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Posted by admin on June 24, 2012

Wedding rings have been a part of the traditional wedding ceremony.  It is the most recognizable symbol of love and marriage.  So when we see a man or a woman wearing a ring we may assume that they are married.  This tradition started from the Egyptians in joining of the matrimony and using twisted papyrus and braided rings and bracelets to symbolize eternity. It symbolizes loves with no beginning and no end.  The center of the ring is not a mere space but symbolizes a door to another chapter of a married life.

Beautiful Wedding Rings

Beautiful Wedding Rings

In Rome, rings are made of iron, which symbolizes strength of a man’s love for the woman he loves.  For some, they opt for a copper or brass rings.

In modern times Gold and Silver rings are mostly used in wedding ceremonies.  It symbolizes the man entrusting his wealth to his bride.  But silver became more  recognized in the 17th century in England and France and inside the rings were engraved lines in the poems that describes their love for each other.

Wedding Rings have a lot of variations now.  Designs have been modernized by technology.  Now, some wedding ring designs do not come with similar designs compared to traditional wedding rings that have the same design for the groom and the bride.  The evolution of design is for the groom and the bride to choose the design they individually like to wear.

Some wedding rings are two toned. Made for soon to be couples who cannot choose between yellow gold or white gold rings.  There are wedding suppliers who suggests to have the rings made to order rather than the ready made rings.  This is to cater the design the couples want to have or if they have more unique designs in their mind.  But of course custom made rings are far more expensive.

Rings are the primary symbol of endless love and faith of every couple.  It is not just a thing that we wear on our fingers but a symbol of trust and love that is given to each other.  Its price and luster is not what it is all about but rather how special the love for each other is.



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