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title pic A Wedding Production Number

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

A wedding is akin to a production number. It takes a lot of preparation and imagination.

All essential elements must be in place in accordance to function, orderliness and structure to come up and expect a successful wedding celebration.

The stars of the show, being the principals themselves, are the bride and the groom.  This is a very special day, indeed, not only for the groom but most especially for the bride.

In every wedding celebration, I have always wondered why brides are the most excited, the most stressed out, the most tensed individual in the world.

Most girls as they grow up to be a woman had dreams of an elegant and grand wedding.

This perhaps can be blamed on the internet technology where a woman had been seeing wedding photographs of renowned personalities that they wish will also come true one of these days.

And because of this knowledge and information ingrained in a woman’s mind, the excitement builds up when the time of reality is at hand.    It is like a comparison of what had been to what is about to come out in a woman’s wedding day.

Aside from the physicality’s, the women feels that this moment is what  she has been looking forward to ever since.  And it displays how one feels to be in love and to be loved by the man that she will spend the rest of their lives.

But as couples being the star of the show is worth the challenge to their inventive selves and a project test of how they will be able to pull themselves through together as a team.  The way to make arranging a wedding less daunting and intimidating is team work. TEAMWORK is the name of the game.

Couples are advised to just focus on their perspective and not to be concerned that everything’s turns out “perfect.”  Let not perfection be the goal but a lovely celebratory time for kin and friends’ gathered around, toasting and roasting the bride and groom to a new life together.

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