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title pic Pamamanhikan: Between Engagements and Weddings

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

In the western culture, when a guy pops up the “will you marry me?” question and the girl says “yes”, wedding plans soon rolls out. But in the Philippines where people have strong family ties and great respect for the family’s opinions, before even reaching the step one of planning the wedding, the guy almost usually need to seek the approval of the girl’s family first thus the “pamamanhikan”.

Pamamanhikan is nothing like the “meet the parents” set-up since most Filipino women introduces the guys they are dating even before they officially become a couple. The Filipino family is very strict and protective of the girls in the family that’s why from the start; they expect the guys courting to have the courage and respect to introduce themselves and their intentions towards the girl.

Pamamanhikan is when the guy together with his family (parents and siblings) visits the home of the girl, to formally announce his intention to marry the girl in front of his family. Sometimes, the pamamanhikan affair may also be done outside like in a reserved venue or restaurant. The guy would invite the rest of the important family members and make the announcement there. Once the family accepts, the wedding’s important details are settled at this point and become a family decision instead of the couple’s alone. These are common situations seen in Filipino weddings or any other important events in one’s life: any preparation and decision always becomes a family affair.

Another traditional practice is the gift giving. The guy’s family usually brings something for the girl’s family as a gift in exchange of their approval. The practice is almost similar to the dowry practice in some cultures.

At this point, a guy’s great relationship with the girl’s family prior to the announcement would come in handy. Since it would be a great foundation for a smooth sailing wedding preparation and married life.

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title pic Philippine Wedding Money Dance

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Filipinos can be very traditional and during weddings, Pinoys become overly traditional as well. One custom that are practiced is the money dance. Although, lesser and lesser couples perform such tradition, it wouldn’t hurt to do it because it might be a great way to receive cash as gifts.

Traditionally, the money dance works by having the couple dance separately with other guests. Guests line up to dance with either the bride or the groom, but before they can dance with one of the couple, the guest should pin money on the bride/groom’s clothes.

The money dance can also be like the couple’s first dance at western weddings, the difference is while the couple dances, guests would pin any amount of cash on their clothes, on their aprons (or any garment the couple may wear for the guests to pin their money) or sometimes, the couple carries a basket where the guests can drop in their gifts.

It is believed that the money raised by the couple is lucky therefore it must only be used as a couple’s start-up fund. Whether the couple spend it on home furniture or a car, as long as it is for the betterment of the couple’s life then the money would bring in good luck. But if the money is used on something that is not for the marriage like clothes, liquor, among others then the money will bring bad luck to the marriage. And for Filipinos who can be quite superstitious, this is not a good way to go.

Some couples like to save the money and keep it in a jar. Most of them place it on the altar so that it can be blessed by God. Filipinos are also religious people and doing so, once they offer their start-up fund to God, God can also bless them with good and lasting marriage.

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