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title pic Post War Wedding Churches

Posted by admin on July 3, 2012

The ravages and turbulence of the Second World War have brought back the wedding sites to its prominence for the elites and the common populace to choose from.   However, the existence of the parish churches, the towns and provincial churches steadily became their practical choices through which past generations of couples marched down the aisle.

Some popular wedding churches worth mentioning in those post war golden peacetime years were the Church of St Vincent de Paul, better known as San Marcelino Church, the Ermita and Malate Churches.

The Church of San Vicente de Paul was built in the year 1912, the fiftieth (50) anniversary of the arrival of the congregation of the Vincentian priest and brothers to our shore, alongside with the arrival of the Sisters of Charity.  Previously, it was built as a chapel in the year 1883 and became a parish church of the district of Paco from 1898 to 1909.

Malate Church

Malate Church

Malate Church is a baroque style of architecture which faces the waters of Manila Bay.  It is one of the oldest churches built outside the walls of Intramuros by the Augustinian Recollects in the sixteenth (16th) century.  The church undertook a series of re-construction and repair starting in the year 1762 to 1763 when the British took refuge after attacking Intramuros. By the year 1868 it was damaged by a strong typhoon and lastly, the damage it took during the Second World War of which it was restored to its present condition.

Ermita Church evolved from hermitage housing with an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary known as Nuestra Senora de Guia (Our Lady of Guidance) in the late sixteenth (16th) century.   Ermita district gained prominence as the area teeming with American residents and eventually setting up such pronounced establishments as the Army and Navy Club.

Stories are told by the older generation during the hard days of the Japanese occupation, the churches of Ermita and Malate were favored sites of wedding celebration sans celebrations of a grand scale.  There were times when couples had to rush saying “I do’s” before they get caught by the sound of the air raid siren.

At present, these churches representing our culture and history are in demand for couples with the taste and love of antiquity and classic ambience.  Though old fashioned in their choice of sites for their wedding feasts, it seems these churches still intensifies one’s emotional experience if a wedding celebration is to be planned..

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