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title pic Preferred Wedding Gown Color

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

The color of your wedding gown will depend on whether you are the conservative or the traditional type of woman or the modern type that is influenced by the trending fashion.  There are a number of options to choose from these days.

One may wear a plain or colored t-shirt, denims, or rubber shoes or sneakers if you have the radical type of mind to show the “I don’t’ care what the world will say,” kind of attitude and thinking.

If you want to look lovely and go with the family or the country’s tradition then, decide on a white or off white for the color tone.

The bottom line is that it should suit your personality that lies along with you, so the decision is supposedly up to you.  To follow or not the tradition as to the color of the wedding gown is entirely up to you.  As long as it is in accordance to what you want to display in public especially if you have an hour glass figure.

In principle, what is regarded as an acceptable color is the white wedding dress. They say it is a symbol of innocence, elegance and purity and most brides will elect the white color though one is no longer as described.  For some brides they still prefer the color of white as they have they own meaning and symbolism.

Some, too, no longer follow the autocratic religious rules of the church as long as they could be able to express their own personal character and class.

What are of utmost important are the impression and the image you like to leave as your mark to the congregation in attendance.  Well.   White ones are still the most conventional and parents of both sides and guest will like to see it that way.

These are the stereotype kind of wedding gowns that it ought to be pure of white showing a class of glamour.  But if you like and definitely prefer the colors blue, black hues and pink, go ahead.  In my opinion one must deviate from the tradition and customs we have been aware and bought up with since one’s birth.

Choose one that will suit and be appropriate enough for your wedding theme.  One must be happy and be satisfied to the color tone one has in mind.  Better to please yourself rather than pleasing others.  Matter of fact the bride is the primary actor in any wedding ceremony and receptions. And it’s no one else.

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