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title pic The Symbolisms of Marriage Rites

Posted by admin on June 24, 2012

The following images with its symbolisms are not descriptions of divinity in which the institutions of the church and the religious had built the wedding culture.  As a new generation is born, the ideals presented are products of one’s imagination on the present reality of how these images look.

Marriage Rites Symbolism

Marriage Rites Symbolism

THE BRIDAL PROCESSION   -    signifies the handing over of the bride to the groom for the purpose of forming a new family and the transitional phase of maidenhood to motherhood of the bride.

THE WEDDING GOWN AND VEIL   -   this symbolize purity and innocence of thought of a woman in giving her free will in accepting the man’s offer of marriage.  In today’s trend it is a fact that virginity is no longer a requisite for a man to ask the hand of the woman for marriage.

THE BOUQUET    - this symbolizes womanhood.  Born a natural woman.   A creation of a Universal Being with a definite role and function in humankind.   After the wedding reception, nowadays, it is for this reason that the bouquet is tossed to the maids to wish them, too, good luck for their future marriages.

THE JOINING OF THE HANDS – during the exchange of the marriage consent, the spouses join their hands to signify their total commitment to one another.

THE WEDDING RINGS    - symbolize the everlasting love and fidelity of the spouses.  The circular shape represents the circle of love that has no beginning or end.

THE ARRHAE   -   the coins that the groom place on the hands of the bride symbolize the sufficiency and equity of material possessions that spouses should provide for the material needs of the family.

THE UNITY CANDLES   - two lighted candles on both sides of the couple symbolize the light to guide their path into their married life.

THE MARRIAGE VEIL – by covering her head, the bride reserves her beauty exclusively for her husband alone.

THE CORD – which is placed in 8-shaped around the couple’s shoulders, symbolizes that the responsibilities of married life should be carried together; moreover, it signifies the unity and indissolubility of marriage.

THE SHOWER OF RICE AND CONFETTI   - as the newly married couple leaves the church, the wedding guest’s shower on them rice and confetti to wish them prosperity in life.

THE GARTERS   - were introduced as a symbol of modesty.  Nowadays, after the wedding, the groom will toss the garter to all single men for good luck. The catcher then places the garter on the leg of the maid who caught her bouquet.

THE WEDDING CAKE   - symbolizes prosperity and fortune.

THE WHITE DOVES   -   as it is set free symbolizes purity and innocence as well as a sign of peace to the whole world.

The foregoing symbols give form and life bearing in mind the meaning and significance of the ritual, the absence of which tends to take matters as a wedding for granted.

It is with hope that placing meanings to the symbols will keep the matrimonial ceremony engaged and excited to all couples bound for the altar and take to heart the sum and substance of it.

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