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title pic Marrying Month in the Philippines: December and June

Posted by admin on July 3, 2012

Marriages in many parts of the world follow a pattern in scheduling their date with the altar in keeping in tune with the rhythm of seasons.

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Young brides of yesteryears and perhaps also of today are thrilled to be called as “June Brides”.  In the Philippines the marry month of June for couples to schedule their wedding day was influenced with the coming of the American colonizers.  Thomasite teachers intermarried with their fellow American colonizers or brought their mates over from the mainland for a summer wedding in our country.

The name of the month of June as it is called was derived from an imaginary character of the classical mythology namely, Juno.   Juno is the daughter of Coronus and Rhea, sister and wife of Jupiter and Queen of heaven.    She was an exacting and jealous wife, taking severe vengeance upon the numerous mortal maidens of whom Jupiter became enamored as well as upon their offspring.  She was the mother of Mars, Vulcan and Hebe. In the Trojan War she was on the side of the Greeks.

It was the Romans, too, who named the thirty days after Juno.    June as the month of weddings appears divinely ordained.    She was the patroness of marriage and fertility and by extension of wealth and finance.    Worshipped as Juno Moneta, she held court in Rome at her temple which inevitably was the Roman mint.  Weddings purposely celebrated in the month of Juno hope to secure for the bridal pair an abundance of her blessings, a well stocked nursery and a bulging purse.

Hence, a  knowledge of the classics and an acquaintance with the imaginary characters of ancient mythology which have been such an inspiring influence to writers of all ages, have greatly added, too, to one’s enjoyment of literature, art and conversation.

However, it seems that among the customs and traditions, the month of December and not June is the marrying month.   The rationale is that after the harvest season is over there is enough money to spread and spend with the celebration of the Christmas season and likewise enough money to spare for the wedding feast.

December also happens to be the special month of husband and wife, father and mother, home and family because its feasts are a celebration of marriage and parenthood.      The Sunday after Christmas is the feast of the Holy Family, with special blessings for husband and wives, fathers and mothers.

How long a relationship will last as a family is of utmost importance than a wedding feast.  And probably, regardless of the month and season, the lasting relationship of married couples is far more reaching than the glitters of gold and money one has in their possession.

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