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title pic The Wedding Rush

Posted by admin on July 9, 2012

Perhaps you may have heard some instances when young couples need to rush for a wedding due to some unavoidable circumstance with both sides of the party agreeing to the union.

To others it may not be a good decision in arriving at such an impulsive decision whenever the thought of marriage is concerned.  Yet couples must discuss and lay down the advantages and disadvantages to avoid regrets that will haunt them in the future.

Anyway, there is still a sense of excitement, adventure and thrill about the thought of rushing things towards your wedding day and the matter will still involve planning on the couple’s part.

It is better still to have a plan than to have no plan at all, though it may seem like in a haphazard way, a plan must be set in place.

So the prospect of being married with a romantic appeal takes a back seat. Wedding planning preparations and decisions will be fast paced even though you have a simple one in mind.

One will no longer think of the kind of wedding style, your choice of wedding clothes. In plain and simple term the thought of a grand wedding is out of the equation and it may not happen in the church at all.

All things considered this will just be a civil wedding.  All that is needed to be planned is the date and time of the wedding.  The rest of the elements required for a church wedding will not matter at all.   This is the kind of wedding done in a rush and in private, period.

While this type of wedding may be less of a hassle and stress free it is still more of an intimate ceremony especially with the person you love and only a handful of individuals as witness to your vows of marriage.  And budget wise, for the reception the cost of treating your relatives and friend to sumptuous meal is less.

Incidentally, a civil wedding is no longer frowned by the church unlike before.  What is important is to respect the couple’s decision to be wed at the soonest possible time.

It is at present a matter of saying best wishes to the bride and saying congratulations to the groom.

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