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title pic The Usual Filipino Wedding Entourage

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

A wedding is filled with the closest people to the couple. The parents, the relatives and the best buddies are always on the wedding entourage. Although it is an honor to be part of the entourage because it means the couple trusts the people in it, it also means these people need to play the part tasked by the couple.

The most important role in the line-up goes to the Maid of Honor (for the bride) and the Best Man (for the groom). These two people usually are the couple’s brother or sister or the closest friend. The roles of these two are important as they are the one expected to help and assist the couple in most of the major parts of the wedding preparations. They are also expected to be the ones organizing the bachelor’s party/bridal shower.

The bridesmaids and the groomsmen are the helpers during the wedding. They are tasked to be the errands support of the couple in case they need something. A typical wedding have three to four bridesmaids/groomsmen.

Assigned to bring a basket of flowers and dropping petals on the aisle for the bride is the role of the Flower Girl. Usually, the flower girl is the closest girl to the couple less than 8 years old.

The counter part of the flower girl is the ring bearer. He is the closest boy to the couple and he is assigned to bring the wedding rings. A coin bearer usually walks beside the ring bearer carrying 13 pieces of coins that represents the groom’s pledge to take care of his soon-to-be wife and future children.

Principal sponsors or the god parents of the weddings are believed to serve as guidance for the couple. In the Filipino set-up, the “ninangs and ninongs” makes up the longest of the list and should be anyone who is older and wiser than the couple.

The secondary sponsors compose of the Candle Sponsos, Veil Sponsors and the Cord Sponsors. The pairs assigned to these are tasked to perform the necessary candle, veil and cord ceremony.

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