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title pic A “DIY” Wedding Invitation

Posted by admin on June 24, 2012

This is a do it yourself or “DIY” design to save on cost and to be able to create one of a kind personal wedding invitation.  With a computer, printer and available resources in the market an invitation need not be expensive to come up.

An engraved invitation is in the best taste, however its cost can be prohibitive.

For stationery, choose the best quality paper stock available.  The price difference over next best is small compared to the net effect.  Paper in white, ivory or eggshell kid-finish (or any un-shiny surface) is best, with watermark, makes an even happier choice.

Parchment type paper is fine too.  Pastels have a sentimental appeal such as, yellow, pink, baby pink, light yellow or any color that could be able to make it light.

The traditional format of an invitation is 8 3/8” x 11 1/4.

The typeface of letters can be done by your computer.  Only script type is considered appropriate for traditional wedding invitations.  Script type stands in for handwriting, as originally, invitations were handwritten.

Extra care should be taken in proofreading the invitation as final proof.  Any typographical error that appears on the printed is something that is unforgivable, especially the spelling of a person’s name.   The wordings may be ornate or direct according to the couple’s taste.

Whether written in English or Filipino is one’s option, as long as the message of invitation is clearly conveyed to the guests.

RSVP (French for “please reply) is usually for regrets only.  It’s a thoughtful gesture to advice whether one will be attending.  The host couples need to know how many of the invited guests will actually turn up.

Other novel forms can be devised by couples, either by original or non-traditional wordings.  As a reminder, care should be taken that no ambiguity creeps in while departing from the conventional in the wordings of your invitation.

As experienced writers say, “KISS”, keep it simple but smart.

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