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title pic How to Prepare the Reception Seating Arrangement

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

Weddings in the Philippines are filled with many people; Filipinos values their families (up to the extended ones) and their friends (in every milestone in their lives). That’s why a lot of weddings in the country have too many guests and the seating arrangement could be a little bit tricky.

First to consider in planning the seating arrangement is the entourage. Most of the people listed on the entourage seats close to each other, if not on the same table but at least close to each other. Also, keep in mind of the married (or dating couples). These pairs expect to be together; and the least worry a couple needs is to see their guests walking around trying to get in touch with the people they actually associates themselves with.

As much as possible try to plan the seats according to age groups and interests, the guests may be seated on a different age group as long as the couple knows that the people in that specific table will have so much to talk about. As for the others with no common interests at all, just stick with the age group plan, at least they’re about the same age, they will more likely find something to talk about.

It is okay to put the couple’s parents and siblings in the same table. They need to get to know each other anyways and the wedding may be one of the best times to do that.  But for the relatives and extended families, just try to place them on separate tables which are close with each other, in case they want to socialize.

As for friends, it is fine to mix old friends from recent ones. Just make sure the numbers are in balance. It is also nice to mix the groom and brides friends. They are there to support the couple, this is the best time to get them all together because they will surely see more of each other for the coming years to come.

Children are also a big consideration in any Filipino weddings. Kids are always present in any important gatherings but the couple wouldn’t want their guests to be constantly babysitting instead of having fun, so it is best to assign a kids’ table where they can eat and play (stock the table with coloring books and little playthings to keep them busy).

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