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title pic Little Things to Consider at Weddings

Posted by admin on July 4, 2012

A wedding can be the best time and the worst at the same time. It is a lot of hard work, it can be stressful with all the things to think about like church, reception, caterers, florists, guests and the list goes on. The big things usually preoccupy the couple, forgetting all the small stuff until the wedding day when the couple realizes how important it is.

A couple needs to bring snacks throughout the day! Weddings even if it is scheduled later in the day needs a lot of time for preparation, and that consumes most of the day. It wouldn’t be impossible not to get a little hungry every now and then. The least thing a couple needs is dizzy wife at the wedding, so be sure to pack a light snack like a sandwich to nourish the couple for the rest of the day.

Everyone must have heard about a wedding day disaster story because of a torn wedding dress. Stories like this are common and yet, most couples still couldn’t be prepared for it. An emergency sewing kit should always be ready on the wedding day. Wedding dress may cost a thousand bucks but it is still made of fabric which will likely to tear. Having a readily-available kit can come in handy to save the couple from the disaster of walking down the aisle with a torn dress.

Another little must-have is a set of toiletries and that includes wipes, tissues, deodorizing spray, soap, toothbrush, etc. Again, a wedding lasts a whole day and couples, just like any other person may be called upon by natural phenomenon. Having toiletries around can make the event less stressful and smooth. Also, eating every now and then, and during the reception could lead to dental mishaps and having a toothbrush ready is better, or at least a mouthwash will do.


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