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title pic Popular Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings

Posted by admin on July 7, 2012

Bouquet Wedding Flowers

Bouquet Wedding Flowers

Flowers do not only serve as aesthetic decors at weddings, flowers also symbolizes and even considered to be lucky charms that blesses the couple in their bonding ceremony towards a lifetime commitment. Although some get creative with flowers, there are a favorite among the bunch not only because of their outstanding beauty but also because of their meanings which is believed to reflect on the marriage as well.

Roses would always be a crowd’s favorite. It’s a passionate and romantic flower on its own. And its meaning also matches a wedding as it represents love, joy and beauty. Another favorite is the tropical flower Calla Lily. The large flower is a regular at weddings and it means magnificent beauty, something that may want to dedicate for the bride.

Another lily in wedding is the Lily in the Valley, a bell-shaped little flower that means happiness. It is one of the traditional flowers at weddings. Although it may be a little hard to get since it’s a seasonal flower not widely available thus it can be a bit expensive.

Tulips would also be a beautiful addition to a wedding floral décor; it can be among other flowers or even great on its own. The gentle flower means love and passion, something a marriage should always have. That’s why more and more couples like tulips in their weddings.

The exotic flower Orchids are also great in weddings. The love and beauty that the Orchids represent is also another blessing that a newlywed couple should be blessed with, although it can be very expensive depending on the type of Orchids, since it has many varieties.

These are just some of the common wedding flowers that couples may like to consider, but there are plenty of other flowers that would surely make any weddings beautiful and magical. However, some couples try not to include Lavender, Marigold and Foxglove among others as these flowers means distrust, grief and insincerity.

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