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title pic A Letter to a Daughter

Posted by admin on June 16, 2012

Wedding Letter

Wedding Letter

The present, the age of technology has stamped out writing letters to a friend, or relatives, most especially to your children.  The unique standards of writing a letter on stationery, the feel of textured paper, personally handwritten, and your own penmanship cannot be duplicated by the present electronic mails.

But as a parent, a father and mother at that, seeing the value of writing a letter to a daughter about to be given away for marriage, cannot pass up the chance to write one using the old fashion art of communication.


My dearest Isabel,

 You are about to unfold and enter into an important stage of your adult life.  The decision to enter a union that is most sacred and most serious.   By tomorrow it is in your midst with your conscious awaiting.  

Choosing a married life which you are about to undertake is a task difficult at the start.  For you, this is a voyage to the unknown, a voyage far more difficult than probably the voyage, we have undertaken by the intrepid adventures of the past that sailed into the unchartered seas with nothing but the courage and faith to guide us by.

Yes, life is an adventure, the most exciting and the most perilous of them all.  You can win it or you can lose it, but how well you can come out of it depends entirely upon you…  Your character, formed and nurtured by us, your family shall be your tools that you will need to cope with life.  The rest is up to you, in the quality of your choice in decision making, your common sense, and your zest for overcoming great barriers.   The adventures of life, that is.

Having said that you can now look forward to a life of marriage.  Also, I now give you my advice as guide posts to your new adventure.

First, begin deciding now how you will fulfill your long life.  Because of the boundless freedom of current society, it is important to decide now what you value most in life.  And you must begin to draw the pattern of your life accordingly.  Having this pattern, you can anticipate trouble before it arises, and decide how you are going to handle it. 

Secondly, decide on your values.  You must try to examine yourself now and find what it is you’re most ardent wish to be done in creating and sustaining a blissful family life.

If it is a career in combination with your married life you want, then now is the right time to decide and schedule your next years with your goal in mind.

Thirdly, there are few past times more pleasant than building castles in the air.  It is normal with the young but you must have in preparation for life, to build on something less airy and substantial.  In other words, have a plan.  Plan for your career and family wisely…  Plan for your future… And don’t forget to pray…

Best wishes, my unica hija…


Your loving parents,

                                                                                                              Daddy and Mommy

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