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title pic Wedding Gift Registry in the Philippines

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

The idea of wedding gift registry in the Philippines is fairly new unlike abroad. But it may be the best thing that has happened for couples planning to get married.

Without such gift registry, couples could get the most unwanted stuff that they couldn’t really use, or worse, they can receive a hundred pieces of blenders (unless they are planning to put up a fruit shake business, this is a big disaster).  Also, couples who already invested in their home would probably have all the necessities at home so they wouldn’t really need another vacuum cleaner.

But gift registry can also take out a lot of pressure from the guests. Looking for a gist can be a hassle most especially if they are close to the couple. They wouldn’t want to end up with something the couple doesn’t need or like and it may be bad on their part. Through gift registry, the gifts would be something the couple needs and wants, so there won’t really be gift blunder stories to tell afterwards.

The best thing about the local gift registry is that it is available and offered on most major shopping centers and specialty stores. All the couple needs to do is to drop by the store, register the items and let the guests know about it. The guests on the other hand would do the shopping in a breeze. Just look for the items registered by the couple, pick the one that hasn’t been purchased yet and pay for it. Some gift registries even offers free wrapping and delivery on the wedding day.

Then there’s also the online gift registry. Couples can just view and register through the website’s catalog while the guests do the same. Most online registries deliver the items on the wedding day too. Just make sure that the website is legit and credible as the couple needs to protect their guests too because they will be paying the items and sharing sensitive information like their credit card information.

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