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title pic The Bride – A Woman of Grandeur

Posted by admin on May 31, 2012

A Filipino woman given much importance and significance in society.  This is further emphasized in the tradition prior to the act of matrimony.

Our male ancestors during the pre-Hispanic era have the compulsory customary law of offering a dowry to the woman he so desires to marry.  Unlike in some countries where tradition dictates that the bride brings a dowry to her husband at marriage.

The Spanish and American periods saw the practice of customs, namely, the “pamanhikan and panilbihan” for a husband in professing undying love and fortitude to the woman.

Pamanhikan is a term to describe a man seeking the woman’s father attention and approval to marry her daughter. It is a social meeting of both families with foods and drinks being served.  Panilbihan is a term to describe the period of servitude by a man, conducting household chores in a woman’s house.

The proof of the burden in professing endearment to the woman he loves is on the shoulders of the man.   Seeking among family members approval gives undue pressure, if one could imagine.   But, sad to note, this is perhaps rarely or no longer a practice being performed by   young couple nowadays.

A clear manifestation in honor of the family’s daughter bound to be wed is the lovely Filipino tradition called the “despedida de soltera.”

It’s a send off dinner party given days before the wedding.  For daughters’ of every family, it is a fitting tribute of saying good-bye to a life of maidenhood and also a gesture of wishing her a blissful life towards the state of matrimony.   It is also a way the family indicates their stamp of approval and their bestowal of blessings on her.  Usually, it is a gathering of families, both of the bride and groom to know each other.

Come next is a social norm practice to also honor the bride to be that is not hosted by immediate family members is called the bridal shower.   It is a party organized by close friends and held anywhere.  The choice of venue is for the hostess to decide.

Never has feminism been placed aloft on a pedestal, as the foresaid events are aptly described.   It set forth the respect and love for a woman days before her wedding.

The dignity of a woman, indeed, is worth mentioning and exacting in the formalities of marriage ever since.  A defining moment for a bride….  Truly a woman of grandeur to exalt….

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