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title pic A Wedding Gown to Fit You

Posted by admin on July 2, 2012

Usually, a wedding gown is ordered at least eight months before the wedding date.  Perhaps this is the most important part in planning a wedding for any bride.  And this can be a very stressful task for the bride.  So, bear in mind that this may at least be the best of hassle free time frame within which one can count to come out with a perfect wedding dress that is in accordance to one’s taste.

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress


Wedding gowns must suit a bride’s body type and it is quite a challenge for designer shops to create the right one to flaunt your particular body type.  So let you couturier determine your body shape and cut away the fabric that will suit you most.  Bring a family member or a close friend to help you make a decision.  Don’t go over board and spend too much.

Nevertheless, the following are tips and guide in case one is at the moment under stress.

For instance, petite brides will look good on a wedding dress that is simple and close fitting which can make one look taller. Go for simple but attention getting wedding dress.  Since one is on the shorter side of the body frame have a dress designed no lower than the knee in order not to overstate your figure in the eyes of the crowd.  A dress with the skirt flaring out from the waist will definitely be most flattering for your kind of body frame.  With a shorter frame avoid the low waists, for this will just make a bride look as if one is cut in half.

Tall brides are easier to dress especially with a fuller bodice.  Almost any style will suit a taller frame. A strapless wedding dress will look perfect to show and flaunt longer and thinner arms. If brides wish to show off her long legs, go ahead and do so with a skirt that falls above the knee.  A long gown that is closely fitted will also accentuate a tall frame.

Thin brides who want to appear curvy can also opt for a ball gown because it gives an illusion of an hourglass figure. If you have a small waist and the chest and hips have equal widths, an hourglass shape, indeed, is in place.  Stay away from very full skirts and try a semi full skirt for a smaller frame.

Let one’s personality show through the gown. Take time and choose a style that suits one’s personality.  Be patient and don’t be too hasty when looking for that perfect wedding dress.  Make sure to love the gown and feel confident because this will show through on that special day.

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