 2012

A brief description of an INK wedding:   The groom stands in front of the altar and waits for the bride.    The church choir sings in their white robes and the procession begins in the following order: the flower girl, the ring bearer, bridesmaids and best man, the sponsors and the last is the bride and her father or guardian.  The sponsors are limited no more than five pairs.   In fact, a pair is sufficient enough.  Likewise, choosing a maid of honor from a different religion is tolerated.

Noticeably, the difference from the Catholic wedding are: only traditional wedding music can be played particularly the wedding march; there are no wedding symbols such as the arrhae, wedding cord and the lighting of the candle and the ceremony is very solemn taking only thirty (30) minutes to complete.

Since it’s a wedding ceremony, a bit of leniency is observed as compared to a “pagsamba”, namely the church service where the males are seated at one side and the females at the other side.  In general, depending on the minister of the locale the preference of a dress attire rather than jeans or slack is the code observed strictly by women during a church service.   But a little consideration from the minister is given during such matrimonial ceremony.

The bride and the groom sit in front of the minister.   And the minister together with the congregation in attendance prays the profession of faith for the couple.  He reads the church doctrines and delivers the sermon.

The sermon is the most solemn and important part of the service dealing with the importance of marriage in accordance with their doctrines and beliefs.  The minister, also, reminds them of God’s word on the couple’s marriage duties and obligation to one another as husband and wife.

After which, the couple exchanges wedding vows and rings, and given the benediction.  At the end of the ceremony, the sponsors sign the marriage contract.

The service for a wedding ceremony is free of charge and is conducted in Filipino.

The INC is conducted in a temple’s locale, the term referred to as the ecclesiastical district where either the bride or the grooms reside.  But, it can also be conducted at the Central Temple, located along Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City.

But scheduling for a wedding date should be done at least a year to be accommodated.  And a confirmation must be needed if such a slot or the wedding date can be granted to the couple.

Attending such wedding ceremony is a privilege if one is not a member.   If one is invited by an Iglesia ni Cristo member, the solemnity of the atmosphere as well as the cleanliness of the temple both inside and out is something to be envious about.

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