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title pic Pro’s and Con’s of Getting a Wedding Package

Posted by admin on June 24, 2012

Wedding Packages

Wedding Packages

In our busy life today even women do not have an ample time to plan for her wedding unless you take the planning for a year or so.  Most of the soon-to-be brides are working girls as most women are now career oriented.

That is the reason why most businessmen find holding a wedding package very profitable in the Philippines because it serves as a one stop shop for the bride and groom. It is easier for the bride and the groom in planning for the wedding because all they have to do is to meet up with the wedding coordinator for few hours at least once a month for other details that needs confirmation from the soon to be couple.

Most wedding package comes with a wedding planner. It is one of the pros of getting a wedding package.  You can have the wedding ideas that you want and someone will make the negotiations for you.  You just need to tell your ideas, select your choices, and wait for everything to materialize.

There are wedding packages that comes as is. If you would like to add or eliminate something from the package, the price may change.  A complete wedding package starting from the pre-nuptial photo shoot, invitation, wedding rings, choice of the wedding venue, gown and barong of the whole entourage, flowers, sound system for the reception, photography and videography catering services, wedding cake, bridal car, souvenirs, honeymoon venue may cost from 50,000 pesos to 200,000 pesos, depending on the number of guests and the materials that will be used for the wedding.

The downside of getting your wedding in a package is that you won’t have a chance to get the supplies at the lesser cost.  Some wedding packages will not even allow you to change the set of package so another disadvantage is you sometimes won’t be able to achieve the ideas you have.

Whatever you choose on how you want the preparation, it is important that you do not go beyond the budget but still have that nice wedding you have been dreaming without any hassle.

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