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title pic A Pinoy June Wedding

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

Filipinos love to follow a certain trend and when speaking of weddings, June is the most sought-after month for folks who are planning a wedding.  But planning a June wedding in the Philippines is not easy and there are plenty things to consider. Is the couple ready to push through the dreamy wedding in June?

The country has only two seasons and unfortunately, June is the start of wet season. With all the rains and drizzles that will surely be present, having an outdoor wedding is out of the question. Any out-of-town trips may also be problematic because travelling on wet roads would not only cause difficulty for the couple but for the guests as well.

The best option is to just plan a conventional wedding indoors. But the problem is it may be hard to book a church and a reception venue, it may also be hard to look for photographers, florists, and even wedding coordinators.

In this case, couple needs to plan earlier than most. Make sure to book way in advance and as much as possible pay the necessary reservation fees. Some even pay more than the required registration fees just to get the date they want. These are simple strategies to make sure a couple gets that June wedding they aspire.

One more tip is to cut down the summer trips before the wedding. Not only to save some cash for the wedding fund but also to not look too tanned for the wedding. Tan lines on the wedding dress don’t look good in pictures, and covering it up using computer software (unless the couple is going to hire a professional) is a big NO.

But the great news is June is the best time for flowers and plenty of florists are able to supply fresh blossoming flowers on the wedding day. Again, just book them in advance. With the best season for flowers, a couple may even decide to go with a “garden-look” even in an indoor set-up.

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