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title pic The Wedding Ring Guide

Posted by admin on July 4, 2012

Wedding rings symbolizes the long lasting commitment that married couples vowed to protect and to hold. Thus, wedding rings can become the best representation of that commitment. That is why choosing the wedding rings are one of the most crucial part of the wedding preparation.

Since most engagement rings are given on a surprise, for wedding rings both couples must be willing to shop together. This means literally going to different places and deciding on the perfect style for the couple.

But do not be pressured with finding the perfect matching rings, wedding rings may not be matching ones. After all, a woman may pick a more feminine style while the man wouldn’t want to get caught with it. Couples can decide to pick out different styles as long as it complements each other.

Greatly consider the couple’s individual lifestyle. One’s work may be using more of his/her hands thus; a ring with big stones would be out of the question. Choose the one that is convenient to wear anytime at any occasions, since this type of ring should always be worn for the rest of the couple’s lives together.

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Diamonds may be the most popular out of all the stones available for rings. But try to be different and consider others which can be sturdier or cheaper (it’s up to the couple which reasons they would go for). Couples can also make it more sentimental by choosing their birthstones for their wedding rings as well. The options shouldn’t be limited when it comes to something the couple will wear for a long time.

More than the stones, the band metal is equally important. Couples can choose between platinum, white gold and yellow gold. The yellow gold is the most traditional out the three, yet it is important to choose the right karat. The platinum gives a sophisticated look to it, but it is the expensive one of the group. White gold is more neutral and thus the most popular plus it is less expensive than the platinum and yet still looks amazing when worn.

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