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title pic The Woman – A Bride to Behold

Posted by admin on June 15, 2012

Behold, woman, this is your day to take and to behold.

To a woman, the day of wedding is called, The Brides Day.  Perhaps it is.  The perception showing its biased opinion may hold true.

As a subject of thought, the cliché can best be reflected, alongside the physical and spiritual perspective.

It is a customary practice that when a bride sets foot on the church aisle, she is subjected under a magnifying glass to the prying eyes like a commodity or merchandise.   It seems like being dissected amidst the gathering of guest, visitors and family members as well.

They observe and note her demeanor and bearing or disposition.  From the way she wears her gown and the facial expression that she exudes showing either joy, happiness, contentment.

Rarely, is the groom given much attention or complimentary remarks on a matrimonial ceremony.

In the context of spirituality, it is an appropriate showing of a woman representing humanity.

The Book of Genesis describes, before the creation of Eve, the woman, Adam, the man was surrounded with all and any specie of living creature.   But Adam had no one looking like himself.    So, Yahweh the Creator in all his benevolence created a woman by taking Adam’s rib and filled its place with flesh.

The created woman was meant to be a companion and not a servant.   She was not taken from the upper part of the body nor at the lower part, but at the man’s side.  A woman created equal to the man, not inferior or superior.

The woman is the source of bringing forth the reality of humankind to procreate and multiply.  The woman represents the generation of humankind.   Man in its persona is defined to the role of stewardship of creation.

The prior existence of animals in the Garden of Eden has placed man in a state of preparedness to realize the unique value of a woman.  In Yahweh foresight, the principle of marriage is brought forth to make humankind grow in order to provide care and direction for and over human creature’s.

To state a wedding day as a bride’s day deserves enough admiration that no man can contradict.  The day of wedding is indeed meant for a woman to behold.

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